Mack’s Morning Report – 7-4-15 – Q and A

Frm Metsiac -

Hi, Mack,

Haven't read/heard anything about him being available, but how about chasing Brandon Phillips? GREAT 2Bman, crowd-pleasing personality, hitting around .290, and LOVES Citi.

Signed thru '17 ($13 M in '16, $14M in '17). If Cincy is out of contention next month and looking to dump salary, IMO he can be had. If we pay the whole amount (Sandy did say he's ready to overpay), he should cost little in talent; the more talent, the less the $$$ cost.

Given the IFers in our system a year or two away, and talented pitching similar, I'd build a package around players like Fulmer, Verrett, Morris, and Flores as a replacement for them this year.

Worth a shot?

Mack – Hey Bill.

I love Phillips and I’m surprised we don’t discuss him more on this web site.

The Mets would easily have this kind of money and, with the reduction of the contracts that go away at the end of the season (Colon, Murphy, etc.), this wouldn’t even be considered added on salary.

Phillips is a real time star infielder that I can build another middle infielder around.

Love your idea.

Now, who would Cincinnati take?

I’d make this simple. I’d take the ‘big 4’ starters, Familia, and Conforto off the table, and give Cincinnati a copy of the rosters of all the Mets affiliates, including the one in Queens. Then, I’d tell them that I would take on 100% of Phillips’ salary and they can have ‘any three players’ they want.

Also from Metsiac –

Hi, Mack,

What's your take on this?

The Pirates have DFA'd Jose Tabata, the former highly-rated Yankees prospect who was crowded out of a spot in the great Pit OF. He's a solid hitter who plays good D. Worth a look IMO, better than Mayberry. He doesn't have Mayberry's HR power, but hits for average as a part-time player. He's only 26, and is hitting .289 this year (.275 career).

What say you?

Mack –

I saw his name cross the waiver wire. He must have cleared it because he was assigned yesterday to the Pirates’ AAA team.

It surprises me that the Mets never seem to make a deal for players that other teams have designated for assignment. Tabata would have made a nice project. Many consider the current Pirates outfield the best in the game so coming in fourth may not be a sign of failure here.

Looks like the Mets passed on his though. 

Gary asked –

Morning Mack,

A few more thoughts if I may.

I've been thinking about our Metsies going forward and am surprised what with all the Met coverage theres's been very little mention of Harvey's contract and our ability to get a deal done knowing ownership's fondness for large contracts. Boras has to start with Scherzer's mega-deal as a reference so to avoid screwing this up like they did with Reyes I am proposing a blockbuster deal with the Dodgers offering Harvey for Joc Pederson [or Puig] and Corey Seager.

Now I know this will get the fan base angry but we really need think about this before it’s too late. Your thoughts please.

Mack – Morning Gary.

I like the way your mind works.

I too think that, if you were going to trade one of the ‘top four’ Harvey would bring you the biggest return. He also seems destine to seek his fortune outside the Mets organization and he could bring you in a deal for both Peterson and Seager because the Dodgers aren’t afraid to spend money and replace those holes in their lineup in the off-season.

I wouldn’t do a deal for Puig. I hear he’s a pain in the ass and always crying about some phantom injury.

Gary, no one wants to hear this, but the Mets are going to have to move someone if they want to compete in the next couple of years. You just can’t play this game with four starters and one star closer.


Ernest Dove said...

Leave it to Thor to completely shut down a playoff team offense the same day I write a post about Mets needing to trade em ;)

Is Mets could obtain Phillips, and then package Dilson to a team for an above average shortstop, ...............

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, can't trade Thor, his 99 MPH, and developing swagger. Looks like a warrior in the making.

Mack, I would love Phillips, but I would also take Dominic Smith off the table unless it is mostly even up. Forget his overall #'s this year, he was at .143 with one double and 3 RBIs on May 8. What he has done since is remarkable. He, in himself, is a major chip, and IMO, closer to the bigs than we think. He is .350 with 26 extra base hits and 46 RBIs in the past 8 weeks.

bob gregory said...


If Harvey could bring back Joc Pedersen and Seager...... the Mets should Have To make that deal.
Instantly there are 2 position players to actually build around.

Unfortunately Philips' age brings up questions of better options. A few years ago.....Great choice/target.

Anonymous said...

If we take on Phillips' entire salary, we would not need to deal that much! He is older and relatively expensive, or in other words, a salary dump. A solid infield piece and a younger arm, at most.

Brian Joura said...

There's no way on earth I'd trade that much for Phillips, even if the Reds picked up 100% of his salary. It's not 2010 anymore.

Bob Sugar said...

Agree with you Tom in Dominic Smith. Been following him in St Lucie. He is no different then Conforto in that he is some hitter. He does not get the ink or publicity of others but he'll be a big leaguer for us.

Mack Ade said...

Jefry Marte to debut with #Tigers. Mets traded him in Dec '12 for C. Cowgill. Marte has posted 140 wRC+, 7.7% BB%, 13 HR, 7 SB for Toledo.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Everybody here thinks I'm a Dominic Smith hater (he even stopped following me on Twitter).

It's just not true, but, if he could begin the re-building of the Mets infield with Phillips, I'd do that trade right now.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

The main reason I think LA would make a Pederson/Seager deal for Harvey is that they aren't afraid to fill those slots right away by spending more money.

For now, Seager isn't the starter there and Andy Van Slyke can fill in until Carl Crawford cmes back.

