We can hope all we want for players who are hotter than firecrackers, whose talents set off fireworks - but we need good minor league teams too, including pitchers.  

Not too many duds, please.  So...

How the heck are the team's pitching staffs doing (on the whole)?  

It took you this long to ask? 

(Stats through Monday):


Syracuse: 40-43, ERA of just 4.89, which shockingly is 6th best in the international league, out of 14 players. 606 IP, 646 Ks, 5 shutouts, and a whopping 100 homers allowed.


Binghamton: 40-39, ERA of 3.78 (2nd worst in the Eastern League).673 innings, 691 Ks, 9 shutouts, 63 HRs allowed.


St Lucie: 41-39, 3.55 ERA (good for only 8th of 12 teams); 689 IP, 628 Ks, 45 homers allowed, and 8 shutouts.


Columbia: 30-48, 4.23 ERA (2nd to last out of 14 teams).  Three shutouts, 668 IP with 673 Ks, 54 HRs allowed.

Collectively, those 4 full season teams are very middle-of-the-pack in pitching.  Not great....but not terrible.


Brooklyn: 9-7, 3.72 ERA (10th of 14), 153 Ks in 145 IP, 6 HRs allowed.

Kingsport: 6-7, 4.42 ERA (7th of 10), 114 IP, 123 Ks, 11 HRs.

GCL: 4-2, 4.75 ERA (12th of 18), 68 Ks in 53 IP, 4 HRs.

Seems highly middle-of-the-road pitching performance for the Mets minors - or is mediocre the better word?

Anyhow it is still only about 60% of the way for the four full season teams and about 15% for the 3 rookie league teams, so there is still time for the teams to collectively rise from that subjective middle of the road ranking statement of mine.

Have a Happy Fourth - and if anyone asks you about it the next day, take the fifth.  Just don't drink the fifth.


Reese Kaplan said...

If your head is seeing fireworks on the 5th it probably indicates you overindulged on the 4th.

Mack Ade said...

There isn't muck to brag about regarding SPs so far this affiliate season.

The good news is Thomas Szapucki (St. Lucie) and Jordan Humpreys (GCL rehab) have returned.

Ironically, we have 10 relievers producing ++ numbers in the levels St.Lucie-DSL

Tom Brennan said...

Looking forward to seeing what an unleashed Szapucki can do.

Anonymous said...

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