Mack Ade – Clint Frazier, Christian Arroyo, Grant Hockin, DJ Snelton, Jonah Wesely


We’re getting closer to both the high school and college opening day’s game and I wanted to ask a few of my ‘friends’ out there one more question before they take the field.

Loganville (GA) H.S. OF Clint Frazer has been a frequent guest this year and he was gracious to join us one more time.

I asked: “Clint, I can imagine things are going to be a lot different opening day from last year. You’ll be in an hour glass all year and the scouts will be everywhere. What do you do to keep focused on the moment rather than the future ahead of you?”

Clint was his usual candid self:

“In all reality, it’s hard not to think of what’s to come in the future – but this time last year, I wasn’t thinking about where I’d be right now and what has came with it, so I’ve kept the same mentality of staying caught up in the present and not catching myself pondering on what six months from now holds for me – I’m part of Loganville Baseball as of right now and I will be until after we repeat this year – I’m not on any of the rosters for Major League teams, so right now I’m focused on winning a state championship and having a successful year as a team, I’m not focusing on myself this season, that wouldn’t be fair to my teammates .”

March 12th is going to be quite the date for prospect baseball. I will be one of many baseball pundits that will on hand for the Loganville game against Grayson High School. It will be the Frazier vs. Austin Meadows game the entire baseball world is waiting for.

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