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Mets fans who appear on local and national TV broadcasts while at a game this season will now get their video clip sent directly to their phones using a new app and social media platform called 15 Seconds of Fame (15SOF). The fan that makes a great one-handed catch on a foul ball or the dad that catches a home run while holding his baby -- they will get that clip on their mobile device as soon as the game ends.

Once fans have the clip, they can then share it instantly across their social networks and keep it forever. All fans have to do is download the app, take a "selfie" and check in to the game they are attending. 15SOF's technology picks them out of the crowd, clips the HD video and sends it to them seamlessly. If they were on TV and didn't have the app at the time? No problem. Just download the app and check in to the game previously attended to get the clip.

15SOF is completely free on iTunes or Google Play.

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Thomas Brennan said...

I will let my brothers know about this. They are good at catching baseballs, all I catch is grief!

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