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Good morning.   

      1.    Jacob deGrom now has 57 starts in which he has given up one run or less… the most in the history of the game (Kershaw: 56, Santana: 55, Sale: 52, Gooden: 51). This is an amazing statistic for someone who started as a shortstop. Sadly, he was not accredited with a win in most of these starts.

     2.    NYMets945 - @nymets945 - Baseball America ranked Dom Smith #14 in draft: "He has an innate feel for his barrel, a relaxed approach and a pretty lefthanded stroke, causing most scouts to project him as a plus hitter in the big leagues.” 

      3.    DM/Therapist Guy - @PatWeintraub - I'm not convinced it's their inability to draft.  I think it is their inability to develop them.  Smith et al have talent, our coaches haven't helped them unlock it.   – these two posts on Dominic Smith speaks volumes regarding the frustration Mets fans have with Smith and the way he approached the game these past few years. I try to be kind with the kids but Dom makes it hard sometimes. His personal weight and muscle regiment seems to change with the wind and I have no idea where the Mets medical staff is on this. Shouldn’t they have a strict calorie and exercise program for the guppies, especially ones that have had weight problems in the past?

      4.    Rob Piersall - @robpiersall - Who gets cut quicker, Sonny Gray or Jason Vargas?  Wow. Sounds like a perfect swap, until you bring up the name Vargas to the Yanks. Right now, it seems the Yanks have more to lose keeping Gray in the rotation. And, let’s face it, they can’t afford to waist a 25-man slot during a pennant race. As for Vargas, he has no long-term value whatsoever. I would cut both and eat the salary, though I see the Wilpons hesitating on this, at least through the rest of this season.

      5.    Good Fundies Brian - @OmarMinayaFan - Maybe the Mets could do something outside the box like trade Cespedes and eat half his contract. Maybe there's a team in the AL that takes a chance on Cespedes at $15 million per. I would. But Cespedes would have to agree, too. – well, first thing you must do is get the player on the field… next, you must find some miracle public relations company that can market someone with problems with their flexors, quads, hips, and now heel. Me? The contract is yours and if you want to get the most out this guy in the long run, shut him down for the remainder of the season and sit on him every day until April 1, 2019 to get in the proper shape. You are paying him big bucks. Make him at least earn it in rehab.

     6.    Jim Callis - @jimcallisMLB - Top 10 teams in @MLBDraft bonus spending this year:  -  @Tigers: $14,784,100    @Royals: $14,768,200    @SFGiants: $13,935,000    @RaysBaseball: $13,783,600    @Reds: $12,952,000    @Padres: $12,565,515    @WhiteSox: $12,284,400    @Phillies: $11,342,900    @Indians: $11,222,459    @Mets: $11,017,238

     7.    Jack Warner - @JackWarner16 - McNeill is ready. Alonso is ready. DFA Reyes. Trade Wheeler. Trade or release Bruce. Send Rosario down to @LasVegas51s There is no way any team is going to give the Mets legit value for deGrom when they make a desperate deal. Remember Seaver? Worst trade in Mets history

      8.    David Lennon - @DPLennon - Callaway described Dom Smith as a “bench piece” that should get more time in the coming days with a doubleheader Monday. That makes no sense. When do we find out if Smith is a major-league player or not? Do #Mets have to be 30 games out for that to happen? – smh


Thomas Brennan said...

It would seem that deGrom 50+ games with 1 run or less has to be up to a certain # of starts or age. Didn't Bert B of the Twins have around 60 career shutouts?

The Mets' player development has not been good at all, just looking at Smith and Rosario.

Maybe sitting so much will get Smith fired up. I mean, 57 plate appearances in 2018, just 1 RBI, 1 walk???? After mediocre hitting in Vegas? Remarkable. He must do MUCH, MUCH better.

Alonso is in a deep slump, so until he emerges from it, he is not read...McNeil sure is, though.

First Cespedes has to play again before a team will trade for him. Who'd want to shell out half his huge salary and have him play 50 games a season?

Thomas Brennan said...

From the Sickening Anomaly Dept:

Mark Reynolds had 10 RBI for Nats - yesterday.

Dom Smith, Reyes, and Guillorme have just 9 RBI in 224 season at bats.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

which leads to the next question...

it looks like we are going to get an early draft pick again...

do we go bat again?

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