The Mets are the pitching-rich organization with 7 killer starters: Thor, deGrom, Matz, Harvey, Wheeler, Lugo and Gsellman.  If all are healthy, the best Mets’ starters collectively, ever.  Take that, 1986.

The Mets in 2015 also traded away an army of 10 or more pitching prospects (including the great Michael Fulmer) to get Cespedes and other offensive pieces, and also lost Matt Bowman in Rule 5 after 2015.

It is logical to think that, since almost no key pitchers pitched in the first several spring games through Tuesday, that the 2nd tier must be so thinned out after all those deals that the remaining lousy, stinking, 3rd string bums are getting pummeled, right?

Wrong. 100% wrong.

In fact, FOURTEEN GUYS had pitched and not allowed a run, totaling 34 IP.

Lugo, Conlon, Molina, Knapp, Smoker, Reed, Montero, Robles, Roseboom, Rosen, Sewald, Taylor (Corey), Taylor (Logan), and Wilk had combined for 34 IP, just 10 hits allowed, 7 walks, and 24 Ks.  

Jeepers. Jumpin' Jiminy. Remarkable.

Of the Mets’ top tier pitchers, only the Mets’ 7th starter, Lugo, had more than an inning, with 5 IP.  The only other regulars (Reed and Robles) had just an inning apiece.  The other 11 wannabe bums had 27 scoreless innings.  Wow, some bums, right?

Rafael Montero, whom everyone has cast into the fans’ dustbin, has 4 perfect innings and 6 Ks.  He appears to be back, and perhaps in a normal year, he’d have a real shot at # 5 starter.

Knowing (as Gomer Pyle does) that it is early, early, early, only one word sums all of the above up so far – REMARKABLE.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Thanks for this post. I was going to point this out in my weekly recap come Sunday morning, but it really does deserve its own post.

Trust me... there are anywhere from 30-40 scouts at every one of these games. Yes, some of these innings are thrown against minor leaguers, but a lot aren't.

Hopefully, it will continue today

Eddie Corona said...

keep them coming...

Thomas Brennan said...

I was driving to an appt with game on radio. Molina was apparently throwing extremely well early.

Mack Ade said...

the jinx is now on...

Reese Kaplan said...

Surprisingly they have a surplus. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Machado?? Fulmer got us Cespedes.

Eddie Corona said...

Tom from you lips to God's ears...
Dunn, D.smith and Gsellman for machado... Si? No?

Richard Jones said...

I'm wondering if Montero's success might make the Mets more willing to trade a Gsellman or Lugo. Montero might be 8th on the depth chart followed by Gilmartin as number nine. Would what you can get in return for Lugo be worth moving those guys up one?
I know you may need your 8th and 9th guys to make a couple of starts. If you need them more than that I think our season would not be looking to good anyway.
Number one on my wish list is an upgrade at the catcher's position. d'Arnaud's bat looks like it may be improving but I have not been impressed with his defense. It is still early though.

Mack Ade said...

Richard -

Montero is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

And it is far too early to think he could replace either Lugo or Gsellman in the pecking order.

We still have no idea how Harvey, Matz, deGrom, or Weaver will come back from their injuries.

My guess is both Lugo and Gsellman will be very busy this season in a Mets uniform.

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, you tell me if that is enough for the Macho Man! Richard, I agree with Mack...I need to see a lot more out of Montero this spring before deeming 2016 an unrepresentative season.

Thomas Brennan said...

Molina struggled, but the list of zero ERA holds at 14....Bradford (new to the list), Rowen, and Sewald all kept their 0.00 ERAs intact.

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