OPEN THREAD - Trading Thor to the Braves


You might have missed this yesterday...

The Mets sent the head 'Boy From Boston', Allard Baird, scouted the Atlanta Braves AAA team.

At the same time, Omar Minaya scouted th Braves AA team.

The players targeted are:

CF Drew Waters - 

    20/yrs old, 2nd Rd. pick, 2017, $1.5mil bonus

    2019 - AA:  390-AB, .333/.375/.503/878

RHSP Ian Anderson

    21/yrs.old - 1st rd. 2016, $4mil bonus

2019 - AA:  20-ST, 7-5, 2.66, 1.16, 105-IP, 138K

My question to you...

Would you accept the services of these two to us, plus, let's say, a third blue lower level chip... for Noah Syndergaard?


Anonymous said...

I’d hate to have him in the NLEast.. this would be a constant irritant

Mack Ade said...

Anon -

I understand, but he can only hurt you one game per series... not like a bat.

We would get his power SP1 potential ace, latest 2021... AND the CF of the future for the team

Mack's Mets said...

Not to own division. I would try sending him to Houston for their best prospects.

Tom Brennan said...

All depends on what their ceilings really are - both are performing extremely well in AA

Eddie Corona said...

Mack would you do it for those 2 guys?

I would trade anyone anywhere if we got the right players back... We keep worrying about cross town or within division as if we were a well run organization... We are probably the worse run organization in sports based on where we resided and being a big market...

So since we cannot get rid of the Owners then I no longer worry about things like if someone comes back to bite us... We should be more focus on who we stole from them...

Mack Ade said...


First... Screw the same division theory. There have been 100s of times teams have done this.


In a heartbeat.

Anderson is a beast and Waters could be the lead off hitter for the next 10 years. Great arm and defense as well and has the potential to be a top 10 SB league leader as well.

I would make this deal even if I couldn't get them to throw in a 3rd secndary chip.

I am trying to build a team that starts in 2022 and goes from there.

Noah contract wise doesn't fit that plan.

These two do.

Eddie Corona said...

Love that answer

Met monkey said...

Where are these guys ranked? I'd take their top AAA bullpen chip too.

Met monkey said...

Twins have a shortstop and outfielder on top ten lists, if we can pry them. Then we can trade Rosario or Conforto for young pitching.

Eddie Corona said...

the twins OFer Alex Kirilloff would be a must... he could be the RF of the future we would also need a Pitcher

The dodgers seem to be interested too and they have some young talent

Mack Ade said...


MLB top 100 prospect list

Anderson - #24

Waters - #42

Mack Ade said...

Alex Kirilloff is NOT a future RFer.

He plays OF like Duda.

He will move permanently to !B... oh year... he only has 4 HRs this year

Reese Kaplan said...

I thought I'd read they were scouting Christian Pache as well.

Met monkey said...

Ah yes, there's Anderson right below Jared somebody. Braves have some real pitching, quantity and quality, on the farm!

Bob Gregory said...

I like your thinking, as far as building the team with similarly aged, reliably high projectable players.

This type of thinking is what should have been used last year with degrom.

Imagine what the organization could have looked like if this strategy was used last year!

The Upper Mets organization could have looked like a beast for years to come.

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Mike Freire said...

MAN, that is tough!

I would HATE to see Thor on the Braves......especially since you know he would kick our asses every chance he got.

But, that type of return would be very tempting.

I would prefer to deal him to the AL, as most have said.....but you have to take the best package if you move him.

Met monkey said...

I wonder if a case is being made to the contenders that they may slake their pitching hunger with a double-bite of low-e.r.a. piggyback pitchers vargas and lugo. Together, they might yield one significant prospect and save us more painful machinations. Idk.

Hobie said...

OK, a legit CF

go for it.

Met monkey said...

"Remember back in the year one/
when you belonged to no one/
you didn't stand a chance, son/
if your pants were undone."
Can Ian pitch?

Robb said...

I would more easily trade him to the braves then the yankees. If he's on the braves he pitches against you, but if he's on the yankees you hear about him every time he pitches. The move is to trade him to the white sox in the off season, but I would do Anderson and Pache, but i dont think the braves would. The thing is with a controllable ace like pitcher you have to get a sure thing back. No pitching prospect is a sure thing, because pitchers break. I would trade diaz for Waters and Anderson, tho. Which would be a net push minus the cano acquisition for what they paid for Diaz

Tony said...

It would be better to trade Thor to the Yankees instead of the division rival Braves, it is frustrating that both NY teams do not do business with each other, It is a known fact that the Mets have been wary of making a trade with the Yanks throughout the years and they should not be, because both teams can help each other, the Mets have the starting pitching the Yanks desire & the Yanks have the position players & prospects the Mets desire, The Mets have said if they trade Thor they would want to be overwhelmed & want a major league player and 2 prospects in return, the Yanks need a top of the rotation starter to get by the Astros so, I say the Yanks should try to trade Andújar, Betances, Florial & Garcia provided the first three pass the physical for Thor & Diaz, in my opinion this would satisfy both the Wilpons & Cashman

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