Mack – Cole Gordon, Additional IFA Signings, Szapucki Misfire, Joe Genord, Transactions


Wednesday, July 3rd

A-Columbia made a number of moves that were officially announced on Wednesday. They were:

     IF Walter Rasguin came off the A-Columbia IL

PC - Ed Delany
The 23-year old former blue prospect hit .321 last year for three teams (GCL, Brooklyn, Columbia), but fell into the toilet this season so far for the Fireflies (115-AB, .148).

This could have been nothing more that a time out to recharge the batteries.

     RHP Christian Tripp transferred to the IL

RHP Cole Gordon transferred from Low-A Brooklyn to A-Columbia

Gordon is the 32nd pick by the Mets, in this year’s draft, out of Mississippi State. Jake Magnum’s alma mater.

Gordon doesn’t have to be converted to a reliever. In 2019, he pitched in 30-games (no starts), with a stat line of: 5-1, 3.80, 42.2-IP, 69-K

23-yrs. old  -  6-5    245

Fastball: high 80s/low 90s, with cut

Nasty slider

RHP Briam Campusano transferred to Columbia from A+ St, Lucie

RHP Alec Kisena transferred from Columbia to Low-A Brooklyn

LHP Jake Simon transferred to Columbia from A+ St. Lucie

           Additional IFAs signed this week:

                 RHP Juan Pacheco – bonus amount not disclosed
                 LHP Jeremy Alfredo – bonus amount not disclosed
                 OF Erick Santana - $375K signing bonus
                 OF Yeral Martinez - $335K signing bonus
                 RHP Jose Rodriguez – bonus amount not disclosed

           Look… signing 10 IFA guppies is an excellent haul for a team that, in the past, seemed to ignore this whole process of drafting.

           We’re not the Yankees here, but we are getting better under the control of ‘The Boys From Boston’ who head up our international drafting now. Remember… they orchestrated the $500K received for the Broxton deal that gave us enough money to sign last year’s holdout, catcher Fernando Villalobos.

           My hopes are that when (no longer ‘if’) the Mets start sheading salary during the trading period, they get either quality chips or International bonus money they can use in the next draft.

           Oh… and one more thing. There is chatter on the net that the Mets purposely went out to sign up a bunch of outfielders this year. Well, that’s not how this search for talent works. 

           You’re not sitting in some war room waiting for your turn to send the name of the player you picked. No, this is 30 teams sending 30 scouts to all these kids games and then sitting down with their rep and throwing money at them. What comes back is what you sign and this year’s return turned out to be pitchers and outfielders. Trust me. There were more than two shortstops offered money here.

Wednesday, July 3rd

      AA-Binghamton transfers IF, Gavin Cecchini, to AAA-Syracuse.
‘Ceech’ was hitting only .133, in 15-AM for the B-Mets (WTF?)

      A-Columbia sends OF, Chandler Avant, to AA-Binghamton.
Avant was only hitting 90 points ahead of Cecchini: 166-AB, .233

Kudos and Misfires –

      Misfire:   Why would the manager of the DSL-2 team throw their best reliever, Marcos Villegas, into a fire where the team was already losing by 10 runs?

      Put in the relievers with a 5.00+ ERA and pray for the game to end. Instead, the DSL-Brewers were amped up and pounded out four more runs over 2.2-IPs.

Final score: Brewers 16 – Mets 4

Villegas stat line: 2.2-IP, 4-ER, 3.00

      The Mets have two catchers playing for the DSL-1 team. Both are prospects and only one can catch each game. So, the Mets DH and rotate the two. Results after this game:

      Francisco Alvarez: 3-4, .462

      Endy Rodriguez:  2-2, R, 2-RBI, .389

Add Jose Hernandez, and Fernando Villalobos, who are now taking turn for the DSL-1 team, and my guess is we don’t have to look for additional catchers on this team.

