Mack – OPEN DISCUSSION: Thor to San Diego


Lastly, the third team interested in the services of Thor Syndergaard is the pitcher prospect rich San Diego Padres –
One thing… the Padres is a team the Mets ought to target any trade talked at, simply because they are talent rich in their system. They could afford to lose two prospects for the serviced of Syndergaard.

Offer us two of these five guys and you got a deal:

RHP Luis Patino – Dominated last year in his first full season. 19-year old pitching A+ ball. Fastball sits in the low 90s but has hit 98 this year. Has a ++ slider and his velocity lasts though the end of his outing.

2019 stats – A+ - 14 G. 13-ST, 4-7, 3.38, 61.1-IP, 80-K

LHP MacKenzie Gore – yeah, I know. Gore is their top prospect, but this is a deal for a quality young starter in Syndergaard and one of our time-tested major leaguer. Syndergaard can help get them to where they want to go this year and you need to understand that teams can talk other teams into trading their top prospect for a quality guy. Think Justin Dunn.

20/years old

2019 stats – A+m- 7-1, 1.02, 0.71, 79.1-IP, 110-K

C Luis Campusano – 20/yrs. old. Known for his raw power (still developing) and arm strength. Sub 2.0 pop time. Needs some time to develop but scouts project him as a productive major leaguer whether he has a bat in his hands or a glove.

2019 Stats – A+  266-AB, .316, 9-HR, 48-RBI

OF Edward Olivares – 23/yrs. old. IFA in 2014. 17 HRs in 2017 Class A Toronto team. Gobbled him up in the Rule 5 Draft. Very athletic. Has a gun for an arm. Above average speed.

2019 Stats – AAA/AA  320-AB, .288, 12-HR, 55-RBI

3B Ty France – 24/yrs. old – Had an affiliate high 22 home runs in 2018. Blocked, but still maned to eek out 98 at-bats this year in the majors (1-HR, .235).

2019 Stats – AAA  178-AB, .376, 10-HR, 55-RBI



holmer said...

I agree with the premise of trading Syndergard but, with Thor's mediocre first half I'm not sure the Mets could get enough value at this time. If the Padres offered Gore and Olivares I would make the move. I just don't think the Mets could get that now. There is not a gun to their head and a trade in December might net them more value, especially if Thor rebounds in the second half, which is a gamble in itself.

Unknown said...

Add Luis Urias as a possibility as well . He can play SS or 2B. Good defense and surprising power for a little guy

Tom Brennan said...

holmer, sometimes guys blossom in new scenery - I think Thor is worth it anyway, to a team hoping to contend in 2019

Robb said...

If it starts with gore (looks a bit like chris Sale) and 1 other you ahve to consider it, but you have to get a top 10 mlb prospect if you trade thor. otherwise just trade wheeler.

holmer said...

Thor may be one of those who thrives elsewhere but his numbers the first half this year don't warrant a huge haul for the Mets, that is unless the Padres really want Thor and truly believe his 1st half is an aberration. They would still try and lowball BVW, as they should try to do, but if they see Thor as their guy and BVW doesn't cave, a mid-season trade of equal value is possible.

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