The Mets have gone 29-43 in their last 72 games, a 65 win pace.  Ugh!

However, three young lights, a truly mighty three, are shining ever so brightly in Queens - let's start with the two:


Imagine the odds you could have gotten as the AA minor league season was starting in 2018 if you wanted to bet then that Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil would be 2019 major league All Stars?

A Gazillion to one, absolutely.

But here we find ourselves, with two great All Stars.

Stop, pause and admire what these new guys' #'s would be if they played a full 162 games at the pace they are on:


35 doubles, 53 HRs, 123 RBIs, .278/.372/.627



52 doubles, 13 HRs, .348/.412/.509.  212 hits.


Let's not forget the blocked man, Dominic Smith, who in 141 plate appearances, has hit an incredible .328/.418/.590.  Some guys struggle mightily with sporadic play.  

Smith, though, has excelled.

Thankfully, he has gotten to the plate as many times in June as he did in all of March, April and May, so hopefully, the pace of plate appearances will remain at least at the June pace (71) and he can squeeze in for a few hundred more plate appearances through the remainder of 2019.

Three young dudes who are hitting like no young Mets trio has ever hit before.

Pete, Jeff, and Dom. Sweet.


Met Monkey said...

Maybe, we can add Jared Kelenic to that young stable of sluggers. He's battling the Mendoza line at high A ball, now. Maybe, if we strike now, they'll trade him for our closer, Edwin Diaz.

Tom Brennan said...

Go for it - Kelenic should still be a Met

If we still had Matt Harvey, we could throw him in the deal reversal. Last outing, in AAA on June 8, 2.2 IP, 8 runs.

Gary Seagren said...

Good post and we have Mott the Hoople to thank for All The Young Dudes now we just need to add a few more.

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, we already have the old Dudes like Cano, so we need all the Young Dudes we can get

Mack Ade said...

Gary/Tom -

I have them for you,but you're going to have to be patient for at least two, maybe three seasons:

2B_ Carlos Cortez or Shervren Newton

SS - Ronny Mauricuio

3B - Mark Vientos or Brett Baty

OF - Wagner Lagrange or Jake Magnum

Reese Kaplan said...

That's interesting for a teas traditionally built on pitching to have more prospects on the other side of the diamond.

Tom Brennan said...

Murderers Row, Reese. We churn out hitters in Metsville.

Mack, I still like Haggerty as an outsider in the role of a Jeff McNeil lite.

Excellent speed, and getting on base a lot - but I will have to see more - the injury that caused him to miss a month was sad timing.

Tom Brennan said...

Off topic - key offseason trade acquisition disaster Keon Broxton over his last 3 MLB seasons has been up 631 times (the quivalent of about a full time lead off hitters' at bats over one 150+ game season) and has fanned 258 times. 258. How is he still around?

Gary Seagren said...

I live in Florida and heard the fountain of youth is here so maybe I can buy a few more years till they all develop.

Met Monkey said...

Gary, I saw Mott at the Beacon a few months ago, with Ariel Bender on lead guitar and Morgan Fischer on keys. Quite a nite! Ian Hunter was popping nitro(?) on stage. No trade reversal for Bad Company's Mixk Ralphs. Let's lose, mets

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