Morning Report - 7-9-15


Morning all.

I just checked into the site on my way to rehab when I noticed no Morning Report. Chris has a big problem at work and couldn't get one done this morning.

I wanted to at least put up a post where everyone can begin some conversation about yesterday's win against the Giants. Not bad... a 4-2 record on a west coast swing.

Well anyway, chime in and I'll have my Friday report up tomorrow morning.



Ernest Dove said...

Question #1:
How did Lucas Duda completely forget how to hit, how to see pitches correctly, and how to make any kind of solid contact whatsoever?

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

The all-star break couldn't be coming at a better time for Duda.

Reese Kaplan said...

And for Michael Cuddyer, Juan Lagares, the catchers and Ruben Tejada, too.

Ernest Dove said...

Question #2

Are Mets a 100% legit playoff contender if TDA and Blevins ever come back, AND Duda starts smashing again?

Reese Kaplan said...

They still have to overcome the demovitator managing the team. Take Monday's game, for example, in which Johnny Monell played hero, driving in two runs for a late inning victory. As a show of faith and appreciation for the job well done, he was rewarded with a seat on the bench against his former team on Tuesday, a game the team lost. Collins does this kind of shit over and over again, yet he gets a free pass. I think this year even his most ardent critics (myself included) have laid off a bit due to the Sandy Alderson roster-construction problems, but the fact remains he's simply not a good manager.

Anonymous said...

Cuddyer is 36 and injured; Lagares is injured & has no track record of real success; neither catcher has shown they are everyday players (though Plawecki has played well of late), and Ruben Tejada never, ever could hit.

As for Duda, I submit him as Exhibit A to all those folks who have studied computer simulation models and concluded that the concept of "protection" is a myth. It absolutely matters what happens BEFORE a batter comes to the plate -- the pickle the pitcher might be faced with -- and who is on the on-deck circle. A textbook case of a batter trying to do too much; pressing; losing his rhythm and, eventually, his way.

Not to worry, the great Kevin Long will get around to "fixing" him eventually! The first day Duda gets 3 hits, Kevin will make himself available for interviews. Happy to take credit. Meanwhile, he's in the witness protection program.

In defense of Sandy Alderson, I liked this year's concept of "no easy outs" in the lineup. No single devastating hitter, but a solid line of good ABs: d'Arnaud, Wright, Cuddyer, Duda, Granderson, Flores, Murphy . . . even Lagares is not a complete black hole.

There were flaws in that, the absurd & smug & lazy assumption that Flores was a SS and the lack of a competent backup in the outfield. I've identified Cuddyer as a terrific 4th outfielder; the Mets needed one more real bat out there. Conforto, perhaps? Parra? Somebody. Maybe at fault, also, that Sandy thought Herrera at age 21 could step in if needed. Losing Wright sucks, but sliding Murphy over there is not a terrible answer. Still a team that needs a SS and a corner OF.

James Preller

Anonymous said...

Disagree with Reese for faulting TC on the catcher for Tuesday's game. Right now it's Plawecki with Monell as his backup. He seems to be settling on a 2/3 and 1/3 rotation.

I don't think a starter should lose his job -- even for a day -- because the backup plays well.

In addition, Plawecki is playing his best baseball right now.

When this is the complaint about TC, you are trying too hard to complain about TC.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with James on Plawecki over Monell. Even after Monell's game winner, because Kay Plaw is one of the few hitting well of late. That said, I'd like to see Johnny Mo get in there as a starter at least twice a week until TDA returns.

Duda has been awful. I am posting a brief article on him tomorrow.

The offense sure needs an upgade, even more so if MC WITHOUT THE HAMMER is out for any length of time. Keep the stud pitchers, figure out a way to win the pennant in 2015.

Reese Kaplan said...

I could write a book about the things Collins does wrong. There is nothing wrong with rewarding and motivating players -- something Collins never does. Players regress under his so-called leadership. It doesn't stand to reason that every single player should somehow forget to play once they come to Queens -- including veterans -- but look at the evidence. Maybe some encouragement might go a long way. We all know Collins is change-averse. He keeps going back to the familiar and what worked for him once many, many years ago...such as playing reverse platoon lefties like Alex Torres and Jack Leathersich as LOOGIEs simply because they are left handed. What about playing consistently bad veterans (Rick Ankiel anyone?) at the expense of someone who might be better (Juan Lagares). How about using 3 or more pitchers per inning? I could go on and on. You are wrong, James.

ZachBoyer said...


Just because he does all those other things doesn't mean Monell should start over Plawecki. Plawecki is a prospect and is playing well. Have a feeling his dizziness had a lot to do with his earlier struggles.

