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Good morning.   

     1.    Roster Moves:  1B Dash Winningham was released.  He became expendable when Jeremy Vasquez was promoted from Columbia to St. Lucie. Played parts of five seasons for the Mets, hitting a combined .240…. LHP Jerry Blevens was reinstated and RHP Chris Beck was DFAd… Drew Gagnon was recalled to start last night’s game while Paul Sewald was optioned to Vegas… RHP Jose Moreno and 3B Mark Vientos return to the active Kinsgport roster...

     2.    A word on the bench decisions being made this season by Mickey Callaway. First, it was the lineup card snafu. Now, it’s the bringing in of Blevens before the opposing batter was announced. This isn’t splitting of the atom stuff. Seasoned managers do this kind of stuff blind. Callaway is playing at his position this season as if he’s learning by default. All it would take me is one time to watch a basketball player grab a rebound and then go out of their way to step out of bounds before passing it off to know that this dude has a lack of operating skills. Another analogy… you set up a foursome on the golf course and your partner hits a shot off the green that is blocked by a tree. He picks the ball up and throws it out so be can hit it to the green. The other three of you stare at each other, knowing you have a problem here… Callaway just doesn’t seem to have enough knowledge of this game to do his job correctly or he’s trying to do it in a mental fog. Either way, he needs to be replaced.

      3.    The Los Angeles Dodgers are in contact with the Mets and asking about the trade status of infielder Astrubel Cabrera. Cabrera could bring a pretty decent chip to the Mets, even if he is a 3-month loan. OF Alex Verdugo would probably be a stretch, but 19/yr. old catcher Keibert Ruiz is not. He’s targeted to be ready in 2020, the same year the Mets should be targeting next to compete. Scouts report he has a strong defensive game and hit .316 last year at the combined A/A+ levels. So far this season, in AA ball, he’s .243, 7-HRs. He also has struck out only 20 times in 239-ABs.

      4.    MLB Pipeline - @MLBPipeline - Not a bad way to start your pro career ... 17-year-old Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio, who signed for $2.1 million last July 2, has now played in 19 MiLB games and has hit safely in all 19 after homering today.

      5.    Steve Gelbs - @SteveGelbs - Setback for Jay Bruce. He started baseball activity, but then felt something in his hip. He’s been shut down for 10 days and then will be re-evaluated.

      6.    I’m not sure what the motivation was when ‘Oh Mickey You’re So Fine’ filled out the lineup card last night. He chose to sit Dom Smith because he played two games yesterday, but played both Ty Kelly and Jose Reyes, who also played both games. Am I missing something here? Is anyone checking the birth certificates of these players or is Mickey just orchestration a ‘suicide by mismanagement’ attempt?


Hobie said...

I am usually very slow to blame the manager when the PH K's or the RP gives up a gofer, but you're right--Callaway must go-away. There is almost nothing he does right ... which makes me wonder if anybody think David Wright could fill out a line-up card?

Cabrera will be gone soon, and yes, I would be delighted (& very surprised) with a Kiebert Ruiz return. I'd take DJ Peters of the LAD's hands as a close second. Reyes can carry Callaway's bags to the bus & then drop off Ty Kelly at the airport.

Finish the season with Rosario, D.Smith and Wilmer & McNeill at 2B/3B (or vice versa) with spot starts for TJR (CIF) & Guillorme (MIF).

BTW what's the word on Bryce Brentz (who I always had thought was interesting)? On the DL since 6 May, after hitting .361 in his last 10G played.

Rob said...

I am not defending Callaway, but he has nothing to do with Reyes playing. That is coming from the owners, through the front office.

Thomas Brennan said...

I like Callaway just where he is - if we are not making the playoffs (and the reality of Bruce's hip is just one more reminder the 2018 playoffs are Mission Impossible) then you actually want someone who will help you lose. Get someone else for manager next year.

Dash Winningham just plateaued, and when that happens, someone is always ready to pass you by.

Dodgers trade with Asdrubel works for me - it would (likely) mean Jeff McNeil time. Jeff would be hard pressed to match Asdrubel, at least short term, so the Mets lose more, so the Mets get a better draft slot.

Let Smith bat 3rd or 4th so he can get off of 1 RBI. He has 66 ABs, but only 11 at bats with runners in scoring position (0-11, but who's counting). Let him sink or swim.

He is consistent though - hitting .197 this year, and for 2017 and 2018 combined too.

Mack Ade said...


I have heard nothing on Brentz.

It is close to impossible to get DL info out of Vegas

Eddie Corona said...

Tom your spot on... Callaway at this point is doing his job

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, it is time for you to write an "Eddie" article special :)

Met Monkey said...

Solid! I'm sold! Dominic Smith lunging slow at clean-up would so mirror John Mayberry Jr's 2015 haplessness. We're #1!

Mike Freire said...

Regarding Mickey, he was a pitcher and more recently the bullpen/pitching coach so you would think he has a clue on that side of things, right? I wonder if he should have been a bench coach for a bit, before taking the reins all by himself.

Sort of like promoting a linebackers coach straight to head coach without a full grasp of being in charge.

The question becomes do you let him learn on the job in a lost season (or two), or do you start over along with the rebuilding effort?

Oh and I felt this way when he signed, but the Bruce deal was horrible on many levels.

Viper said...

The scary part for me is that Callaway is making Collins look like a genius. Maybe Reyes is playing because the owners want him to but last time I checked, both Frazier and Cabrera are out of service.

Let the mighty Reyes play 3B and McNeal 2B.

Funny how if you think "what do the Mets do right" you can't come up with anything. But as soon as you ask yourself, "what do the Mets do wrong", the list gets really long.

Thomas Brennan said...


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