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Good morning.   

      1.    Michael Baron - @michaelgbaron - MLB leaders in bWAR, pitchers: 1) Jacob deGrom - 5.4  2) Aaron Nola - 5.2  3) Chris Sale - 5.1  4) Luis Severino - 5.0  5) Max Scherzer - 4.7  6) Corey Kluber - 4.6  7) Blake Snell - 4.3  8) Kyle Freeland - 4.1  9) Trevor Bauer - 3.7  10) Justin Verlander - 3.6

      2.    Chris - @tpgMets - Since pitchers will only go 2 innings at most, Jacob deGrom is the perfect choice to start the All-Star game because he would, as usual, be ineligible for the win no matter how great he pitches.

      3.    The Mets announced yesterday morning that there would be no fees charged on any tickets for any of the remaining games this season. You have to be kidding me. You’re trying to entice me to come see this miserable team by not charging me fees that you shouldn’t have been charging me in the first place. Simply amazing.

      4.    Kingsport outfielder, 21/yr. old ‘blue’ prospect Anthony Derocie, has been killing it in the Appy League (.408) for Kingsport. Therefore, he was moved Saturday night to Brooklyn where he debuted on Sunday. This set up the promotion of 18/yr. old ‘red” prospect OF Jarred Kelenic to Kingsport. Kelenic was hitting .413 before the promotion. Derocie… Kelenic… you could easily be seeing a sneak peek at two members of the 2022 Mets starting outfield. 21/yr. old ‘blue’ prospect, SS Oliver Pascual, was promoted from Brooklyn to St. Lucie. He hit .289 in Kings County this season, in 38-ABs. 22/yr. old ‘blue’ prospect, IF/OF Walter Rasquin, finished his rehab assignment for the GCL Mets (.524), and was transferred to Brooklyn. Mets also release OF Kendall Coleman from their Brooklyn affiliate (.156). Coleman was acquired in the Mazilli trade with the Yanks. Jacob Rhame was named the 26th man for yesterday's doubleheader. P.J. Conlon and Ty Kelly were recalled from Las Vegas. Todd Frazier has been placed on the 10-Day DL with a left rib cage strain. Chris Flexen has also been optioned to Las Vegas.

      5.    I may not be very happy with who is, and who isn’t on the 25-man squad, but I am thrilled with the direction the minor league affiliates are going. It seems that whoever is in charge there since Sandy left is fast tracking the blue and red prospects that are in this system. We may not have as many as other teams, but we do have enough quality pieces to turn this team around in two or three years.

     6.    SF Giants prospect Joey Bart, the No. 2 overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft, is 2-for-3 with a solo HR for Volcanoes tonight. The 21-year-old has hit 3 HRs in 4 games since being promoted on July 3.  I know we all are in love with Kelenic but we sure lost out on this one…

     7.    Dan Clark - @DanClarkSports - In exchange for Manny Machado, the Dodgers offered up their No. 1 (Alex Verdugo) and No. 8 (Yadier Alvarez) prospects - as per Jim Bowden. Foolish of the Orioles to decline this. The stubbornness is all too familiar, sadly. Was a fair offer for what’s only a three month rental. You have to be kidding me. This a rental. Are the Orioles owned by the Wilpons too? Verdugo is a major league ready outfielder that projects as a superior Michael Conforto, Alvarez is a 21/yr. old RHP that hits 98. Seems like a bad move by Baltimore to me.

     8.    It was announced yesterday afternoon that Boston Red Sox catcher would be out 6-8 weeks with a fractured pinky. This leaves them two weak hitting replacements, Sandy Leon and Blake Swihart. This might be the perfect time to call over there and see what they would offer for the services of Devin Mesoraco. Maybe they would part with a mid-level chip, like either catcher Roldani Baldwin or LHP Jalen Beeks. I can’t see getting 3B Michael Chavis, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


Thomas Brennan said...

Great line on Jake deGrom!

If we trade bWAR King Jake, I want nothing less than a King's ransom.

