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Thursday, July 4th

     AAA-Syracuse released SP Casey Coleman.

Boy, that’s patriotic. The 32-year old went 1-7, 5.85, 1.64 in 19 games (15 starts).

Speaking of Coleman… AAA-Syracuse also releases RP Lewis Coleman.

            Bad day for the Colemans

AA-Binghamton releases RP Dave Roseboom

      This one stings here at Mack’s Mets. 

     All of the writers here were strong supporters of Dave early on, but he simply was never the same after his foot injury in 2017.

      We talk so much about arm and elbows going down to pitchers, but, if you don’t have a healthy left foot to plant, you have no delivery from a righty.

      We hope Dave will take some time off, enjoy the time with his wife, and target a return to baseball next spring.

AAA-Syracuse RHP’s, Stephen Nogosek, Bruce Pounders, and Chris Mazza all rejoined the team.

      The release of the two Coleman guys make immediate room for Nogosek and Pounders, but something has to give in the Syracuse rotation.

      Currently active per their web site:

Chris Flexen, Drew Gagnon, Anthony Kay, Wallker Lockett, Mazza, Corey Oswalt, Evan Santana    

This from AAA-Syracuse SP, Anthony Kay’s brother –
      InsideTheLoudHouse - @LoudHouseFS
      @Mets Top prospect Anthony Kay has struggled in Syracuse. Our @Ryan_Lee31 breaks down the analytics & explains how Anthony can get out of this slump with the @SyracuseMets

      Bobby Kay - @BKayZone36m -

Get more outs. Problem solved.

Kudos –

      DSL-2 RF, Dyron Campos: 2-6, R, .325

      DSL-2 SP, Edison Diaz: 4-IP, 0-R, 1.84

The 19/yr. old is pitching in his 2nd DSL season. Last year, he went 3-2, 3.68, 8-G, 4-starts for the combined one and two team.

DSL-1 3B, Federico Polanco: 5-6, R, RBI, .330

DSL-1 RP, Joon Felix: 2.2-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 0.00

      There’s that Joon guy again

Low-A Brooklyn SS, Branden Fryman: 2-3, .545

Low-A Brooklyn RP, Corey Gaconi: 3-IP, 0-R, K, 1.50

A+ St. Lucie RP, Joe Cavallaro: 4.1-IP, 0-R, 2-K

      St. Lucie lit it up here on July 4th after a 4-1 victory. I mean, they literally lit it up when their holiday fireworks show went to all hell and burned down a decent portion of their complex.
Rookie-Kingsport CF, Jhoander Saez: 3-4, R, .286

      The 20-year old hit .320 in his first pro year (2017) with the DSL-2 team. Last year, he struggled with the GCL team (139-AB, .230), but is off to a better start this season.
      Not a blue prospect, but worth keeping one eye on.

AA-Binghamton RP, Joseph Zanghi: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 1.69

AA-Binghamton RP, Stephen Villines: 1-IP, 0-R, K, 0.44

A-Columbia catcher, Hayden Senger: 3-4, R, RBI

A-Columbia SP, Simeon Woods-Richardson: 5-IP 1-ER 3-K

AAA-Syracuse RP, Stephen Nogosek: 1-IP, 0-R, 0.00

      Another case of a spot-on minor league reliever who plopped at the major level, only to be returned to the minors where he dominates again. Tough game to figure out sometimes.


Reese Kaplan said...

I hope they squeeze Mazza into the rotation because you need someone to eat innings once Wheeler, Vargas and/or Syndergaard are moved.

Mack Ade said...

I don't know what the future would be for Mazza long term but I agree with you that he will be needed for the rest of this season.

bill metsiac said...

Why would all 3 be moved, without replacements teady?

TexasGusCC said...

Flexen and Gagnon are now relievers.

Tom Brennan said...

Mets, however, kept their Coleman cooler

Tony said...

I'm surprised Kay is struggling in Syracuse, but he will be fine

Tony said...

I'm not so sure they would trade Noah S, he is just having an off year thus far, he can improve during the 2nd half, they are still not that far off from the last wild card spot

Anonymous said...

Kay pitched in the MiLB All Star game last night, for an inning, and did well with one strikeout and two groundball outs being hit. He's knocking and when totally ready, I think the NY Mets will have something really good from the left side for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who or who not will be traded by this season's trade deadline from the Mets. Time always tells. But if me, I might add another HR bat to the outfield, someone who could also hit for average) and maybe move Jeff McNeil over to center. He could.

I might also take a look at Cleveland AAA (OF) Bobby Bradley as that "another outfielder." And possibly too from Cleveland right handed starter Zach Plesac.

While at this idea, I might too see about Cleveland MiLB (lefty) reliever Josh D. Smith. We need lefties.

Anonymous said...

