Mack – Some ‘Minor’ Observations: The Starters


Good morning.

Las Vegas –

Corey Oswalt –

Wednesday -         Was pulled from this start and promoted to the Mets.

****Helium Alert****

Drew Gagnon -                 7-IP, 4-H, 0-R, 10-K, 1-BB, WIN (1-3), 4.78

I had to acknowledge this rare dominant outing in the Vegas rotation. A 4.78 ERA is nothing to sneeze at in this league and this outing may have raised Drew to the next guy being called up for a spot start.  

Binghamton -         

            Nabil Crismatt

                        Wednesday – 9-IP,CG, 4-H, 1-ER, 7-K, 1-BB, LOSS (0-6), 2.81

The see-saw swung up this time for the winless Crismatt with this superb complete game. Let’s hope he can string a couple of these in July.

            Justin Dunn

                        Thursday -   7-IP, 5-H, 1-ER, 10-K, 1-BB, 2.77

Now this is what we are looking for. Ten strikeouts… only one earned run (off a homer), and hopefully shakes off that horrible outing on June 22nd (6-ER in 6-IP). Justin is back!
St. Lucie:

            David Peterson   
                        Friday -                      5.2-IP, 3-H, 2-R, 0-K, 5-BB, WIN (2-1), 3.71

Not your best outing. Not your worst. Five walks over five innings, no strikeouts, and a home run. Good, but no tamale.


Anthony Kay                     6.2-IP, 5-H, 2-ER, 11-K, 0-BB, WIN (4-4), 4.54

Better. Especially the K/IP and K/BB ratio. Still, this is a roller coaster year for Kay and he still needs to string 4-5 more good outings before he has any chance of getting out of this level.

Hold the presses… Kay was promoted to St. lucie on Friday after this game.

Brooklyn –

            Jaison Vilera                    6-IP, 2-H, 0-R, 7-K, 0-BB, WIN (1-0), 0.90

                        Sunday -                  
A review… had an outstanding year in the DSL in 2016 (10-starts, 1.59), followed by another last year for the GCL-Mets (8-starts, 1.88). So far this season, one earned run in 10 innings thrown. Definitely a ‘blue’ prospect.

  Christian James -      
            Tuesday -                  4.1-IP, 8-H, 2-ER, 3-K, 0-BB, 1.13

Another good outing. We need to keep an eye on this kid.


            Willy Tavares -        
                        Sunday -                   6-IP, 5-H, 1-ER, 6-K, 2-BB, WIN, 0.90

Willy continues to impress me. The 20-year old  could easily become a ‘red’ prospect before the season ends.  
Jurgen Jimenez -   
                                                Friday -                      5-IP, 5-H, 2-ER, 4-K, 2-BB, WIN (1-0), 5.00

Jimenez’ first stateside win. Not great but better than his last two outings this year. He’s 22 and needs to get going.

            Cesar Loaiza –        
Wednesday -           6-IP, 4-H, 2-ER, 4-K, 1-BB, 1.31

The helium dream continues for Loaiza in his fifth outing this year.
Current rankings…

Outstanding outings…     Vilera, Crismatt, Tavares, Loaiza, Dunn, Kay

            Work Needed…      
Overview…                 actually, an outstanding week for the starters…  established chips starting to settle down… emerging chips entering the picture


Thomas Brennan said...

I think Gagnon had his gem IN VEGAS and against the league's most potent offense - highly impressive.

I think Crismatt and Jake deGrom call to console each other when they repeatedly fail to win.

Kay was more than O-Kay.

I think you may want to consider Tony Dibrell for your tracking list. He is getting better and better, in my opinion. Check out his last 10 starts.

Windy Dacosta said...

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Anonymous said...

Some Good News

There is life at Vegas, Holy Cow! Versus the Salt Lake Bees last night, starting right handed pitcher Chris Flexen pitched an impressive six innings, surrendering just four hits, two walks, with six strikeouts. Pretty good sign.

Second baseman Jeff McNeil was one for four at the plate, scored a run, and is batting only .391 BA now, on the season.

LF Zachary Borenstein was three for four, with a homerun, two RBI's in the win and is now batting a healthy .256 BA. Zach now has eighteen homeruns on the season and the NY mets could use homeruns. If he can continue to lower his striking out percentage, he could be a nice piece for these NY Mets.

There appears to be a lot of buzz around a possible Mets trade. The NY Yankees name keeps being mentioned. If you study their MiLB AAA and AA player stats a little bit, they have a lot of good pitchers available, but few true homerun hitters there. As I stated yesterday here, 22 of their "Top 30 Prospects" are in fact pitchers. Talk about playing the numbers game. Some are standout ones.

Judging from from stats and scouting reports alone, here are my three favorite pitchers there, each one having at least three decent pitch offerings: Righty starter Chance Adams (age 23), MiLB career 34-10, 2.81 ERA, 400 strikeouts in 383 innings of work, and 1.05 WHIP. Chance only really needs to lower his walks ratio some. Lefty starter Justus Sheffield (age 22), MiLB career 32-23, 472 strikeouts in 451 innings of work, 1.30 WHIP. And also lefty starter Josh Rodgers (age 23), MiLB career 28-16, 284 strikeouts in 333 innings of work, 1.14 WHIP. It could be difficult for them to break into the NY Yankees rotation this year, or any time soon because the Yankees have a very formidable rotation already. But one possibly could with Sonny Gray struggling as he is in New York.

Field players: Left fielder Clint Frazier is a power bat, but the Mets sort of have outfield covered now, and Brandon Drury (now up on the Yankees) can play first and third, but if you study his homerun power stats, the numbers are not there yet for him.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to my above post...

You can go to youtube and watch some videos on each of the above (and other Yankees or Red Sox MiLB starters) and see what you think.

It's a nice way to get some idea of what each pitcher can bring.

Anonymous said...


On Harol Gonzales mention...

It might be me, but Latino pitchers (and especially the starters) make me a bit jumpy. The reason being is because how many Latino pitchers ever really stick around the majors at a high end of success and consistency? You can say this also about the Asian starters too, to some extent. Seems like you hear about one of these two with really good promise, and then two years later they are gone from MLB nowhere to be found. I guess the exceptions are Bartolo Colon and Pedro Martinez. I am sure there are others too, but I cannot think of them right now. Oh, I just did...CC Sabathia.

Remember Bruce Chen and Hokishowa Noodlerooni?

Anonymous said...

Trade Predictions...

I think Bobby Bonilla and Jay Bruce both stay on here.

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