Joey Bart is the reason that I am saying it again, and will continue to say it - the season is lost, so lose, lose, lose. Top 3 pick next June. Draft well, and you rebuild cheaply. Hopefully, Kelenic will be the best offensive player they've ever developed - and for years, he will be CHEAP.

Mesoraco has been .240/.328/.446 as a Met - excellent for a catcher in today's game - that should be worth a lot to a contending team.

Maybe Orioles can get more - otherwise, for a rental, jump at it.

Gary Seagren said...

Here's my question: if we're really looking at 2020 2021 to be competitive and we're not signing Jake long term why aren't they exploring the best deal possible? With the Dodgers offering a #1 and #8 for a 2 month rental his value should be astronomical yes? Wouldn't Bart be a starting point.

Robb said...

Cant really miss out on something you never had the chance to have.

As for the Wilpons, they would be the second worst owners in baseball currently behind The Angelos's. I mean the Orioles dont spend their intl allotment. Though they built a fantastic ballpark.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, very true. They are probably scared to death of doing a big rebuild like Houston's. What if they tried it and failed?

Eddie Corona said...

We didn’t miss out on BART if he was not Around for us to draft him...

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

Good question.

We should know the answer by the end of the month.

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

I know.

Anonymous said...

First off, great game last night. There was excitement, sweet excitement, fantastic! Jake deGrom was Jake deGrom. Brandon Nimmo, Brandon Nimmo. What I liked the most in Brandon's at bat, was that he came up ready to hit that very first Mark Leiter Jr. first pitch. And boy did he ever. I also liked Brandon's post game interview where he thanked the Mets fans for supporting the Mets. The team is well alive again now, and I love it! Pulse. It has a pulse again.

Gary, you do make sense regarding deGrom. He is 30 years old, true, but we have to remember these two things more: Jake came up a shortstop and does not have the innings on his arm that most 30 year old starters have. Plus, he has been out some with arm stuff. And secondly, the Mets do have him two more years (I believe) under their control.

Now the downside here with Jake. He has had arm trouble before. And then too, how long can any really good starter like Jake is, continue to watch his games lost because of very little offense? It has to be discouraging for him.

There are about six or seven teams in the MLB still very much in the playoff hunt right now heading into the July 31 trade deadline. Several (if not all) may have a sincere need to upgrade their teams with starting pitchers, closers, and middle infielders that this team does have to offer. And the Mets do have quality veterans with playoff experience under their belts to offer any contender too.

The trick may be simply this, can the NY Mets upgrade their own team by offering other teams these players without giving up their two top starters? It's possible.

It's really a wait and see right now. And I am certain that the Mets brass have contingency plans they are looking at, and together they will come up with the best way to do this. Have faith. I do.

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world, one in which we all fully know does not really anywhere, but we all love to dream about anyway...

So what do the NY Mets need back the most given any "perfect world" trade scenario?

Good question.

First, maybe look at what is available to this team internally through their own minor league system for next season. Maybe three starters Oswalt, Crismatt (a lefty), and Dunn. A few middle infielders, McNeil, Colon, and Cecchini. Two outfielder power batters in Borenstein and Tebow who may or may not need a little more seasoning down in MiLB, plus veteran outfielder den Dekker (whom by the way has bulked up, if you have not noticed. Excellent.) And then three or four catchers, many of which we already know form being Mets fans.

From all these players, maybe four or five may have a legitimate shot at making the NY Mets team coming out of Spring Training 2019, whether starting or being a valuable utility player off the bench.

So what's left are the trade acquisitions to fill the starting roles that may still exist after consideration of the above MiLB NY Mets players and what is already here now starting. New players from outside this organization who can come in here and add significantly to the 2019 NY Mets offense every single game starting.

True, it is a lot to consider, but it all will determine just how good this 2019 NY Mets team will be going forward beginning 2019.

So when the NY Mets Mr. Ricco recently stated that he believes (the same as I do) that this franchise is not confronting a major rebuilding program, this is probably what he was referring to.

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