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     1.    There has been some chatter that the Mets may be considering trading pitcher Noah Syndergaard to the Milwaukee Brewers for a pot of prospects. I’m not sure if there is a good deal to be made here. The Brewers’ pipeline is a little thin, led by an AA second baseman (Keston Hiura ) that hits less than Jeff McNeil has hit last year and is hitting this year in AAA. The Mets should do no deal unless it includes 22/yrs. old RHP Freddy Peralta. The other pitching prospects are all producing 4+ ERA’s this year. Peralta is 6-1, 2.75, with a 12.81-SO9 (59-IP, 84-K), at the AAA level… in the friggin PCL no less!

     2.    Michael Baron - @michaelgbaron  -  Wheeler has a 3.18 ERA in his last 9 starts. Matz has a 2.92 ERA in his last 11 starts. DeGrom is just on another planet. If they could just get Syndergaard out there consistently again, that would be a lot of what they envisioned years ago, performing. It’s the blueprint.  -  I totally agree with Mike on Wheeler. This guy has come way back and is now putting up some quality innings. Ya know, he’s only 28 years old and has two more full seasons left before he hits free agency. There is no reason to consider trading him until around the 2020 all-star break. You need five starts. Wheeler should be one of them.

      3.    Michael Baron - @michaelgbaron - The #Mets bullpen now (through Tuesday) has a 4.90 ERA for the year, which is the fourth-worst mark in #MLB. Last night, they suffered their 22nd loss in relief, the worst mark in MLB. The bullpen has also allowed 50 home runs, which is tied with the #Angels for the most in MLB. – this is an amazing group of negative stats from a team that seem to only trade for relievers last season. I have no quick fix here, At this point, I would only keep Seth Lugo and Drew Smith for my 2019 pen. I would give Tim Peterson and Robert Gsellman another long look in April, and probably add Paul Sewald and Tyler Bashlor to that list if no outstanding names were added to this team via a trade. Past that, I’d take a long look at Ian Krol, who has had a lot of success this year in the PCL (25-outings, 1-0, 2.64). Additionally, Nabil Crismatt could be converted as a starter and Ryder Ryan, Matt Blackham, and Dave Roseboom could step up from Binghamton.

      4.    Statler - @statler13 - Imagine this scenario… Everyone underestimates the Mets, they rip off 10-12 wins before the ASG, climb back to .500, they balk at all offers for JdG, Thor & Wheels, turnaround and trade for Machado, Cespedes and Thor come back, they sneak into the division race… there’s always still one out there wishing on a rainbow. I love your optimism Statler. I really do.

     5.    I’m sure you all remember the hundreds of times I have said over the years that all the Mets needs is a quality rotation that would give up three or less runs in seven innings per outing. I wasn’t asking for a sub-1.00/ERA here. Just quality starts so a decent pen could take over for the last two innings each game. Well, the current rotation is just about there this year and would be even better if Thor was back pitching. Still, what are the stats? Well, through this past Tuesday, the Mets were 13-23 (.361) in games where the Mets starters have had a ‘quality start’. This is the worst record since the 1916 A’s posted a 30-56 record for quality starts. Show this to anyone that asks you how bad the Mets bullpen this year.

    6.    Let’s talk about 22-year old ‘blue’ prospect second basemen that got busted for meth usage earlier this year. Walter Rasquin was cruising at Columbia this season hitting .298 over 47 at-bats, when he was suspended on May 4th for 50 games for testing positive for methamphetamine. The suspension has been completed and he was quietly added to the Kingsport roster in, what I guess to be, a rehab session. Well, there is nothing quiet about what he is doing there. In three games, he is hitting .818 (9-11, 2.211-OPS). Where does he go from here? Well, there really is no one in his way to prevent him from returning to Columbia as a starter again. Regardless of what he did, he is a bat prospect.

     7.    JoJo Gentry - @JGentry44News - Competing in his third season with the @EvilleOtters, 24/yr. old RHSP Luc Rennie has signed with the New York Mets Organization.  Former Orioles draft pick had a 2.31 ERA in 10 starts with the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League this season. He is being assigned to Columbia.


Robb said...

Every good start for wheeler just ups the asking price.

My biggest problem with trading thor or degrom is i cant find a team in a pennant race who has the type of prospects it should require to get them.

The cubs/red sox have used most of their bullets. Astros dont need starteres. Cant trade them to the yankees without getting an obscene return, so that seems far fetched. The dodgers just seem too smart to give up that much. The dodgers however make a ton of sense for wheeler bc he costs 1.9mm this season, cheap enough to stay under the cap regardless.

Met Monkey said...

Some want to breakdown dominant, controllable pitching, which would long-term weaken an already awful pen, to perhaps build a slow pipeline to supply a new line up and pen, so that they can then begin to build a dominant rotation. Yikes, convoluted! Our free agent crop was crap, that's what went wrong-and the usual injuries. And please let's not trade Wilmer "I wanna be here" Flores, who'd join the army of mets 2b to become stellar elsewhere. Finally, who has faith in our talent evaluation and deal-making? Silence.

Bob Gregory said...

Look toward the Yankees, Braves, and Whitesox organizations for prospects

Reese Kaplan said...

Actually, imagine what the Astros would look like if they could add JdG or Thor to their rotation. With the stacked lineup they have, methinks there are a number of people highly blocked in their minors.

Viper said...

The only reason why we're even talking about this is because the Mets are a small market club. Any other competent, professionally run ML team would lock up both deGrom and Syndergaard and keep Matz and Wheeler as well.

Lets be realistic, if Cespedes and Bruce were hitting and healthy, it would probably be a different scenario right now.

Just blow up the pen and start over. Send Jeuris Benitez away please.

Adam Smith said...

I agree that breaking up the four starters would be a mistake. That said, with the years and dollars they have invested in underperforming assets (there are no other kind when it comes to the Mets and FA the past few seasons) plus the state of the farm, the only way out at this point is to eat huge dollars to clear space (I din’t Even have to list the names, do I?) and then invest even more (assuming, which I don’t, that they could get it right this time) in new FA acquisitions. The fact that they’re not going to do this tells me one thing. We’ll be here bitching and moaning about this team for the foreseeable future. My six year old son will one day hate me for making him a Mets fan. Someone please, for my son’s sake, tell me that Jeff Wilpon doesn’t have an heir.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, the Wilpon clones are being grown in a lab as we speak...be very afraid.

Thomas Brennan said...

Don't you wish around now that we could get Jennry (or is it Jenrry?) Mejia back? Now that would really be something...wait, he's able to come back in 2019? Baseball is some game.

Reese Kaplan said...

He's got more baseball lives than Steve Howe.

Anonymous said...

Wheeler is a free agent after next year.

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