Mack - Transaction, Ervin Santana, Andres Regnault, P.J. Conlon,, Harol Gonzalez, Jared Biddy

Thursday, July 25th

- RHP Jared Biddy transferred from Columbia to short-season A Brooklyn

- RHP Alec Kisena transferred to Columbia from advanced-A St. Lucie

      Kudos –

AAA-Syracuse – SP Ervin Santana: 6-IP, ER, 2-K, 4.01
I predict he will the next SP call up once someone is dealt away this weekend to another team.

            AA-Binghamton – C Ali Sanchez: 3-4, R, RBI, .290

            A+ St. Lucie – RP Darwin Ramos: 1-IP, 0-R, K, 0.61

                  That’s a 0.61 ERA in 16 appearances.

            A-Columbia – RP Danny Hrbek: 2.1-IP, 0-R, 5-K

            Low-A Brooklyn – 3B Yoel Romero: 1-2, 2-R, .325

                  Removed from the game after 3 at bats. Hmm.

            Rookie – Kingsport – C Andres Regnault: 3-4. 2-R, .286

I have no idea why they don’t move this guy up a level. 

He’s impeding the development of Francisco Alvarez behind the plate.

            GCL – CF Blaine McIntosh: 3-5, 2-R,.333

Only 15 at bats so far this season but making an immediate name for himself.

Blaine was a 13th round pick this past June.
            DSL-1 – SS Cesar Berbesi: 2-4, RBI, .317

            DSL-2 – RP Enmanuel Almonte: 5.2-IP, 0-R, 6-K

Friday, July 26th

      The Mets released P P.J. Conlon.

Been a Met since Day 1 in 13th round of the 2015

Was rehabbing in Binghamton, Brooklyn, and the GCL Mets very successfully… 7-G, 6,2-IP, 0.00.

Makes no sense. There has to be more to this story.

AA-Binghamton OF, Quinn Brodey, placed on the temp IL

A+ St. Lucie OF, Jacob Zanon, sent to AA-Binghamton to fill the whole left open with the Brodey move.

     (the blue star Brodey has had a miserable season as a Pony. Only .227, only 3-HR, and an OPS of .652).

Kudos –

     AAA-Syracuse – CF Aaron Altherr: 3-4, 2-R, 4th HR, 4-RBI

     AA – Binghamton – SP Harol Gonzalez: 7-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 3.14

Harol is starting to come back and is once again dominating at this level. He has given up only 2-ERs in his past 3-ST, in 19-IP.

     A+ St. Lucie – SP Austin McGeorge: 5-IP, R, 8-K. 0.90
McGeorge seems to be successfully reinventing himself as a starter.

We will give him a blue chip and keep and eye out for him.

     A – Columbia – RP Jake Simon: 2.1-IP, 0-R, 5-K

     Low-A Brooklyn – SP Garrison Bryant: 7-IP, R. 3-K
           36th round pick in 2016.

     Rookie-Kingsport – SP Benito Garcia: 5.1-IP, 0-ER, 5-K

     GCL – LF Zach Ashford: 2-3, .354
           That’s .354 after 59 at bats… moving to blue

     DSL-1 – SP Christian Olivero: 5-IP, R, 2-K, 1.77
           Tagged as a blue prospect

DSL-2 – RP Onil Lozano: 2.1-IP, 0-R, K WIN (2-0)

Saturday, July 27th

            Ex-Met OF Matt den Dekker retired.

            Ex-Met prospect pitcher, Cameron Planck, retired.

          Kudos –

          AAA-Syracuse – RP Matt Blackham: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 0.00-ERA

          AA-Binghamton – Tommy Wilson: 7-IP, ER, 9-K

          A+ St. Lucie – LF Wagner Lagrange: 2-4, R, .387

          A – Columbia – RP Allan Winans: 2-IP, 0-ER, 0-K

          Low-A Brooklyn – RP Jared Biddy: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 0.00-ERA
That’s now a combined 0.00-ERA in 5 games between Columbia and Brooklyn.

He was undrafted out of Southeastern Louisiana University where he went 1-3, 2.92, 1.15, 12-SV last year.

          Rookie – Kingsport –

           GCL – RP Liam McCall: 2-2-IP, 0-R, 3-K

                 29th round pick in 2017

          DSL-1 – 1B Christopher Perez: 3-4

          DSL-2 – SP Jose Valdez: 2.2-IP, 0-ER, 4-K, 2.43


LongTimeFan1 said...

Mack -

PJ Conlon asked the Mets to release him.

Mack Ade said...

LongTime -


bill metsiac said...

When will the over-slot 3rd-rounder, Allan, start pitching? Baty and Alvarez have been playing for a month or so.

John From Albany said...

Was at the Syracuse game last night. Blackham looked real good. So far no problem adjusting to AAA.

bill metsiac said...

"Ask and ye shall receive". He made his debut today in the GCL. 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 K. 👍

Met monkey said...

Mets land Stroman for Kay and Richardson!!!! That is swinging-from-the-trees amazin'!

Met monkey said...

Idk if other foot will drop, but that is a Win!

Tony said...

The Mets were lucky the Jays didn't ask for a third prospect

Anonymous said...

I don'r really understand why the NY Mets don't just call up Rajai Davis to play CF, at least until Brandon Nimmo is ready to play again? Rajai is a veteran with good stats. I realize that he is older now, but he could at least platoon in center.

Either that or maybe try McNeil in center. Right there that could be a platoon combination, with McNeil moving over to right field when Rajai plays CF.

Anonymous said...

The WFAN radio hosts this morning were calling the NY Mets new rotation with Stroman the "Flushing Five." NY Yankee fan callers were all upset and whining how great their team is. But lately, everyone knows that the NY Yankees have looked mortal again and some are say quite vulnerable as well. The rest of MLB is seeing this NY Yankee swoon as a forecast of things to come.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Do I like the idea of trading Mets reliever Edwin Diaz? A: No. The reasons are obvious. Diaz makes just slightly over minimum rookie wages. He has had solid success prior in his career, has a 100 mph fastball, but has struggled some here for these Mets. Edwin is only age 25 and will rebound.

Noah Syndergaard pitched terrific last night.