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Gary Seagren asks: Hi Mack, Given the Wright signing and the recent Mets/ K.C. rumors would you include Flores with Dickey to land say Myers and another prospect or two. I really don't want to trade Neise and Flores real position is third. Comments please, Gary Seagren.

Mack:  Hey Gary.

I see the reverse of what you are saying. I think a deal for either Niese or Dickey can produce someone like Myers… and another player as well. Both these guys are quality, time tested major league pitchers.

One is a young lefty with a cheap contract and the other is a 20-game Cy Young winner. They are worth much more individually for a deal similar to the Carlos Beltran-Zack Wheeler swap.
We’ve spent a lot of time on Wil Myers. I’m not even sure at this point if I was the guy that started all these rumors. Kansas City does not want to trade him, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. They need another quality starter and there are only so many out there right now. The Mets have Dickey, though I’m sure the Royals would rather have Niese.

They have enough talent in their current outfield to get then close to the playoffs, but they lack one seasoned starter that can hold the fort down until one of their many talented pitching prospects mature. They’ve been burned before dishing out big money for FA pitchers and neither of these two guys will break their bank.

As I said in another post, Dickey brings to the table at least ten more wins to a team that won’t have  that without him in their lineup. Go add ten more wins to the last four Mets seasons and do the math. That’s a big number.

No, my guess you can get a player like Myers + another minor league ‘B’ prospect for either of these guys.

Regarding Wilmer Flores, wow, that’s a whole different post right now!

You have to believe that the three saddest Mets right now are Flores, Jefry Marte, and Zach Lutz. Third base is closed, thank you (and, if you’re wondering, Daniel Murphy is the backup there in case of a Wright injury).

There are no secrets anymore in baseball. You can’t hide a flaw in someone’s game. Flores can’t play short, can’t run (forget the outfield), and is blocked until 2021 at third. Very few American League teams play rookies as a DH, so that’s not available either.

Sure, I would throw in Flores for the right deal, but it would take an outfielder like Myers and another quality player (OF, C, RP, SP) that can slot into Queens in 2014 latest.

The Mets need to sacrifice a minor league infield in 2013. Flores needs to play either 1B or 2B somewhere so he either has a future value to this team, or a more tradable value to another team. He would fit perfectly into Binghamton at first base, but Danny Muno would have to be held back at 2B to play him there. I hate experiments during the season, but it has to be done. He’s played the entire winter ball season at third, which has done this team no good at all.

This is a story without an end yet.


Michael S. said...
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Michael S. said...

I'm greedy. If Dickey is worth Myers +, make that additional player Christian Colon.

Since Arizona is looking for a SS in a deal for Upton, then swing Colon, Mejia, + for Justin Upton.

3-6 of Wright, Upton, Davis, Myers.

Anonymous said...

KC isn't giving up 7 years of Wil Myers for 1 of RA Dickey. That's really not logical.

Dicky + Wheeler = Myers, Crow, Colon, Odorizzi would be equivalent value.

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