Possible players from the Mets' MiLB that are starting to take notice. I personally am liking CF outfielder Raja Davis from Syracuse and from Binghamton R/RP Blackham and C Ali Sanchez (.298 BA) the most. I think Anthony Kay will have a really good second half and be up with the Mets before you know it.

I really don't think Harol Gonzales is a bad idea at all. I think harol has a future in Mets baseball.

Anonymous said...

Observations I collected this past weekend after watching the Mets games.

1. I watch The "Polar Bear" and "The Squirrel" and these two guys get it completely. They generate energy and from energy usually comes enthusiasm and good things.

2. The Mets bullpen has to be sorted out now, maybe upgraded, maybe tweaked. I think Edwin Diaz (only 25) will become more consistent as time goes on. Being traded while young can take some re-adjustment sometimes. Edwin's fastball hit 100 mph twice most recently. I think he'll be fine. But the Mets are hurting for really good lefty relievers the team can count on. I think Steven Matz will begin to like his new role and gel. Add in maybe one more lefty to the pen, and things could begin to sort themselves out there.

The Mets have good young live righty arms. Flexen has overall pitched well this season from the bullpen and seems to like his new role. At MiLB, they do have Blackham, Uceta, and I think Bashlor, after he straightens it out a bit more.

I think the pen will correct itself in the second half.

Anonymous said...

I think MLB could add more eyes to their games by tying in with each MLB teams MiLB AAA games being broadcast more. The average fan likes to see who is playing well down in AAA and watch player development. They like to follow players from the minors to their MLB favorite team. It could provide more fan involvement and thus more eyes to the MLB games as well.

bill metsiac said...

In case people haven't noticed, we activated Justin Wilson and Avilan last week. Both are veteran LHRPs we added over the Winter but were injured early in the season. We're not looking for more lefties in tje pen unless/until they show that they're not worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

Kudos out to the Mets new Super Polar Bear! I guess Vlad Jr. just got worn out. Too bad!

Anonymous said...

Latest radio talk has a scenario of the Mets trading one of their top three starters. For so long (literally years) I adamantly disagreed, while the Mets did not get any better from season to season. Of course there were many reasons that they did not then, but look at 2019 first half.

In summary, I would move one now because this team isn't going anywhere they way they are currently constructed most likely. They are "pieces" and not just one piece away from true contention. It's a fact even I must accept.

Anonymous said...

Although I really like all of the Mets top three starters here, I would probably move deGrom due to age and contract. I recoil thinking him going to local teams like the Red Sox and Yankees. So in an imaginary world, I would probably send him to Cleveland because they could use another true ace and already have the 2-5 starters there now to compliment.

Radio fans tend to only know the Yankees and Red Sox. But the Yankees have like four more outstanding kid arms down at Scranton and their AA. Guys like reliever Feyereisen, Garcia and starters like Abreu, Acevedo, and the well heralded Loaisiga. They might just stick with what they have in-house.

As for Boston, they are playing such lowered ball since the 2018 WS that it's hard to imagine all that coming together second half. deGrom would help considerably true, but he might not be enough. Their MiLB best players aren't that great really. Lefty Darwinzon Hernandez has slid back, Bobby Poyner is still an interesting reliever but getting older there, and righty starter Houck throws heat. But after that it thins out.

So I might look elsewhere for such an imaginary trade.

Anonymous said...

What about the Cleveland Indians. They aren't local, unless a really big tornado hits first. Could happen, I suppose. But to me, the best bang for the buck is Cleveland. And I would want a lot back, younger guys because the Mets true nucleus now is so young (and good too).

deGrom for maybe something like starters Asher Wojciechowski and Zach Plesac. We need actually two added here now. Then the lefty reliever Josh D. Smith, because you can never have enough lefty arms, unless of course you are Dr. Frankenstein.

Anonymous said...

After that, the Mets need a complimentary young homerun hitting outfielder. Michael Conforto is nice, and he will probably get you 30 homeruns over a season, but batting average wise, he is what he is now.

I like the Columbus Clipper kid Bobby Bradley for this role. He plays first base mostly now and forget that notion with the Mets until at least the 2030's. Dominic Smith was a first baseman too. McNeil would then move to centerfield between the two. The guy is simply an awesome athlete.

Anyone want to bet me?

This concludes my imaginary hour. And remember to let Jerry and Elaine out of jail for goodness sakes. It's been what 20 years already? What the hell did they even do?

Life can be so unfair. Maybe just keep Newman in there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time for catcher Ali "Baba" Sanchez's look-see with the big club? Have Nito Tomas already here and playing pretty well. So why not "Baba" then? These two.

Maybe starter Harol Gonzales to get a sniff of the bigs as well?

Are there any Americans still playing this game?


I don't even care, as long as the team wins games I am thrilled. Kay is knocking too!

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