Writing this after Saturday's game, when former Cy Young winner Jake "the Snake" Arrieta was on the mound, Jeff McNeil went 4 for 5, raising his batting average to .356.

Higher than any Mets season average ever.

101 hits already.

Hitting .426 over his last 15 games.

.344/.400/.497 in his first 138 career games.

Is it time to start putting the name Jeff McNeil and the words "TRULY GREAT" in the same sentence.

Well, I will.

Hats off to a truly great major leaguer, Jeff McNeil, and wishes from this writer that, as he approaches his first All Star game, the best is yet to come.

I asked in an article around the time of spring training, when Bryce Harper was getting Mega Millions, who would you rather have, Jeff McNeil and his salary, or Bryce Harper.

I said Jeff then...I say Jeff now.

What about you?  What do you say? 


This being the Met's 58th season, Home Run Derby Pete Alonso has already hit as many, or more, HRs in just the first 90 games than Mets season home run leaders hit in 36 of the first 57 seasons.

My guess is he will have more than the leaders in any of those 57 seasons before September arrives.

He is a million bucks richer after winning the Home Run Derby. Great for Pete. Great for Mets fans.

I just wish we had Vlad Jr, too.  Don't you? His big signing bonus was a great investment by the Blue Jays.


Reese Kaplan said...

Alonso and McNeil are reminding me of when Doc Gooden first came up. You had to pinch yourself to know you're not dreaming and it's actually happening.

Tom Brennan said...

True, Reese - and we can only hope Jeff and Pete stay at the top of their game far longer than Doc, who was superb at age 19 and 20, never quite as good thereafter.

Tom Brennan said...

Amazing that Alonso donated part of his winnings to two very worthy causes. Outstanding. So glad he is a Met...and doesn't own a ranch in Florida.

Gary Seagren said...

Tom we better not mention that to him as he now has enough $$$ to buy one. What is also so great for our dynamic trio is that they seem grounded enough to avoid the demons that took down Straw and Doc (fingers and toes crossed here). So guys whats the feeling about the trade talk today that includes Jake? Look I get it's a very long shot option but considering where we are and the uphill road we need to travel to even really compete in our own division we shouldn't rule out any possible trade scenario....your thoughts?