Q and A - TJ Rivera, Mike Olt, Dexter Fowler


Tony asked:

Mack there's a guy that nobody seems talk about but he put up very good numbers at Savannah and St. Lucie and he plays SS position. His name is TJ Rivera. Is he a prospect or organizational player?. Thanks.


Thanks Tony.
Actually, he’s a little of both. Local boys always get a little more exposure in the scouting systems. Rivera comes out of the Bronx and was not drafted. He has basically done nothing wrong as a Met, hitting .290 for Kingsport in 2011, then ending that year in Brooklyn at .326. Last season, he hit .389 for Savannah, but he hasn’t started since that first year in Kingsport. He also will play next season at 25-years old.

Right now, the last thing the Mets need is a shortstop. Ruben Tejada is still around 13-years old, Phillip Evans will probably start in St. Lucie, and Gavin Cecchini will play Savannah. The good news for Rivera is Binghamton is wide open and he could get his shot there.

Trade bait someday maybe, but probably another Anderson Hernandez

Michi asked:

Hey Mack it’s me again.

There are so many rumors about Dickey and so I have a question about Dickey too.

I read that the Rangers are maybe looking for an Ace. As potential trading partner I looked at their roster and I found one name I would love in a Mets uniform. Mike Olt. The problem is he plays 3b. So my question is do you think Olt could play an outfield position?


Actually, Olt’s name is in play. He was offered to Atlanta for SS prospect Andrelton Simmons.
I understand he is playing some 1B in winter ball this off-season and he did have to sit down a few games after a beaning.

He doesn’t seem to fit the Mets profile. Now, OF Leonys Martin would be great, but that’s not going to happen.

Gary Seagren asked

Hi Mack, I have two questions:

1      Any opinion on the Rockies Dexter Fowler as a trade possibility.

I have not heard anything about Fowler, though Ken Rosenthal is calling for a Fowler-Homer Baily trade. I don’t think he’s in play.

2. With all MLB clubs getting next year, I heard, upward of 25 million dollars more than this year....  BEFORE they even sell a ticket and add the additional savings for the Mets of approximately 55 million from the departure of Bay, Santana and Francisco that gives the team 80 million dollars more in 2014. Your thoughts about how accurate this info is and what they'll do with the additional funds. Thanks, Gary Seagren

Well, the additional $25mil you mentioned is more like $50mil (new TV contract), but speculation is that money will be used to pay down team debt. There will be plenty of money to spend next off-season and fill in the holes that are left after this off-season. Ask me this question after the trading deadline.


Justin M. said...

Mack, can you elaborate on why Mike Olt doesn't fit the Mets' profile? He is a ML ready bat with a big upside. He has played some games in the OF, so someone thinks he can play there. If he projects as an average corner OF defensively, I think he is my #3 realistic choice behind Myers and D'Arnaud.

Justin M. said...

Also, we had some talk about Rafael Montero the other day. Just now on SNY, Burkhardt is interviewing DePo. When asked what other minor league pitchers could help in 2012 that we haven't seen yet DePo mentioned Montero. Said should start in AA and he has an "extreme trajectory".

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