Mack - 2019 Mets Transactions, Kudos, Comments, and Draft Update


Saturday, June 29th

      First, the bad news…

      Our two top pitchers took it in the apple on Saturday night:

           AAA-Syracuse SP, Anthony Kay: 5-IP,4-ER, 9.64
           AAA-Syracuse RP, Ryley Gilliam: 0.2-IP, 3-ER, 15.63

      Add to this David Peterson’s miserable numbers this season, and Stephen Villines’ disastrous Syracuse outings earlier this season, and I’m left shaking my head at all levels this year.     

      Pitcher Walker Lockett was optioned from the New York Mets and added to the AAA-Syracuse active roster.

      AAA-Syracuse placed RHP Zach Lee on the IL

      RHP Nelson Leon was transferred from Low-A Brooklyn to A-Columbia.

      A-Columbia placed RHP Jose Moreno on the IL

      The Mets sign undrafted free agent, pitcher Corey Gaconi, out of Southeastern Louisiana University. The 22-year old was a four year starter and went 7-1. 3.15 before signing with the Mets.

      He opened Saturday night as a reliever for Low-A Brooklyn (3-IP, 1-ER, 3.00).
           Kudos –

DSL-1 second baseman, Federico Polanco, continues his primo hitting: triple, 4-RBI, .318

DSL-1 starter, Luis Moreno: 3.2-IP, 0-ER, 0.73

DSL-2 RP, Daniel Juarez: 2-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 0.00

Rookie-Kingsport CF, Cole Kleszcz: 3-5, R, 2-RBI, .320

Low-A Brooklyn C, Jose Mena: 2-4, R, RBI, .385

AA-Binghamton SP, Mickey Jannis: 6-IP, 1-ER, 4-K, 2.68

AA-Binghamton RP, Stephen Villines: 1-IP, 0-R, SV-5, 0.00

Sunday, June 1st

     OF Rymer Liriano was activated off of the AAA-Syracuse IL

     RHP Jeuryrs Familia began a rehab assignment for AAA-Syracuse

     AAA-Aaron Altherr was placed on the AAA-Syracuse IL

     P Luc Rennie was transferred from AA to AAA-Syracuse

     RP Joe Zanghi was placed on the Temporary Inactive List

     P Austin McGeorge was activated from the IL

     RP Dave Roseboom was sent from AAA to AA-Binghamton

     SP Jordan Humphreys started a rebab in Florida with Rookie-GCL

Jordy, the ex-red prospect, was rolling along in 2017, where he had went 10-1, 1.42, 0.72, 80-K, 69.2-IP for A-Columbia.

The Mets promoted him to A+ St. Lucie when an elbow problem developed. He had TJS in August 2017 and did not play for the entire 2018 season. Even more concern developed this past April when Mets doctors decided to keep him in Extended Camp.

It’s hard to determine right now what is left of him right now. (He pitched one inning today and gave up one run).

     RP Jhonfran Escalona was transferred from Rookie-DSL1 to Rookie-GCL

           How’s this for a season so far for the 20-year old…

     He’s pitched 5 games (8.1-IP) for the DSL-1 Mets: 0.00

     And today he’s pitched 4-IP, 0-R, 0-H, 0.00, 0.25 for the GCL-Mets.

     Is the four innings today a sign of being stretched out?

     We will keep an eye of this blue prospect.

     Kudos –

Rookie-GCL 3B, Brett Baty: 2-2, 2-R, RBI, 3-BB, .400

A+ St. Lucie SP, Tony Dibrell: 6.1-IP, 2-ER, 2.60

A+ St. Lucie RP, Darwin Ramos: 0.2-IP, 0-R, K, 0.53

AAA-Syracuse SS, Luis Guillorme: 4-4, 3-R, 4th HR, 2-RBI, .313

AAA-Syracuse C, Rene Rivera: 2-5, 3-R, THREE HOME RUNS, 4-RBI

He’s up to 12 home runs now, batting over .300. Nido is doing well. What do we do here?

Two rehab pitching performances for AAA-Syracuse last night:

 Luis Avilan: 1.1-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 0.00

Jeurys Familia: 1-IP, 0-R, 2-K, 0.00

Low-A SS, Wilmer Reyes: 3-2, 2-R, 2 HOME RUNS, 3-RBI, .313

      Reyes is off to a good start this season, but the problem is he was born in 1997 and is a shortstop.

      Maybe a throw-in in a multi-player draft.

Another Mets pitching rehab assignment, this one for Low-A Brooklyn:

      Justin Wilson: 1-IP, 0-R, 2-K, 0.00

                       Probably too late, but three excellent relief rehab outings by players who, on paper, were supposed to lead our team to the Promised Land this season.


Tom Brennan said...

Wonder if Wilson Ramos heads out and Rene Rivera replaces him? If the Mets don't win at least 3 of 5 against Yanks and Phils, and perhaps 4 of 5, the break up should start and may include go ol' Mr. Wilson. They could package him with Justin Wilson...

I do not know how Kay could struggle so much after dominating so much just one level lower.

Gilliam is getting a baptism of fire in AAA - can he survive the heat?

Promote Mickey Jannis - the idea of a pitcher who is really good 65% of the time and terrible the other 35% is not bad - beter than being mediocre 100% of the time.

Keep slugging, Baty - we need a lefty rocket launcher to match righty Blasting Pete.

Promote Tony Dibs too - he has been great except for a start or two.

Federico Polanco and Cole Kleszcz - two guys with great names who hopefully will continue to stay HOT!

John From Albany said...

Tom and Mack, I agree that the Mets should give Jannis a chance in MLB if they trade some starters over the next couple of weeks. They will have to live with him the nights he does not have it and let him pitch multiple innings even when he gives up big innings. Saw him pitch twice last year in person and sat two rows behind home plate each time. His ball moves a lot and gave Nido and Mazeika fits trying to catch him. Also, he can loose it obe inning hen get it back. In one gane he gave up 7 runs, then re-grouped and completed 6 innings. The other he gave up 2 runs in about 7 innings.

Saw that Haggerty played again for Brooklyn yesterday and that Jake Magnum is on the roster. I will be at the games Sunday and Monday here in Troy next weekend. Looking forward to seeing the Cyclones in person.

Tom Brennan said...

John, Haggerty looking very good in his return. Get healthy, stay hot, and you never know.

Jannis does have a fine knuckler - hey, RA Dickey pulled it off...

It's Mangum Time - another Jeff McNeil type? Jeff leads majors in hitting now - it all traces back to my interview with him in early May in AA last season LOL...anyone that wants to make and excel in the majors needs to be interviewed by me - I am a rainmaker LOL

Mack Ade said...

Magnum could be the leaguer in both BA and SB

Gary Seagren said...

Tom your the man so please get down there and interview Guillorme because that might be the only way to get him up here. What are they waiting for with him or am I missing something? Also why not with Jannis as he could be an innings eater if nothing else.

Reese Kaplan said...

Gulllorme is his own worst enemy (well, after Mickey Callaway). He seldom used him when given opportunities but when he did at the big league level he really didn't show much. Many people excel in AAA but can't translate it to success at the next level. Look at his fellow infielders Dilson Herrera and Ruben Tejada for two classic examples.

jack said...

Welp..his worst enemy? The Mets. #freeguillorme

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