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Good morning.   

      1.    Mike Puma - @NYPost_Mets - Also, Jacob deGrom's 1.678 ERA at the All-Star break - unless he makes a relief appearance this weekend he won't pitch again - is the second-lowest in Mets history. Dwight Gooden had a 1.677 in 1985.  Mack – I’m not sure I will ever see a better year from a Mets starter again. Jake deserves so much more than this team.

      2.    Roster moves… OF Raphael Gladu was transferred from A-Columbia to A+ - St. Lucie. He’s been hitting at a .275 clip for Columbia after hitting .269 last year for Kingsport… P Willy Tavares was promoted from Rookie-GCL to Rookie-Kingsport. Tavares was 1.23-ER this year for the GCL team in four starts… 2.31 last year for DSL-2 in 15-games, 13-starts. ‘Red’ chip prospect, RHP Harol Gonzalez, was sent from AAA-Vegas back to AA-Binghamton. Harol got a look see at AAA while the Mets shuffled AAAA starters through Nevada and Flushing. Boarding the same plane was RP Scott Copeland, for basically the same reason. Lastly, because the Binghamton pen was over-bloated when Copeland arrived, RHP Mike Gibbons was sent from AA-Binghamton to A+ - St. Lucie… Binghamton IF Nick Sergakis came off the DL…  

      3.    Joe DeMayo - @PSLToFlushing - 22 year old Amed Rosario is 6 for his last 13 with 3 XBH and a SB. Find pine kid. Jose Reyes gotta play. Let’s not try to get the kid in a rhythm or anything. Mack – I really am at a loss here on this play Jose thing. There doesn’t seem to be a single person in baseball that thinks this is a good idea. I understand this is the trade deadline season, but Reyes couldn’t bring you a bag o’ balls with cuts in them at this point in his career. This must be a defiant direct order send down by the corner office. I thought Jose was a better man that this. He must be embarrassed by all this and you would think he would walk away with what respect the fans have left for him from past accomplishments. 

     4.    Andrew Claudio - @Claudio_GSN - Jacob deGrom - 1.68 ERA - Jose Reyes - .168 AVG

      5.    Mike Gianella - @MikeGianella - Jacob deGrom has the lowest 1st half ERA for any pitcher with five or fewer wins and 100+ innings for as far back as baseball_ref tracks first/second half splits (1913)...and it isn’t particularly close

     6.    Ex-Mack’s Mets writer Clay Ramsay @ClayRMetsFan  says to watch out for three ‘up and coming’ Kingsport pitchers… Dedniel Nunez: The 22 year old Righty from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic has had a solid 4 games. He is 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA in 10.0 innings out of the pen. 2 Earned Runs, 2 Walks, and 7 strikeouts. He is on the smaller side at 5'11" 210 LBS, but he could be one to watch.. Jose Butto: The 20 year old RHP from Cumana, Venezuela has also had a solid 4 games. All 4 he has started and he's pitched to a 1.25 ERA in 21.2 IP. He's allowed 3 earned runs, walked 7 batters and struck out 20… Christian Tripp: Our 13th Rounder from the University of New Mexico has been lights out out of the pen. In 3 games he hasn't given up a run. Pitching 4.0 innings, he's walked none and struck 3 out. At 21 years old, he seems primed for the NYPL. He stands 6'7" 220 LBS.

      7.    NYMets945 - @nymets945 - Conforto has become just an awful baseball player – Mack: I’m starting to agree here, but I’m willing to give Conforto the rest of this year as well as next season. There really is no one on the current roster that could step up here. Yes, Kevin Kaczmarski could do a Nimmo-step up and Jarred Kelenick could be put on a fast track, but unless there is a tremendous amount of new money added to the salary pot, the Mets have to figure out what is going wrong here and get it back on track.


Reese Kaplan said...

Conforto was obviously rushed back and it shows. Unless he does a Kevin Maas, he's already demonstrated he has talent.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Jake was on Boston, he'd be 16-2 right now. Compare to Met's 5-4 - and wince for Jake.

Good to see Raphael Gladu get promoted - now, he needs to add more power to his game. Kaczmarski would likely be getting a real shot with the Mets if he had shown any power in his career. On the other hand, I am VERY impressed with how Nimmo has stepped up his power game.

Hopefully, the All Star break will be the time off Conforto needs to prove he is not becoming the next Ike Davis.

Clay Ramsey as our man on the ground needs to give us regular updates on the Kingsport hitters, especially Kelenic.

Thomas Brennan said...

Interestingly, I think Gladu was called up because of poor-performing Desmond Lindsay on DL. Prophetically, Lindsay's high school name is "Out-Of-Door Academy"...draw your own inferences.

Hobie said...

Always wondered about that, Thomas.

"Outdoors Academy" maybe, "Out-of-Luck," "Out-of-Gas," "Out-of-Options," "Outta Here" all come to mind as preferential of "Out-of Door"

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Clay did that last year for us but he says that he doesn't have the proper time to do that and concentrate on his senior year in school.

Our loss.

Victor Rivera said...

Mack: First and foremost, as a reader of your column for a few years, I want to thank you for your coverage of all things major and minor about this team. Great job. I particularly wanted to compliment you on your From The Desk daily post. It's a great thing to look forward to every day while I take a break from the pile of documents on my desk at work. Thanks!

Mack Ade said...

Well Victor, thank you.

I wasn't sure if the 'From The Desk' concept was working. It's designed not only to show you how my mind is working, but also other Mets friends out there in Metland.

I know most of you are busy providing for your families and don't have the time to stay on Twitter all day and read everything that is being said out there.

Other writers (who are stealing valuable time from their employers) try to beat each other in getting out Mets news. I feel recapping the day's doings is enough for the folks that follow me on the site.

Made my day.

TexasGusCC said...

I agree with Victor on how enjoyable it is to see various Mets news and opinions consolidated in one spot. Nice job Mack.

Anonymous said...

Play the vets until the All Star Break idea from above post.

I would agree with this, but really only Cabrera and J. Bautista are able to play without crippling injuries. Bruce, Frazier, and Cespedes are out still.

Mets need to move on I think. Start forming a newer and younger team now. Then maybe see what they will need added in during the off season.

Anonymous said...

On Joey Bats

I still find "Joey" to be an amazing player.

He said that he still feels that he can contribute on a high level of play. I couldn't agree more.

He brings an energy and a desire seldom see from anyone his age.

He's fun to watch play.

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