Mack’s Morning Report – 7-3-15 – Future Starters, Latin SS, Rental 3Bmen


Good morning.

The debut if Steven Matz dissipated the pitching prospect list in the Mets organization; however, there still are some starters to remember down the pipe. Right now, per me, here’s the pecking order of the ‘next four’:

1.     Zack Wheeler – technically past the prospect stage but still has to heal and return from Tommy John Surgery. The arrival of Matz will allow the Mets to give Wheeler the proper time to heal from his complex surgery that included a torn flexor tendon. I give him an ETA of July 2016

2.     Rafael Montero – remember him? Montero went down with what seemed like a wimp injury (rotator cuff inflammation) and we have never seen him again. There’s been numerous report that he’s been throwing in Florida off of the mound on flat ground but that’s as far as it has gone. It’s a shame because the team could really use him on the Las Vegas staff. He also would make a credible trade chip during the trading market if he was healthy. ETA? These kind of injuries tend to be front office friendly and I don’t expect to see him until opening day 2016.

3.     Casey Meisner Meisner was a third round pick in the 2013 draft and has impressed at four levels, including St. Lucie where he was recently promoted to. His pro stats are: 4-teams, 14-8, 2.83, 1.15, 181-IP, 167-K. He’ll finish this season at the A+ level and I look for him to possibly open up next spring in Binghamton. His ETA is currently  2017 and you should consider him to be a serious future trade chip.

4.     Michael Fulmer Fulmer’s road to success has been a little slower than Meisner, due to a series of injuries that placed him on various disabled lists. Fulmer was the 44th overall pick in the first round of the 2011 draft, straight out of high school. Fulmer pitched only nine starts in 2013 and had to re-invent himself in 2014, but he has had tremendous success this season in Binghamton (9-starts, 2-0, 2.70, 1.28) and is reported to be back to 100% health wise. I expect him to lead the 2016 Las Vegas rotation and set himself up as another trading chip/emergency starter around the 2016 all-star game.

Baseball America has a revised June 30th ranking list out of the international guppies that became eligible to be signed beginning yesterday and they rank Mets signees SS’s Andres Gimenez and Gregory Guerrero the #2 and #6 prospects for this July 2 class. Guerrero signed on Thursday with the Mets for $1.5mil, while Giminez signed for $1.2mil.

This would give the Mets eight top shortstop prospects out of the Latin streets in the last three signing period. Hopefully, more than one will work out and also be converted to another position (Cecilio Aybar, who was signed in July 2013 for $231K is now playing third base for the GCL Mets).

Normally, I’m not big on ‘rental players’ but this probably is a good way to go this season for filling a need on third base for a number of reasons:
-         Dilson Herrera has got off to a slow start, both defensively and offensively and probably could use more grooming in the minors

-         None of us are impressed with Ruben Tejada past being a utility infielder

-         And why not take the pressure off David Wright to return this year by shutting him down.

Daniel Murphy could return to second base for the remainder of the season and the Mets would at least add another credible bat for their run for the playoffs this year.

I checked out the 29 0ther teams and there are only six options here that monies still owed them this year before hitting free agency next year. They are:

        Emilio Bonifacio – CWS – $3mil/2015 – 30-yrs old
                                     Hasn’t played 3B since 3011 (Marlins)
                                      71-AB, .155/.178/.169/347

        David Freese – LAA - $6.425mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     261-AB, .234/.303/.406/709, 10-HR, 34-RBI

        Alberto Callaspo – LAD - $3mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     55-AB, .291/.371/.364/735

        Casey McGehee – SF - $4.8mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     127-AB, .213/.275/.299/574
                                     designated for assignment June 30th

        Aramis Ramirez – MIL - $14mil-2015 – 37-yrs old
                                     221-AB, .217/.255/.412/667, 9-HR, 30-RBI                          

        Juan Uribe – ATL - $7.5mil-2015 – 36-yrs old
                                     94-AB, .298/.362/.435/798

In addition, there are two more players with an additional year contractually before hitting free agency in 2017:

        Martin Prado – MIA - $11mil-2015, $11mil-2016 – 31-yrs old
                                     254-AB, .272/.312/.370/682, 12-HR, 33-RBI

        Adrian Beltre – TEX - $16mil-2015, $18mil-2016 – 36-yrs old
                                     235-AB, .255/.289/.391/680, 10-HR, 27-RBI

This isn’t being written to suggest any of these players, It’s just designed to show you the total amount of options out there for rental players.

Feel free to open up a general discuss about this topic here. 


Thomas Brennan said...

A fine morning to one and all.

Chris, what about Delmon Young?

Interestingly, I was very disheartened by Gabe Ynoa's performance this year. But the 22 year old has allowed just 4 runs over his last 4 starts, including last nite's near- perfect game, lowering his ERA from and unsightly 5.72 to 4.18 that quickly. I am always concerned that he does not fan more guys (42 in 87 innings this year), and how that won't work in the bigs, but he again warrants prospect attention.

Gant and Gsellman are having solid years - both have yet to see how that'll hold up in the high minors, though.

Heard Mets have scored 23 runs in their last 14 games, hitting .175. Considering the Matz offensive explosion, that is amazingly awful.

Ernest Dove said...

I don't want the mets to rent anybody. I don't think this fan base can handle the loss of prospects for some guy who probably won't end up producing anyway during his two months on the team.

Metsiac said...

Where's Donn Clendennon these days? And Ray Knight?

Justin Turner, anyone? ��

Zozo said...

