OPEN THREAD - Jason Vargas Trade

The Mets traded SP Jason Vargas to division rival Philadelphia.

In return, they receive:

C Austin Bossart - 26/yrs old

    2019:  AA - 200/AB, .195

Take it away dump experts...



Anonymous said...

I don’t understand this deal. Couldn’t they have done better than a double A catcher who barely hits 220.? Typical Met FO screw up

Anonymous said...

Salary dump, Vargas not a hot commodity on market, hard to move (had to include money) and the catcher was a former HS teammate of Jeff Wilpon's son. Jeff did somebody a favor, I think. Also may have traded Vargas out of spit or greed. I'm sure Fred didn't like that he threatened a reporter.

I get the feeling they hate Noah, too. He might best be traded in winter when more teams can be in the mix. Not advocating, just saying.

So far, they appear to be positioning themselves for next season (Stroman), rather than "going for it" this season.

On the positive side, I've long argued that teams should be Buyers AND Sellers at the deadline, and that it's just dumb, lazy reporting to slot teams in an either/or category. They saw an opportunity with Stroman for next season and took it.

I'd flip Frazier if possible. I'd look at Rosario in CF, and I'd move Wheeler for the best offer. If the offer sucks, then keep him, make qualifying offer in winter, and get draft pick out of the deal.


Mack Ade said...

Nor do I Anon.

Wih all the teams looking for an SP to help them get to the playoffs, the Mets couldn't rangle away one decent chip?

First, they send signs they want to win now... then they once again dump salary.


Seattle Steve said...

We do need a no hit ...good D catcher...but to the Phils... if we trade anyone trade Frazier...

Dallas said...

I was railing on Vargas just as much as anyone at the beginning of the year. However outside of DeGrom he has been the Mets best and most consistent starter. He has outplayed Wheeler/Matz and Syndergaard and has a 4.0 ERA. Honestly I would rather the Mets kept him than deal him away for basically salary relief as he kept the Mets in games and I assume someone needs to replace Wheeler when he gets dealt. Go look at Vargas game log. He has only 3 starts(2 in early April) where he gave up more than 3 runs and didn't keep the Mets at least in the game. Unless they know something special they basically gave him away for nothing but the usual salary dump.

Mack Ade said...

Erven Santana just scratched as today's Syr starter.


Reese Kaplan said...

Well, we all know the money saved will be invested into payroll, right😂

Tony said...

They saved 2 million by trading Vargas

Anonymous said...

The Rosario "centerfield thing" is getting annoying. Amed is hitting like mad again and fielding better too. He's how old and has how many years of MLB experience?

Leave Rosario alone and find something else to complain about may just be good advice.

Try dwelling on the presidential campaigning stuff. Like who does Ann Coulter like better, JJ Walker or Willie Brown?

Anonymous said...

The "trade deadline analization" season is now over. There were like 3 trades made in MLB that actually mattered and 4,342 trades proposed by the press and call-ins to radio stations.

And no one signed pitching guru Dave, although I did hear that Jerry did ask him if he wanted a cameo role on his next big hit show "Old Grumpy Geezers Without A Clue."

Anonymous said...

Imagine trading Vargas and saving $2,000,000 too. (Pinch me)

Anonymous said...

FACT: Rosario is overrated playing SS.

Anonymous said...

Comparisons at shortstop.

Derek Jeter 1995 age 21 played 15 games made 2 errors. 1996 age 22 played 157 games made 22 errors. 1997 age 23 played 159 games made 18 errors.

Manny Machado 2012 age 19 played 51 games made 5 errors. 2013 age 20 played 156 games made 13 errors. 2014 age 21 played 82 games made 9 errors.

Amed Rosario 2017 age 21 played 45 games made 6 errors. 2018 age 22 played 146 games made 16 errors. 2019 age 23 played 101 games made 13 errors.

Anonymous said...

The Mets should try Jeff McNeil in CF 4 games a week out of the normal six game set. Rajai Davis 2 games in CF a week.

Jeff maybe then could play 1 game a week in either LF or RF. The players need to have rest game schedules established second half, so that should the Mets get a wild card berth they are reasonably rested and fresh.

In this way, JD Davis plays the majority of games LF, and Michael Conforto the majority of games in RF.

Once healthy again, Dominic Smith plays backup in LF.

Anonymous said...

Mets winning again. Zach Wheeler working on a three hitter!

Maybe the Yankees can call up superstar Clint Frazier (the guy everyone should want on their team) to start ball games? Could work.