      GCL-1Mets CF, Kenedy Corona: 2-4, R, RBI, .500

      GCL-1 RP, Liam McCall: 4-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 0.00

PC - Ed Delany
Misfire – SP Thomas Szapucki seems to have returned to his crazy road to Queens. This time, hw got the first batter out. Then the next got on base on an error, He stole second and then scored on an error on the third batter.

      What did the Mets manager do? Pulled him after 12 pitches in which he gave up zero hits and had an ERA of 0.00.

      Will search the wires to see if an injury is reported.

AA-Binghamton SP, David Peterson: 7-IP, 2-ER, 5-K, 4.37

      Excellent outing from our future SP-4

A-Columbia SS-Ronny Mauricio: 2-4, 3-R, 3rd HR, .289

A-Columbia SP, Tyler McGill: 3-IP,1-ER, 5-K, 1.42

Low-A Brooklyn 1B, Joe Genord: 3-5, 2-R, 5th HR, 3-RBI, ,339

Genord has now increased his lead, by one, in the league home run race.

Low-A Brooklyn 3B, Yoel Romero: 3-4, 2-R HR, 2-RBI, .296


Tom Brennan said...

Catcher news is good.

I prefer the quality over quantity approach in international ball - Yanks sign "the next Mike Trout" for $5 MM.

We've had a weak track record on DSL guys - Wilmer, Amed, Gimenez (is he a bust? Or just an off season?), Montero, Familia(?). Big spending seems to have more impactful results, getting teams stars. SO many guys signed by the Mets, little to show for it, relatively speaking.

That said, we'll see. Maybe this crop will blow us away.

Tom Brennan said...

One catcher who is SMOKING is HAYDEN SENGER of Columbia.

He hit well in his debut season in 2018.

After joining virtually the whole team in a horrendous start to the 2019 season, Senger is scorching with 22 for his last 45 with 8 doubles and 2 homers. WOW!

Gary Seagren said...

I REALLY hope "The Guys from Boston " kick ass because after the Brodie mess last off season we need serious help from somewhere. Look 8 times since Citi opened in 09' we've finished with win totals in the 70's....8 TIMES!!! not including this season but we do have talent on this team which was not the case on those other clubs for most part but having a newbee GM who totally screwed up last winter making the choice's is not reassuring but were stuck with it.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I'm starting to think that Gimenez is a bust.

They kept saying that he's playing at 2 levels above what his age projected him to play, but did that theory hold up again the Braves kids? He's no longer a teenager so that theory doesn't hold water.

No, I would try to take the pressure off the kid by moving him to the outfield. We have no OF prospect in Syracuse this year and his natural athletic ability

Mack Ade said...


You see what I have pointed out about the talent currently from Brooklyn to the DSL teams.

Do you have the patience to wait this out?

Or, a good health plan?

Trust me... the "Boys' will trade for more Intl money they can use in the next draft.

They also have turned a blind eye at anything happening in the 4 full season teams.

They will feed from below and build a new Mets franchise regardless of who runs or owns it.

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, Gimenez hit lousy in the 2018 AFL and now all of 2019. I hate to say I have my doubts, but if he were rushed to the majors right now, would he hit .150?

He needs to go a ways to be on Ruben Tejada's level - quite a ways.

Tom Brennan said...

I got on Facebook the other day and some moron started attacking me again because this time, I suggested that the Mets might be better served if they could get a kid like the Yanks just signed, "the next Mike Trout." The guy was saying how do you know how a 16 year old kid will pan out, etc., etc. I told him I didn't know, how could anyone, but there is a track record of big bucks signings becoming, or touted to be, big future stars, which is what differentiates winning and losing orgs. He just persisted stupidly, irrationally - I pulled the post.

I like that we have intelligent commenters here. One that don't sugarcoat the moves of a 70s win franchise.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

5 mil for a 16 year old is a big risk to a team like the Mets.

We are not the Yankees

P.S. Francisco Alvarez promoted today to Kingsport

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, better than $110 million for a guy with bad heels and a lame brain.

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