Mack – Sam Haggerty, Daison Acosta, BoSox Top Prospects For Wheels


Saturday, July 6th

     AA-Binghamton C. Dustin Houle, placed on IL

     AA-Binghamton IF, Sam Haggerty, came off the IL and was active onto the roster.

           Tom keeps saying that the 25-year old is chip material.

     Frankly, I need to see a little more from Cleveland’s 24th round pick in 2015.

The second baseman has hit .288 in 139 at-bats this year for Binghamton.

Haggerty came to the Mets in the Kevin Plawecki deal. 

Plawecki is now hitting .209. Also, in that deal was pitcher Walker Lockett.

      Kudos –

DSL-1 CF, Franklin Linares: 4-5, R, RBI, 2.99

DSL-1 SS, Federico Polanco: 3-5, RBI, .345

DSL-1 DH, Freddy Valdez: 2-2, .294

DSL-1 SP, Alan Ramirez: 4-IP, 1-ER, 2.33

DSL-2 SP, David Marcano: 4-IP. 0-R, K, 1.13

GCL-Mets SP, Franklin Parra: 2-IO, 0-R, 5-K, 0.00
GCL-Mets RP, Jhofran Escalona: 4.2-IP, 0-ER, 5-K, 0.00

If there is going to be a red prospect that will develop out of this GCL pen, it will be Escalona.

Low-A Brooklyn RP, Mitch Ragan: 2.1-IP, 0-R 0.93

That’s now 5 games and 9.2 scoreless innings for Ragan

Low-A Brooklyn SP, Yeizo Campos: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 1.09

     Campos has only given up runs in one of the last 10 games he has pitched in

Low-A Brooklyn RP (?), Tony Dibrell: 4.2-IP, ER, 6-K, 2.56

     My guess is that the Campos/Dibrell, SP/RP, was reversed for rehab reasons

AA-Binghamton C, Ali Sanchez: 3-4, 2-R, .298

AA-Binghamton 1B, David Thompson: 4-4, 3-RBI

A-Columbia RP, Cole Gordon: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 0.00

Sunday, July 7th

      AA-Syracuse sends SP, Zach Lee, to AA-Binghamton

      AA-Binghamton sends OF, Chandler Avant, to A-Columbia

      RHP Daison Acosta was promoted from Low-A Brooklyn to A-Columbia

The 20-year old blue chip went 0.98/0.82 for Low-A Brooklyn this season in 4 games, three starts
He then went out Sunday and gave up 5-R, 3-ER, in 4-IP for Columbia, raising his A ERA to 6.75

      RHHP Billy Oxford was placed on the A-Columbia IL

      OF Taylor Lane was placed on the A-Columbia IL

            Kudos –

Rookie-GCL Mets 1B, Warren Saunders: 3-4, R, .444

Rookie GCL Mets, C, Endy Rodriguez: 2-4, .379, 1.066-OPS

Rodriguez played LF in this game, obviously trying to make room for Matt O’Neill behind the plate.

Rookie GCL-Mets SP. Andrew Mitchell: 1-IP, 0-R, 0.00

      A shortstop playing first base… a catcher playing left… your top reliever starting. Who the hell is making out the card down in Florida? Terry?

A+ St. Lucie 2B, Blake Tiberi: 3-5, R

AAA Syracuse RP, Stephen Nogosek: 1.2=IP, 0-R, 2-K, 0.00

PC - Ed Delany
     Spoiler Alert – AAA Syracuse RP, Ryley Gilliam: 1-IP, 3-H, 2-ER, 13.50

      This elevation to the AAA level just doesn’t see to be working for Ry. Frankly, his AA stats this year weren’t much to write home about: 12-G, 4.24.
      I would shut him down for a month with some IL excuse and then bring him back mid-August for a rehab session for St. Lucie.

AA-Binghamton RP, Stephen Villines: 2-IP, 0-R, 2-K, 0.40

AA-Binghamton RP, Joseph Zanghi: 1-IP, 0-R, 2-K, SV-3, 1.64

A-Columbia RP, Nelson Leon: 1-IP, 0-R, K, 1.59

Monday, July 8th

                      Ken Rosenthal - @Ken_Rosenthal – Red Sox pushing to add a starting pitcher, sources tell The Athletic. Would prefer to act sooner rather than later. Casting wide net.

