Q and A - Grienke Deal... Dickey


Gary Seagren asks:

Latest question is with Greinke now signed how valuable is Dickey at 5 million for next year? 

He should bring at least 2 top prospects and I really hope Jeff Wilpon’s statement about letting his option year play out is winter meeting b.s. I agree Sandy should let this play out but he has to be worth ALOT more than a 2014 pick.


The Greinke signing can only be good news for the Mets. There is now one less top pitcher on the market and Dickey’s price is far below what this deal cost the Dodgers. There really is no rush here. The only people that are impatient are the fans, beat writers, and bloggers. Last time I looked none of them play the game.

Sandy Alderson knows that the Mets need outfielders and starting catcher. He also knows how to identify one when presented by another team. He obviously so far has seen bupkas and that’s why there’s no deal.

Gary, you’re either going to see Dickey in the rotation or a seriously talented outfielder in centerfield. Either way, the team will be blessed.


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