'The War Room' - 40 Man Roster

(I'm home sick today, so I will be participating in the 'War Room' discussion.)

Question: There are currently 39 ballplayers on the 40-man squad:

Greg BurkeR-R6'4"215Sep 21, 1982
73Robert CarsonL-L6'4"240Jan 23, 1989
66Josh EdginL-L6'1"225Dec 17, 1986
27Jeurys FamiliaR-R6'4"230Oct 10, 1989
48Frank FranciscoR-R6'2"250Sep 11, 1979
35Dillon GeeR-R6'1"205Apr 28, 1986
Gonzalez GermenR-R6'1"175Sep 23, 1987
Darin GorskiL-L6'4"210Oct 6, 1987
33Matt HarveyR-R6'4"225Mar 27, 1989
53Jeremy HefnerR-R6'4"215Mar 11, 1986
Shaun MarcumR-R6'0"195Dec 14, 1981
36Collin McHughR-R6'2"195Jun 19, 1987
32Jenrry MejiaR-R6'0"205Oct 11, 1989
49Jon NieseL-L6'4"215Oct 27, 1986
39Bobby ParnellR-R6'4"200Sep 8, 1984
62Elvin RamirezR-R6'3"210Oct 10, 1987
Hansel RoblesR-R5'11"185Aug 13, 1990
57Johan SantanaL-L6'0"210Mar 13, 1979
Zack WheelerL-R6'4"185May 30, 1990
John BuckR-R6'2"230Jul 7, 1980
Travis d'ArnaudR-R6'2"195Feb 10, 1989
Anthony ReckerR-R6'2"240Aug 29, 1983
29Ike DavisL-L6'4"230Mar 22, 1987
71Wilmer FloresR-R6'3"190Aug 6, 1991
74Reese HavensL-R6'1"195Oct 20, 1986
Brandon HicksR-R6'2"200Sep 14, 1985
19Zach LutzR-R6'1"220Jun 3, 1986
28Daniel MurphyL-R6'2"205Apr 1, 1985
11Ruben TejadaR-R5'11"185Oct 27, 1989
Wilfredo TovarR-R5'10"160Aug 11, 1991
2Justin TurnerR-R6'0"210Nov 23, 1984
5David WrightR-R6'0"210Dec 20, 1982
23Mike BaxterL-R6'0"195Dec 7, 1984
Collin CowgillR-L5'9"185May 22, 1986
21Lucas DudaL-R6'4"255Feb 3, 1986
76Juan LagaresR-R6'1"175Mar 17, 1989
9Kirk NieuwenhuisL-R6'3"215Aug 7, 1987
67Cesar PuelloR-R6'2"195Apr 1, 1991
1Jordany ValdespinL-R6'0"190Dec 23, 1987

It seems to me that the team is far from done here. 

There's a good chance that OF Andrew Brown will make this team. In addition, RP Pedro Feliciano may come out of camp with a new job. And now there is LaTroy Hawkins and Marlon Byrd.

And, Sandy Alderson says he's not done in the pen. 

Who's at risk here? Cesar Puello? Reese Havens?  Collin McHugh?

You're in 'The War Room'... (cue to commercial...)


jonah said...

At the moment, nobody.

Keep them as long as possible. It's 6 more weeks or so to start the cutting so why worry?

Charles said...

Unless Havens has a great spring, he's definately at risk. I would think the Mets would look to bounce Lutz before Puello and McHugh. McHugh is certainly not a guy I'd be giving up on at this point. Especially in today's market for pitching. I'd hope that he settles in and shows his value because arms are the games gold and he has 4 pitches he throws for strikes.

TP said...

Germen, Lutz, and Hicks would go to make room for any acquisitions before opening day.

Natale DiDonato said...

Question: if we trade a 40 man roster guy, does the other team have to find roster space for those players or can they assign them to their minors without waiver exposure. If so, now is the time to turn the Puellos, Germans, Havens, lagares, Ramirez, etc. into deals for low level guys. I would definitely keep McHugh as he's too valuable as a decent #5. Also, what happens next year as some of the young arms become Rule 5 eligible

Nat DiDonato

Reese said...

Jeremy Hefner seems more at risk to me than Collin McHugh does. Lutz has nowhere to play. Hicks I think is fairly safe to take over the Cedeno role from 2012. Havens is toast on this team as I think the Mets will want to try Flores at 2B this year to showcase versatility and to make options open to them in 2014 when Murphy could be moved since you're stuck with Wright in his declining years. Elvin Ramirez had either better show something in the Spring or he's at risk.

Charles said...

There are way too many variables going into spring training to even start guessing which will work out and which won't.

The bullpen alone has a ton of arms at this point.

Charles said...

Heyman is saying that the Mets are close to signing Brandon Lyon.

Herb G said...

Mack, you sound delirious. R U OK?

If the Mets sign Lyon, you have to figure that at least 2 of Atchison, Feliciano, Hawkins and Lyon will make the team . . maybe 3, or possibly all 4. Also 1 of Brown or Byrd will make it as the 5th outfielder. That means anywhere from 2 to 4 spots have to be cleared.

Why not DFA Francisco, and hope that some poor schnook of a GM claims him and his &6.5 million. Others who are vulnerable, in my own order of vulnerability, are Gonzalez Germen, Robert Carson and Elvin Ramirez.

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