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I follow the Mets minor league affiliates and the draft. Other than that, I take the garbage out.

I’ve never been able to predict correctly the name of the Mets first pick. I came close under Omar Minaya because you could easily predict “the kind” of person he liked. Minaya liked traditional guys like Mike Harvey. I wanted C Yazmani Grandal, but the Harvey pick was just as good. He was a projected star in major league baseball and someone was intelligently going to pick him early.

(side bar – the Mets now have two 2010 picks, Harvey and LHRP Josh Edgin, playing at the major league level. Since we’re living only in 2013, this makes the 2010 draft already an A+ one)

Regarding this June, we don’t have to spend much time picking this name for this slot. Certain guys get picked very early. The Harvey pick was made much easier because you knew that guys like Bryce Harper, Jameson Taillon, and Manny Machado weren’t going to be around.

Arkansas’ RHP Ryne Stanek, Indiana State’s LHP Sean Manaea, Grayson HS (GA) OF Austin Meadows, and Loganville HS (GA) OF Clint Frazier will be long gone before the Mets pick 11th. None of these are a Harper or a Stephen Strasburg, but they remain ‘A’ players.

That leaves six more players to be picked before the Mets get their shot. The ‘must pick’ list used to be headed by Stanford’s RHP Mark Appel, but the blush is simply off the rose. Will he still be around at 11? If he is, and the Mets don’t pick him, I’m turning Muslim.

Here’s the hit list:

RHP – Stanford Mark Appel – 93-97, 99, plus slider, 83-85 change
            Mississippi Bobby Wahl – control pitcher, 92-93, 95, 82-84 slider
            KY HS Clinton Hollon – 90-94, 82 slider, 78 change
            Florida Jon Crawford – spotty command, 92-94, 97
            Arizona State Trevor Williams – 4 pitches, 91-95, 78-82 curve

LHP – CA HS Stephen Gonsalves – 92-FB, poor showing this past Sat
            IN HS Trey Ball – 87-89, 73-76 curve, also projects in OF
            CA HS Ian Clarkin – ¾ slot, 88-93, 4 pitches, 8-2, 0.62,106K/68IP

C   -    WA HS Reese McGwire – 1.83-POP, 83-throw, 6.97 0-60
          OK HS Jonathan Denny – exc. Defense, + power, 1.89 POP

1B -   Serra HS (CA) Dominic Smith – 100+ 1B, + power, 91-OF throw

SS  -   CA HS J.P. Crawford – 6.77 0-60, 90-throw – top SS in draft
           FL HS Oscar Mercado – all speed, 6.61 0-60, 89-infield throw

3B -  San Diego Kris Bryant – projected to OF, 7.00 0-60
          North Carolina’s Collin Moran – best college bat

OF -  Stanford’s Austin Wilson – 5-tools, drafted 2nd round 2009
          Mater Academy Willie Abreu – U16 – 11-26, .423, proj + power
          Fresno State Aaron Judge – huge power – won College HR derby
          LA HS Justin Williams - ++ power potential

All of the above the names have the talent and potential to be picked in the first ten picks of this draft. Players like 1B Smiith, C’s McGwire and Denny, and SSs Mercado and Crawford do not project out as possible Mets picks; however, all have consistently been projected the past two months in at least 50% of the top 10 picks in the mocks.

The more of these guys picked leaves more outfielders and pitchers for the Mets.

My pick?

I have my favorites, but, at this point in the process I’d be thrilled with Appel, Bryant, or Wilson.


Michi L. said...

I hope they pick college outfielder judge, wilson or Moran or Bryant. But it seems our guys love highschool kids. Can we realy expect they pick a college player??

Charles said...

Sure you can...

I think money was a big factor in the last two drafts. I don't think that'll be the case this year. I also think they realize that fans are much smarter about the draft and last year they got killed by taking Cecchini over Hawkings.

That won't happen again. It's obvious that they need bats in their system. Ones you don't need to wait 5 or 6 years for. They need to pick the best power bat or pitcher available to them.

Will Kohane said...

The Mets don't care what the fanbase thinks about Cecchini versus Hawkins.

Charles said...

If you really think the Mets don't care about what the fan base says then you've been watching a different team.

They got off easy with Nimmo...

Then they picked Cecchini and you can still hear fans bitch about it. Not signing Teddy made it worse. Mark my words, they are not going to go with a cheap easily sign high schooler this year. I'm betting they take the best college bat or pitcher available.

Will Kohane said...

I don't disagree with you regarding the 2013 pick. But the Mets were at a different point in developing the system when they made the Nimmo and Cecchini picks. They went for upside guys at premium positions without regard for timeline to the majors. I think now they are looking for more immediate help.

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