The Morning Report 7.6.2015 | Mets Building Momentum, Harvey's Excuses, Mets In All-Star Game, Mejia Ready to Rock


Matt Turner | Rant Sports- For just the third time this season, the New York Mets won a series on the road. After splitting the first two games with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Steven Matz and the Mets came out victorious in dominant fashion Sunday afternoon, winning 8-0. The short-term goals should be to just finish out the half strong. As a .500 team back by only a few games, each win right now is so crucial. It’s possible that Travis d’Arnaud will be healthy by the end of the break, and maybe David Wright will even be further along with rehab, which would be huge for the lineup and for morale.

(Chris Soto: You could have made a very strong case in forecasting the Mets would get swept by the Dodgers this weekend. Instead they walk out series winners thanks to superb pitching from Thor and Matz and an offensive explosion on Sunday. Turner is right, if the Mets can at least finish this week strong....A healthy d'Arnaud return and the eventual Wright return after the break is going to not only bring more offensive firepower, but also bring a MUCH NEEDED morale boost to a club that really needs it right now.) 

Kristie Ackert | NY Daily News- Matt Harvey will “have to get over it.” The Mets ace is not the only starter who is uncomfortable with the six-man rotation, but he is the one who voiced it Saturday night after he lost to the Dodgers. “They gotta get over it. Matt knows that,” the Mets manager said. “I know he is frustrated by it....You can see the frustration. I understand, I certainly understand he is a tremendous competitor and wants to be out there as much as he can on a regular basis.’“It’s just that it’s easiest way,” Collins said. “So we’ve got to make the adjustment, and Matt understands that. I certainly understand why he would say that and I don’t blame him.”

(Chris Soto: Ya know what? ENOUGH. We are getting sick and tired of these continuing Harvey "excuses". He seems to be the only one struggling to adjust to the whole 6 man rotation thing. Maybe it's not the rotation....maybe it's him. We all know that Tommy John recipients are not always 100% during their 1st season back and Harvey is experiencing that inconsistency. Yet, rather than just admitted that "hey, i understand that it's gonna take time," he continues to throw one excuse after another. That leads me the a question that was asked of me this weekend....If the Los Angeles Dodgers came to you and said....we want Harvey....and we're willing to pay Corey Seager and Yasiel Puig in order to get him....How can you say no?

Mike Puma | New York Post- The Mets have two players with legitimate All-Star resumes this season, but will both be selected for the game? Jacob deGrom and Jeurys Familia will find out Monday if they will be joining the NL All-Star team. Not surprisingly, the Mets were shut out in the fan balloting for starting position players, the results of which were released Sunday. According to a club source, NL manager Bruce Bochy has been “trying real hard,” to get both deGrom and Familia on the roster. One of the two is a certainty since each team must be represented.

(Chris Soto: Both Familia and deGrom should absolutely be on the All-Star team as they have not only been the Mets best players...but also two of the top players in the National League this season. deGrom is currently ranked tied for 6th in terms of WAR among NL SP's and despite being 16th in WAR among RP, Familia is still 2nd among them in terms of ERA, and 5th in saves. Bochy will find a place for both of them.)

Michael Baron | Just Mets- Jenrry Mejia has completed his final tune up with Triple-A Las Vegas as he prepares to rejoin the Mets this week. Mejia earned the save while allowing a hit in a scoreless ninth inning in the 51s 3-2 win over the Albuquerque Isotopes on Sunday night. Mejia will fly to San Francisco and meet the team at AT&T Park on Tuesday. He cannot be in the clubhouse while on the restricted list, which he is eligible to come off of on Tuesday.

(Chris Soto: Ready or not....Mejia is ready! He's going to be a huge boost to the effectiveness of the Mets bullpen. He also can help Mets fans feel a little easier knowing that he's gonna handle 8th inning duties, bumping Parnell to 7th inning work and Carlos Torres back to the swing role that he excels at. Now the important question is....who get bumped from the bullpen? Unfortunately, It will most likely be Logan Verrett who has been excellent since returning to the Mets organization. He'll likely get sent back to AAA and re-stretch out as a SP in case the Mets need him later on in the year to eat up some innings.)


Michi L. said...

The time will come when the Mets have to deal one of the great 4 and I would deal Harvey just because it makes the most "baseball sense".
Look I love watching him pitch and the swagger he brings to the Mets. But he's gonna leave this club via free agency!!! So get the most for him!

Zozo said...

I wouldn't want Puig and his attitude. I would take 2 of either Pederson, Seager or Urias(I think that's how is name is spelt) for Harvey.

Thomas Brennan said...

Harvey for Seager and Puig? That one would be worth considering. Still think I'd keep the pitching, but very tempting.

Mack is magnificent isn't he? That's what my tablet wrote when I said Matz. Figured the tablet was right, so I left it...LOL.

Flores goes 10 for 13 to call off the dogs nipping at his heels. It is about time the bats put on a fireworks display, but the cautionary note is Duda and Cuddyer going 0-10.

Monell on base 3 times. I know Recker is hitting homers in AAA, but I think those are illusory PCL fluff. Let's ride Monell a while longer and see what he's got.

ZachBoyer said...

"Take" is the operative word. Because you'd have to. The Dodgers wouldn't do that.

Pederson (on pace to break HR record for rookies, Gold Glove candidate as a rookie), Seager (next Tulo, minus the advancing age and injury history) for post-TJS Harvey?


Thomas Brennan said...

Thinking of 1969, that team sputtered mid season, then rolled to 41-9 in their last 50, anchored by killer pitching. This Mets pitching staff could go on such a roll and still bring this thing home. The parts are all there for a pitching steamroller.

ZachBoyer said...

How many more wins would they have if they broke camp with Matz/Thor? 2? 3?

If 3, 44-38 would look much better right now.

Ernest Dove said...

Im sorry but at some point we gotta stop talking as if David Wright is coming back this year. I know he wants to. We want him to. But...............
Anyway its great to see Wilmer hitting. Of course, leave it to Mets to publicly state that they are leaving him at ss to not hurt his confidence. Now state he is producing big time because he's confident at 2B. Oh how I love this team and is management/front office.

Zozo said...

If I was a betting man I would bet that Terry gives Wilmer a day off for the next game.

Anonymous said...

Stop writing David off. While the diagnosis on him is not great , he will be fine. I have lived and worked (construction) with the same thing. The glory days of david were over anyway. 270- 350 obp and 12-15 homers would win us some games.

Metsiac said...

The kids---Verrett, Robles, Goeddel, and Leather--- have been pleasant surprises, while the Torreses have disappointed, especially Alex. Yet it looks like Verrett will go when Jenrry returns. I'd think Logan would have some trade value, since 2 teams picked him in the Rule V.

IMO another RP should go, too, because a 4-man bench is unsustainable with our struggling offense. But who would it be?

Reese Kaplan said...

@Zozo -- I see someone's been watching TC's modus operandi...just like last year after his 6 RBI games, Terry decided shortly thereafter to bench Flores.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Harvey buzz reminds me of the anti-Seaver stuff spewed in the early 70s.

The guy is great and we're lucky to have him.

James Preller

eraff said...

The anti Seaver Buzz was almost entirely the work of Dick Young....carrying the water for another Bad Mets Management Team-------Headed by M. Donald Grant. His attack on Seaver became extraordinarily personal....almost unheard of during that time. Young included Nancy Seaver in his broad basjed swipe at Seaver----that was totally out of bounds during that time.

BTW--- what is a deeper heritage with the Mets...Great Pitching or Bad Management???? I know I've reached my own sad conclusion.

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