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Thursday, July 18th


      Transferred SP Mickey Jannis to AAA-Syracuse
      Place SP David Peterson on the IL, effective 7-17
      AAA-Syracuse OF, Braxton Lee, was transferred to AA
      SP Tony Dibrell was added from the A+ St, Lucie squad.


      Transferred OF Wagner Lagrange to A+ St. lucie
Transferred OF Guillermo Granadillo from Low-A Brooklyn to A-Columbia
P Christian James placed on IL, effective 7-16

            Kudos –

            AAA-Syracuse – RP Daniel Zamora: 1.2-IP, 0-R, 3-K

            AA-Binghamton – OF Jason Krizan: 4-4, 3-R, 8th-HR

            A+ St. Lucie – SP Marcel Renteria: 3.2-IP, 0-ER, 3-K

            A-Columbia – RF Jose Medina: 4-AB, 2-H, HR, RBI

            Low-A Brooklyn – RO Brian Metoyer: 2.2-IP, 0-R, 6-K

Rookie-Kingsport – 2B Gregory Guerrero: 2-4, RBI, .253
      Baby steps…
DSL-1 – RF Freddy Valdez: 2-5, R, 3rd HR, 3-RBI
Valdez continues raise his BA (over .290 in the last 10 games).

            DSL-2 – RP Mauricio Lezama: 2.1-IP, 0-R, K, 2.70
Lezama has had only two appearances so far this year… this one and a 1-IP, 1-R stint for the DSL-1 team.

Friday, July 19th

      The New York Mets have recalled RP Stephen Nogosek and Tylor Rhame. SP Chris Mazza and IF Luis Guillorme have been sent back to AAA-Syracuse.

This follows a marathon game in which we ran out pitchers and this move gives us two fresh arms to use the following night… how did that go for us?

P Tylor Megill was transferred from A-Columbia to A+ St. Lucie

IF Chandler Avant was transferred from A-Columbia to Low-A Brooklyn

RHSP Jaison Vilera transferred to A-Columbia from Low-A Brooklyn

OF Tylor Lane was activated off of the A-Columbia IL
        P Kevin Smith transferred from A+ St. Lucie to AA-Binghamton
        C Jake Ortega assigned from Rookie-GCL to Low A St. Lucie

Baseball America released their updated Top 30 Mets prospect list.

It is:

1.  SS Ronny Mauricio
2.  SS Andres Gimenez
3.  3B Brett Baty
4.  LHP Anthony Kay
5.  C Francisco Alvarez
6.  RHP Simeon Woods Richardson
7.  RHP Matt Allan
8.  3B Mark Vientos
9.  LHP David Peterson
10.     LHP Kevin Smith
11.     LHP Thomas Szapucki
12.     2B Shervyen Newton
13.     RHP Franklyn Kilome
14.     RHP Josh Wolf
15.     RHP Walker Lockett
16.     RHP Junior Santos
17.     RHP Dedniel Nunez
18.     RHP Jordan Humphreys
19.     RHP Tony Dibrell
20.     RHP Ryley Gilliam
21.     C Ali Sanchez
22.     2B Carlos Cortes
23.     SS William Lugo
24.     OF Freddy Valdez
25.     C Hayden Senger
26.     2B Sam Haggerty
27.     RHP Daison Acosta
28.     RHP Michel Otanez
29.     3B Will Toffey
30.     2B Luis Carpio…            thoughts?

Kudos –

      AAA-Syracuse – SP Ervin Santana: 6-IP, ER, 9-K
It seems to me that, if the Mets choose selling, this would be a strong candidate to replace either Jason Vargas or Zack Wheeler for the remainder of the year.

      AA-Binghamton – RP Eric Hanhold: 1-IP, 0-R

      A+ St. Lucie – C Jake Ortega: 2-4, R, .500

      A-Columbia – SS Ronny Mauricio: 2-3, @-R, RBI, .276

Low-A Brooklyn – RP Jared Biddy: 2.1-IP, 0-R, 4-K, WIN, 0.00

Rookie-Kingsport – RP Nick MacDonald: 1-2-IP, 0-R, 2-K

      DSL-1 – RP Carlos Castelanos: 1.2-IP, 0-ER, 2-K, 1.98

      DSL-2 – RP Melvin Arteaga: 2-IP, 0-R, K


Gary Seagren said...

Sooooo many questions: is Dom Smith our Left field answer long term? Do we trade ZW or give him a QO? Can we get anything for Ramos? Is it time to trade Conforto? Can BVW reverse the Cano/Diaz trade and move them to an American league team like Matt Cerrone suggested and of course take on another bad contract? Do we go all in for this real long shot WC? Does Jed Lowrie really exist or is he a figment of our imaginations? Do we all still believe in Santa Claus? O.K. guys what do u think?

Met Monkey said...