I would take a flyer on McGehee and trade them Dillon Gee. As long as money evens out it should be ok on their end if no one else is biting on him? Also would they still be able to keep Gee in minors or not if traded?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

This is Mack, not Chris.

I think we all have come accustomed to only considering pitchers that have high K/9 ratios for a position in the majors. There seem to be enough around which will always get in the way of Ynoa.

Metsiac said...

Where's Donn Clendennon these days? And Ray Knight?

Justin Turner, anyone? ��

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Honestly, I don't either.

I actually am fine with the current roster. We'll get Mejia and d'Arnaud back soon and probably limp through the season, but I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the pitching performances from now on.

Ernest Dove said...

Well my 10am post has a 'go big or go home' flavor to it........ stay tuned ;)

Thomas Brennan said...

Morning, Mack. Kirk has 7 homers in 50 at bats. Wonder if Cuddyer hits DL and the Kirk with 9 lives surfaces again?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Why not?

Bring him up again.

This team can't embarrass themselves anymore than they have done in the past 30 days

bob gregory said...

More articles like the one written in the NY Post need to be written that absolutely kill the Wilpons & Alderson. If it expands to television and becomes an onslaught, repeated over and over again, perhaps guilt, embarrassment, hurt pride or something will get the Met decision makers to do something to build a better offense.
Something more than they have done in the past 5 years.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I'm sort of done writing and reading the same negative stuff about this team. The Wilpons, SA and TC know how the press and fans feel.

I'm going to take a back seat and direct my writings to other subjects, like positive stats, minor league players, the history of both the team and the game, etc.

In fact, I'm even going to done it down in the comments and let the rest of you have this as your bandbox.

BTW... STUBBY... if you're out there... I apologize and ask you to come back to the community.

All of us know what e have here (and what we don't have). I believe the July schedule will determine the fate of this team for the remainder of this year and possibly for years to come.

Dallas said...

My biggest worry as always is that people bow to media pressure and do something really stupid. Like I said before I dont want another Kazmir trade story. The situation is lining itself up nicely to mimic that year. Within striking distance of a obviously better team (Nationals) making a trade to appease media/fans, doesnt work, then out a piece for the future.

Mack Ade said...


"tone it down in the comments"

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I would not mind Cuddyer being DL'd and Mayberry cut (or Lagares shut down), and try 2 of Kirk, Castellanos, or Conforto. Or Delmon Young. Nothing to lose. Shake it up...do...do. Shake it up.

bob gregory said...

There is a wide gap of possibilities between
Doing nothing and making a "Kazmir like trade".

Included in that gap is to identify position players that can be the core of your team. Target them. Do your best to acquire them.

Robb said...

something else, the Mets acquired an international slot to keep them under the threshhold. This is great as it will allow them to sign players next year for over 500K which they wouldnt have been allowed to. considering the Dodger, Angels, cubs, yankees, and about 5 more cant go over 300k next year this it could put the Mets in a position to be big players next year.

I know it sounds like its them being cheap, but I dont think it is. For once they did something right, giving themselves leverage next year. so next year they could, blow it out against very little competition and act as a big market team.

also, newspaper columnists would make the worst gm's as they are in the business of selling papers (or page views) now

bob gregory said...


I was referring to the national print media and television.

The Wilpon's could not care less about the Internet blogging community.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I know that.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

LOL - I won't be alive by the time those players make it to Queens

bob gregory said...


Nobody has or would even come close to suggesting a newspaper columnist would make a good baseball gm.

Robb said...

bob - I know, but when we all read the stupid stuff they say it influences us. so everyone wants to bring conforto up. and im fine with that if he were ready.

but next year you have 4 outfielders signed, so who sits? then the year after that at this time nimmo is also ready. btw they would be more likely to bring up nimmo based on long term 40 man roster planning.

Their plan as far as i can see, is pretty simple. conforto next year midway through to rest cuddyer. nimmo if one of the 3 starters gets injured. Nimmo cup of coffee in the fall otherwise. and then in 2017 the outfield is conforto in left, lagares in center, Nimmo taking over in right after super 2 w granderson either traded or on the bench by the end of the year. Nimmo does vegas time not really sure conforto does.


youll be here. youll still be threatening to give up the blog. it will be great.

bob gregory said...

You realize that plan does not improve this offense significantly until 3 or more years from now?

Where is all that pitching depth then considering arbitration?

Offense needs to be improved by next year. Improved significantly.
If that makes Cuddyer and Granderson role players, so be it.

Buddy3 said...

Rosario has not played in a while and Urena was supposed to have a minor injury two months ago but has not resurfaced. Any thoughts? Also can McNeill hit enough to be a regular at 2B or SS? He has hit really well at every level.

Hobie said...

1- default swap of Beltre & Granderson contracts (DFA Mayberry, bring up Conforto/Nimmo & Castellanos)
2- add Niese to the TEX swap for PTBNL (Profar)

So easy from the armchair. I should write for the Post.

Thomas Brennan said...

Buddy, it is frustrating the dearth of injury info out of Mets on guys like Urena. I'd like to know status of both, too.

McNeil has not played SS, but he should get time at all infield positions and in outfield to add to his versatility.

Thomas Brennan said...

SaW Leathersich went on DL after a FIFTY SEVEN pitch outing in his 1st game back in AAA. Don't know the reason for his DL stint, but if he was seriously hurt due to being overused, how would that reflect on Backman?

ZachBoyer said...

Yeah, great article in the Post. Much more honestly written than your average article.

Buddy3 said...

McNeil playing short tonight again!

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