Tom Brennan - Two Teams: A Very Brief Pictorial

Tom Brennan 

Two Teams: A Very Brief Pictorial

Here at Mack's Mets, we can wax long and eloquent about various and sundry topics.

One topic is competing as one horse in a two horse town.

Sometimes, a picture with a heading is enough to tell a tale.

The Mets?


  Image result for i've fallen down and I cant get up picture

The Yanks?

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Mike Freire said...

Thanks for the laugh, Tom........as sad as it is, you hit the nail on the head.

Reese Kaplan said...

Since Tom is the eternal optimist, it calls to mind the classic joke:

There was a rich man who had two twin sons. One son was always optimistic and the other was very pessimistic. So the man decided to try to change things with his sons. For their birthdays, he bought the pessimistic son a room full of toys and games….everything he could possibly imagine or want. When he opened the door, the pessimistic son started crying upon seeing all of the treasures. When asked why he was crying instead of loving all of his new things, he said, “It’s just more things the other kids will steal from me or break. He did not enjoy even a minute of playing with his gifts.

For the other son, the optimistic one, the father had his room filled with horse manure. When that son opened his door and saw all the piles of smelly poop, he got all excited and started running around searching through the poop and whooping it up with glee. The father was again mystified and asked his son about his behavior. The boy replied, “With all this poop around, there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

Keep searching for that pony, Tom :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Mike, when you try to half step your spending after years of bad drafting, and things go wrong, usually free fall occurs.

The safety net rips like tissue paper.

It is virtually an annual event with the Mets, sadly.

The Tanks make winning a World Series priority one. They don't allow tissue paper.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, I found the pony in a corral at Yankee Stadium :)

It will be trotted down the Canyon of Heroes this fall.

Mike Freire said...

You guys are both on point today!

Met Monkey said...

So met monkey falls from his tree and breaks his leg, the wilpons take him to the cheapest vet they can find and say to him (or her), "Should we just shoot him?" The vet says, you could, but he would still have a broken leg. I think it's a new york metropolitan parable on problem-solving: the other teams know we want a cather, we'll show them. We won't get one!

Met Monkey said...

Not catheter, but a catcher. Really either at this point!

Thomas Brennan said...

Sandy read Catcher in the Rye once, and after that will only trade for a catcher if his name is JD Salinger

Met Monkey said...

Yup, Sandy has a better wine cellar than us, for sure. Hey, anyone know what county Conlon's from?

Met Monkey said...

Conforto is back! Yea Tom, JT will never be a real-met-though.

Reese Kaplan said...

Actually the catcher would Holden Caulfield. I think he's a switch hitter but not particularly good at gunning down baserunners. Then again the scouting reports predate the advanced metrics :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese is testing the Outer Limits of Literacy at Macks Mets!

Met Monkey said...

I can sign for apple.

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