Keep DM. Package up Conforto now for high value. Also, if anyone sees Giminez as their shortstop of the future, take a solid relief pitcher off them.

Mack Ade said...


So many answers.


1. In a perfect world Conforto would be my LF.

2. I would offer Wheels a QO because of his noe deminished trade value

3. I think Ramos has unplayed out any trade value but, still, there is a shrtage of power hitting cathers in this game.

4. N No

5. We own the Cano/Diaz deal for the life of their contracts

6. Hell no.

7. Who?

8. Santa died the day we tore down Shea

Mack Ade said...


I see Alonso sticking at SS until Mauricio arrives around 2023

Tom Brennan said...

Calling up Santana to pitch saves the cost of having a Santana concert. Trump asked about this at a recent rally, and the crowd chanted, "call him up, call him up".

Guerrero - an 8 game hit streak with 13 hits and 4 walks? Seems he is hitting like a Guerrero, finally.

Megill lost but pitched well in High A debut last nite.

Will be interesting to see Tony Dibrell face AA hitters. Big step.

David Peterson on DL? His high hits allowed total should not increase during that period.

Top 30:

Hopefully, Baty adjusts and starts hitting like a # 3 prospect.

Dedniel Nunez was one of my spotlight pitchers - and now he is the Mets # 17 prospect. Interesting.

Hayden Singer at # 25? I'm not surprised, even if others might be.

Sam Haggerty at # 26? If he hadn't missed a month, he'd have been higher.

SS William Lugo one ahead of Freddy Valdez at # 23? Lugo is a 17 year old hitting .183 in the GCL - I guess he will get going soon.

Arms Daison Acosta and Michel Otanez at # 27 and # 28? They have pitched well - good for them - must be thrilled.

Kevin Smith at # 10 in front of Szapucki at # 11? Interesting.

Two guys missing from the list are 3rd rounders Quinn Brodey and Blake Tiberi - draft power bats/arms instead in those early rounds.

Overall: to me, a strong top 30, especially if Gimenez starts to remember how to be a # 2 prospect.

Lastly, I will have to update my own prospect list soon.

Gary Seagren said...

Tom I know I'm beating a dead horse but how much better would our top 30 be with Kelenic and Dunn. I know get a life but at 72 this is it (: Lets go Mets!

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, if we still had Dunn and the K man, we might have the best prospects around.

Gary Seagren said...

Also if Mauricio is as good as we think he is he should be up before 2023. More questions as I'm on a roll: Do we try Rosario in CF? I'm getting sucked in by the fact that we do have a solid core of young players and it just might be possible (right I know I'm a Met fan) IF Thor and Wheels pitch like they did the end of last year....maybe just maybe we have meaningful games in Sept. and a great learning experience for the youngsters. O.K. commit me I'm all in well today anyway (:

Reese Kaplan said...

Too bad Zack Wheeler is not worth $18 million and that's what they'd end up paying him a'la Neil Walker when he declines his few offers at diminished value from teams concerned about his health and his less-than-stellar performance

Gary Seagren said...

Fella's lets not forget we have Walker Lockett now to help us "lock" this thing up. O.K. I know but its a slow day for me.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -


I don't mind putting the for sale shingle out for this guy, taking what we can get (IFA $$$), and moving on.

Just keep Jake and Thor and build around them.

Robb said...

Mostly looking at that prospect list just how much of a dumpster fire High A and double A been this season. I have prospect fatigue on Gimmenez. Most prospects dont have linear growth. So for someone like Baty, who went from his family home to being a professional its not just baseball at the moment, dude has probably never gone grocery shopping by himself. Same idea for the Foreign prospects starting in the US. Not to mention the competition level. so i dont really worry about a guy struggling at first.

Tom Brennan said...

My mother had me doing most of the family grocery shopping when I was 7. Baty can handle it at 19. Just needs to handle pro pitching.

Mack Ade said...

I had to grocery shop every day on the way home from scool...at 7.

Lost my Mom to cancer when I was 6

John From Albany said...
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John From Albany said...

Will Toffey off the IL today with a base hit.

John From Albany said...

With Lagares losing a step, Mets may want to look at Binghamton's Braxton Lee. Solid defense and arm. Threw out a runner at the plate in today's game.

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, it is amazing how we adapt when we are faced with adversity.

The Mets? Not so much.

Eddie Corona said...

Kevin Smith is a Nmae I havent hear of... who is he? and what do you guys think of him?

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

Smith (rankly they slipped his name into the list and I had no idea o his progress) is a former 7th round pick in 2018 out of the Univ. of Georgia.

He finished 2018 with the Cyclones pitching in and going 12-G, 4-1, 0.76, 0.76

So far this season, combined for St. Luiie and Binghamton, he has started in ALL 18 games and has gone 6-5, 3.05, 1.25

He has struck out 131 batters in 113 innings (10.15 SO9) in the 2 pro years with the Mets

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