Tom Brennan - HIGHS AND LOWS


Being a Mets fan means experiencing lots of highs and lows.

Oh, c'mon, admit it - a lot more nauseating lows than highs.

We have Alonso and McNeil as true highs, thankfully.

Some players have stark highs and lows.

Consider Edwin Diaz - who was VERY good for Seattle in all of 2018.

For the Mets, the majority of his outings have been VERY good - otherwise, how would Diaz be 19 for 23 in saves?  But when he is bad, he is VERY bad, as his ERA (which was 1.96 last year and is 5.50 this year, to go with a 1-6 record).

In the minors, there are a few guys who have had major highs and lows - let's look at them for a second:


Killed it in AA.

Getting killed in AAA. At least briefly.  I believe it will be a brief hiccup.


Three horrific outings - 25 runs allowed in 13 innings.


Eight excellent outings, with just 38 hits allowed in 50 innings, and 7 earned runs (1.26 ERA).


In 2017 and 2018, the former 51st overall draft pick was 4-17, ERA over 5.00.  LOW.

In his last 10 relief outings in AA, Taylor has thrown 18.2 innings, 12 hits, 2 walks, 28 Ks.  HIGH.


2018: 1-16, 4.80.  4.80 isn't good, but it doesn't warrant a 1-16 record.  LOW.

2019: 4-3, 3.64, 76 Ks in 84 AA IP.  Still not particularly lucky - his record should be better -  but compared to 2018, HIGH.


This top prospect started 2019 great: 5 outings, 14.2 IP, 1.23 ERA

Then turbulence: 23 earned runs in his next 20.2 IP, ERA climbing to 6.88.

Then calm returned: in 5 of his next 6 outings, just 6 earned runs, and an ERA down to 4.86.

More calm lies ahead.


2018 was as low as low can be: he couldn't finish his first at bat due to injury and missed the whole season.

2019 HIGH: 

His first 6 games, he goes .381/.500/.810...RUTHIAN.

2019 LOW: His next 10 games - 2 for 35.   Chris Davis-ian.

Enough highs and lows - I'm getting seasick.

But if any MLB organization should have a Dramamine Night, it's the Mets.

9-4 in the first 13 games (.692), 31-46 since (.413).  77 games worthy of barf bags.

But before I go:

One guy who seems to be climbing slowly despite pretty great results is MATT BLACKHAM:

Career 17-9, 2.40 ERA, 16 of 22 saves, 266 Ks in 191 IP (12.5/9).

So, what's the problem for the 26 year old?  Why is he still in AA?  My guess is his 18 walks in 34.2 IP this year, and 91 in 191 in his career.  Maybe I am wrong, but if I am, why is the 26 year old still in AA?


Reese Kaplan said...

Perhaps Harol needs to look to Anthony Young for inspiration who in 1993 went 1-16 with just a 3.77 ERA.

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, even this year, a little over half way thru, Harol G has 6 starts allowing 2 earned runs or less that he either lost or got a ND. He has NOT been lucky.

But luck for a pitcher is often spelled OFFENSE.

Gary Seagren said...

I guess even Brodie can't hide anymore from this mess and just when we thought it couldn't get any worse Jay friggin Bruce has turned into Daniel Murphy to put an even bigger explanation point on this disaster. Look it's been a long hard road to be a fan of this team but to be honest I thought BVW was a good choice as well as the FO changes but in hind site we all know we got MC and BVW because the price was right. Where to go from here I have no idea because when you factor in the otherworldly seasons we've had from Pete and Jeff and we still suck it's a real problem.

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, not to worry. Cano will put the team on his back after the All Star break as he only he can. Keep a chiropractor handy.

Anonymous said...

On righting the ship after the all-star break, I think the wiser strategy may be instead getting the best trade value back if the Mets do decide to ship one of their top three starters out to another team.

If a trade to Houston, why not try to get back Triston McKenzie. His skill set and scouting reports are unbelievable.

NYY? The Yankees actually have a pretty good rotation already and 2 more starters ready in AAA it looks like. Do you really want to hand them the WS rings with a trade?

Boston? Kind of thin there and they have huge starting pitcher contracts already too. Best they could offer back might be something like SP's Tanner Houck and Bryan Matta. And that is not bad a deal. I think Darwinzon Hernandez will probably end up a closer or set-up.

Cleveland is a little bit thin too with their young talent.

Now San Diego wants Wheeler as well. They have SP Tristan McKenzie, RP Nick Sandlin and SP Zach Plesac. Not bad.

More than anything else, the Mets could stand trading some of their older veteran players by the AS Break. Then adding to their younger core they have already here.

Anonymous said...

Which way the Mets should go is on every Mets' fans mind right now. The Mets can try to remold what they have at current, maybe finish with a respectable won/loss record this season. Or they can go in the direction of truly building a really good younger team that can compete at a higher level for a longer duration of time.

You have to look at what is here and what is close. I like lefty starter Anthony Kay a lot. If the Mets could add another really good starter, that could work well with the two top starters remaining should they decide to move one of the three here now. There would be four in 2020 in other words.

LH starter David Peterson is showing good improvement and RH starter Harol Gonzales I find interesting as well. They will need to finish their own development first.

The Padres need one more top-end starter. They have Lucchesi and Paddack already. If the Mets and Padres were to possibly extend a trade out to say eight players, the Mets might be able to bring back LH starter Mackenzie Gore (rave reviews), OF Hunter Renfroe (solid), reliever Luis Patino (A ball), and interesting (yet now forgotten somewhat due to Machado being there)3B Ty France.

The Mets probably could use a larger than a one or two player rework. In this way, they remain on a path to a younger and better overall team with legs for the future as well.

Tom Brennan said...

Can the Mets move Cespedes and Lowrie at the break? They're not getting much playing time.

Tom Brennan said...

The Mets should blow up the team so we can watch them on TNT. Kidding aside, I want big, smart moves.

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