In return, the Dodgers have a 1-2-3 of Kershaw-Greinke-Harvey

bob gregory said...


I would be all for it.
Get Alderson to make the call right now.

Imagine a nucleus with Pedersen, Seager, D'Arnaud (if he is ever healthy).
Add Carlos Gomez as a lead off hitter and suddenly the team looks like it could actually have a chance to push for contention this year and next year....and the years after.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

As I have said multiple times, I'm a strong believer of keeping together the 'Big 4', but a trade like this would serve the Mets the best, both with an immediate return and a great future.

It's never going to happen, but I can dream.

Anonymous said...

".....add Carlos Gonzalez as a leadoff hitter....."

Like that is as easy as snapping your fingers!

Who do you deal to get him, after unloading Harvey that is?

bob gregory said...

Who said it was easy?

How about Alderson actually put some effort in and find out what it would actually cost?
Be like some of the other GMs that were able to acquire similar players without giving up a DeGrom, Syndegaard, or Matz type player.

Just have to be a Debbie - Downer huh?

Remember: I have read so often here and in articles about how deep the Met farm system is.
Use it.

Robb said...

The mets passed on phillips a few years ago, not because of money, but he's actually one of those players as fans you would hate. he doesnt run out ground balls, etc and i dont think he could handle the media in nyc after getting into it with the conncinati media when he was in a slump last year.

As for the Harvey deal. Id have to consider it. But you might have to get more for Harvery. he will only make 2-4 mm next year.

Id really like to see the Mets lock up degrom at the moment in one of those 4 year extensions like niese has.

ZachBoyer said...

Plenty of other assets except the five young pitchers.

Don't HAVE to deal any of them. AND if you were going to do anything, it should have been done at least month ago. You're reacting as late as the front office you so often criticize.

And yet, by trading one of our five aces, you're also overreacting.

bob gregory said...

Of you trade with eyes toward next year and the years after that, it is not panic.

Pedersen and Seager would be quite a good.return for Harvey.

ZachBoyer said...

Oh, I'd do that in a second! Especially given that Harvey's the first of our pitchers eleigible for free agency. But I just don't think the Dodgers would. So I didn't see the point in including it.

ZachBoyer said...

But you don't HAVE to do it.

Lesser (but still valuable) assets:


1. Niese
2. Murphy
3. Colon
4. Granderson
5. Plawecki (top ten catching prospect)
6. Montero (former top 100 prospect lists)
7. Flores
8. Mejia (28/31 saves last year)


1. Ceccini (former 1st round pick)
2. Smith (top ten 1st Base prospect)
3. Conforto (top 100 prospect lists)
4. Nimmo (top 100 prospect lists)
5. Rosario (top 100 prospect lists)
6. Fulmer (former 1st round pick)
7. Whalen
8. Molina (if in fact he's healthy?)
9. Meisner
10. Ynoa
11. Herrera (top ten 2B prospect)
12. Cessa
13. Gsellman

First thing you have to do is figure out whether we're buyers or sellers this year. Look at how depreciated some of the other teams' minor league systems are compared to ours. Package 2, 3, even 4 of them. Make 2 deals, whatever. That HAS to get you SOMETHING?!?!?!

Steve from Norfolk said...


I can only count 3 of your 8 major assets as having any real value to another team. Niese - still a lot of questions about his shoulder. He only managed to keep his rotation spot by dropping to a 3/4 arm slot and losing his cutter. Colon - MAYBE short-term, but no big return. Too old. Granderson - way overpaid for his output, plus he's got no arm. Montero - still so far down the DL, he can't be found. Plawecki, Flores, and Meija - that's what you've got that will get us players that are an improvement over what we already have. And, we need to keep Plawecki until we see if d'Arnaud can shake this hoodoo of freak injuries.

Dallas said...

So the worse offense in baseball faces off against the leader in ERA. The baseball Gods like to laugh at such things and I expect the Mets to score a bunch of runs just because it should be unlikely.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Oh, what I have heard about Montero (pitching off flat ground in PSL) he may be trying to rehab a TJ injury instead of having the operation. I know there's a new procedure using collagen-soaked tape wrapped around the tendon that's supposed to get a pitcher with a partial tear back in 6 months.

Richard Jones said...

I hope they don't do TJ surgery on Montero. There has never been a successful TJ surgery performed on a pitchers right shoulder. His chances of returning would be 0.

ZachBoyer said...

It would really depend on what team you're talking to whether on not the ML players have any value. And Granderson's on pace for 26 HRs? And you absolutely don't NEED to keep Plawecki. That's a choice, one you're definitely allowed to make, but a choice nonetheless. Plus you didn't even address the minor league players. That's A LOT. Quite frankly, I think you have as little creativity as SA.

ZachBoyer said...

And Niese (despite everything) is a lefty with an ERA under 4. Those ALWAYS have value.

If you were so inclined, you could find a contending team with poor starting pitching.

His ERA (3.90) is 59th in the Majors (17th among lefty starters). Do you know how many ML teams there are? 30. Making him about an average team's number two or three starter. Not the most scientific way to look at it, ERA doesn't tell the whole story, etc., etc. … but still.

(Montero would obviously have to be healthy to trade him.)

Steve from Norfolk said...


Thanks. I"ll just slink away and eat my gruel---if I can keep from drooling on myself.

Seriously, it completely slipped my mind that it was hi shoulder giving him trouble.Like the old rap song...TJ on the membrane...TJ on the membrane...

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