Let me ask you this: Should Campbell start Friday?

And James,

Kevin Long had what looked like to me to be a pretty extended interview on the postgame. Just to be fair.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

For me, this is game to game season.

It's sad that the team can't win games where only three runs are scored against them; however, we seem to be destined to have a remainder of the season with every game 0-0 going into the 6th or 7th inning.

I don't think the Mets can qualify for a Wild because they would have to catch either the Cubs or Pirates and stay ahead of the Giants

As for winning the division, that in my opinion will take a breakdown of the Nats.

It's possible, but no longer probable.

Anonymous said...

I picked the Mets for 87 wins during the Spring, and that still seems realistic to me.

My guess is that 90 gets the 2nd WC, but nobody knows. Either way, Fred should get his goal of "meaningful games in September." If he's ever mentioned October, I don't recall hearing it. Does he even know it's a month?

When putting this team together for a playoff push, I'm afraid that Sandy spent too much time reviewing the '73 season.

Zach: Noted re: Long. I admit to a bias in that I never cared for him, always saw him as a media whore, and then it was combined with a lot of dopey hero worship in the Metsblogosphere during the heady days of Spring Training. I actually think he's fine as a batting coach, for what they are worth.

James Preller

bob gregory said...

Whatever pre season predictions may or may not have been, the season has create opportunities.
Whether you predicted 87 wins or 55 wins, contending for the wild card, division leader, or the basement the season has unfolded with opportunities.
The Nationals have been anything but the dominant division leaders they were thought to be.

Thus was obvious more than a month ago.
The Mets had an opportunity to make THIS season a season for the history books.
With just a reasonably better offense the Mets could be not just in 1st place, the team could be comfortably in 1st place.
Please let's not settle for a "loser-accepting" mentality. Just because the Mets were not seen as being better than the other teams in their division going into the season, doesn't mean they do not have the opportunity now to be better.
When opportunity rises, it is fool-hardy to pass it by.
Opportunities should be embraced and cherished.
You can not assume there will be more in your future.
Just ask David Wright.

Anonymous said...

A few random thoughts, jogged by your ongoing conversation;

1. Glad that the Mets and Duda didn't come to terms on a contract extension in the off season. Lucas may be worth of an extension at some point, but basing it on last year would have been a bad move. Sandy should let this play out until Duda is through his arbitration years and if he offers an extension, base it upon his entire body of work (plus, I still frown on blocking Dominic Smith).

2. Terry Collins is a placeholder, IMO. I know it is unpopular, but I think Sandy views 2016 as the start of their "window". The winning streak early in the year changed everyone's viewpoint from "fringe playoff contender" to "contender". But, the truth is somewhere in between and Terry Collins won't be anywhere near our dugout when it matters.

3. I am slowly coming around on dealing one of our important pieces (i.e. the golden rotation)....BUT, it needs to be for multiple pieces that will help now and in the future at positions of need, like SS or OF.

You can't make a deal for a rental player only! Justin Upton is nice, but if you don't extend him beyond 2015, then it is a waste, IMO (and his bat alone is not enough to change our fortunes for the last 70 some odd games left).

Metsiac said...

People over-react to short-term situations and lose sight of the big picture.
If at thr err nd of March you were told that in mid'-July the Mets would have played without Mejia, Black and Edgin; virtually without Parnell and Blevins; and without Murphy, Wright and Travis for long stretches, raise your hand if you wouldn't have been delighted to be in 2nd place, only 3 games from the top.

Must be our clueless, non-motivating manager holding us back.

Zozo said...

I totally agree with yah Reese. Mikell should have got the start and given a chance to show what he can do up here. He may surprise some and could be a valuable tradeable piece if he shows what he can do.

ZachBoyer said...

Didn't Plawecki get two doubles in the game you guys are talking about?

ZachBoyer said...

We had four hits total in that game, two of which were by Plawecki for extra bases.

And even with the added benefit of hindsight, you'd still want Plawecki on the bench. Makes TONS of sense.

Well, I, for one, am suddenly satisfied with TC as manager given the apparent alternatives: Reese & Zozo.

bob gregory said...

No manager will make a significant change to the wins & losses on this team.
However a different manager could make a difference in player development and health.

If more wins are wanted, then a new plan to team building is needed which means a new gm.

Reese Kaplan said...

How's that manager who left a 75-80 pitch pitcher in for 110 for his first big league start? Matz is now out for I'm guessing the rest of the year.

metsiac said...

Who declared him a 75-80 pitch pitcher?

Thomas Brennan said...

Unreal on Matz. Simply unreal.

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