                       So, what if we offered Wheels?

     Well, first we have to realize that the Red Sox affilaites have been hit on a lot in the past could of years. As of today, they only have one player ranked in the Top 100 prospect list.

     These are three players we might look at:     

             3B/1B Bobby Dalbec – big power, big arm, above average defense… problem is K/AB. Miss guy which usually comes with a power hitter. 24/yrs. old. 2019: AA… 279/AB, .229, 19-HR, 48-RBI, 93-K, 27.76/K%

             CF Gilberto Jimenez – big speed, hitting ability and defense. Latin player of the year in the chain in 2018. 19/yrs. old. 2019: A- ball… 66-AB, .364/.400/.439.

             LHP Darwinzon Hernandez – a steal out of the IFA signing in 2013. He has three excellent pitches, including a fastball that sits at 98. His next step is to harness his natural talent. 22/yrs. old. Pitched five innings for Boston so far this season… 11-Ks in 5-IP, but 5.06-ERA. Combined minor stats this season for AA/AAA: 1-5, 5.04, 1.61, 55-IP, 75-K.

     Kudos –
             DSL-2 SP, Ricardo Rodriquez: 5-IO, 0-R, 4-K

             DSL-1 2B, Federico Polanco: 3-4, 2-R, RBI, .359

             Rookie-Kingsport RP, Josh Hejka: 0.1-IP, 0-R, K, 0.00

             Low-A Brooklyn 3B, Yoel Romero: 3-4, R, .315


Reese Kaplan said...

The outfielder from Boston sounds interesting. .364 isn't a fluke at any level though it is just 66 ABs. Speed and defense are certainly needed.

Tom Brennan said...

Warren, Federico, and the first Yoel are really hitting well.

If Dalbec is hitting hit .230 with high Ks in AA, I do not see the reason to pursue him.

Ryley G...I read a scout said he needs to improve his command. Can he do that under AAA pressure.

Tom Brennan said...

Haggerty is not a definite prospect for me - I'd have him "blue" right now - that said, he has an excellent .412 OBP this season and gotta love the speed: 104 in 129 in career steals and 14 of 17 in 47 games this year. Just 4 errors this year, 2 at 2nd, 2 at 3rd. Seems like a real utility possibility for 2020 if he can stay healthy, having unfortunately missed 5 weeks with injury this year.

Tom Brennan said...

That guy Darwinzon is awfully wild - including this season - unless they are confident he'd improve, we'd weary of that quickly.

Tom Brennan said...

Tom Szapucki 63 pitches last night - big stride.

John From Albany said...

Went to Brooklyn games here in Troy on Sunday and Monday. Was most impressed with Romero and Reyes. Genord has massive power as he hit a ball close to 430 feet just foul. The ball went out super fast.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Yeah, I would be thrilled with Jimenez.

He would fit perfectly into the A-Columbia outfield, playing next to two more 'blue' prospects, Wagner Lagrange and Walter Rasquin.

Only Quinn Brodey in Binghamton are currently viable 'blue' outfield prospects in the full season teams.

There are no 'red'.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I would reboot with Ryley

Anonymous said...

The Campos/Dibrell was at St Lucie. Mets used Campos as opener due to the stormy weather in the area.

Tom Brennan said...

John, let's hope Wilmer Reyes gives us the best of Wilmer Flores and Jose Reyes....380 so far is so good.

I hope Genord can play 3B or the OF

Reese Kaplan said...

Let's hope he's better than Wilmer Font at what he does. :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance they'd look at Groome as part of the package back? Or does him still recovering from TJ surgery scare you off

Anonymous said...

A strictly theoretical trade idea with Boston might be something like sending J. deGrom, D. Smith for Boston's M. Chavis, Jay Groome, J. Bradley, and R. Porcello.

The collective reasoning here is simply that the Mets could use the contractual savings trading deGrom to build up an even better team, while Porcello is UFA and Bradley ARB at 2019 season end.

Boston gets a really good first baseman in Smith, a batter with unrealized potential, despite losing third baseman Chavis, who may not ever start on third base with Devers being so good.

Jay Groome is expected back in 2020. He is a lefty phenom starter and only like 20 years old.

Boston gets deGrom, probably the only pitcher who can get the Red Sox back to WS in 2019.

It's worthy and tempting, both sides.

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