FANGRAPHS - Top 55 Free Agents


A few the Mets may have an interest in...

#24 Alex Rios (OF) 

335214.4 %17.9 %.280.311.398.30992-4.4-10.90.2
Median Years: 2
Median AAV: $10 million
Total: 2 years, $20 million
Average Years: 2.0
Average AAV: $9.6 million
Total: 2.0 years, $18.9 million
The Rangers hold a $13.5M option (with a $1M buyout) on Rios’s contract. Will they exercise it?
No: 91%. Yes: 9%.

352056.8 %14.6 %.332.376.579.41415112.9-5.21.5
Median Years: 2
Median AAV: $9 million
Total: 2 years, $18 million
Average Years: 1.8
Average AAV: $9.3 million
Total: 1.8 years, $16.5 million

#55 Delmon Young (OF) 

282553.9 %20.0 %.302.337.442.3451205.9-5.60.9
Median Years: 1
Median AAV: $3 million
Total: 1 year, $3 million
Average Years: 1.3
Average AAV: $3.7 million
Total: 1.3 years, $4.8 million



Rene Riquelme said...

Give me Michael Cuddyer or give me death.

eraff said...

36 years old....ColoraDO/NON-Colorado Splits....Games Played/Injury/age again...

I'd have loved this guy...4 years ago! That said, the last 4 years have been a description of an aging player.

Concern with injury as a player gets older is not just a concern for NEW injuries, but a Reality that poor recovery from previous injuries and susceptibility to "pre-existing conditions" becomes more acut in mid/late 30's.

Please Pass...

Anonymous said...


In regards to the Cuddyer injury concerns....One has to remember that

A) we are only looking for 1 maybe 2 year stopgap in LF as either Brandon Nimmo or Michael Conforto will be taking over the reigns there soon.


B) Cuddyer last year sustained his injury while playing out of position for the Colorado Rockies. The team was desperate when Nolan Arenado went down with injury and Charlie Blackmon was playing out of his mind.....so some genius in the front office thought it would be a good idea to put a 35 yr old fringe OF/1B at 3B.....he lasted only 6 games before getting hurt.

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