The New York Mets are reportedly considering a plan that would see them trade starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard to the San Diego Padres and then repackage some of the prospects to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for starter Marcus Stroman.
Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported the update Saturday ahead of the July 31 MLB trade deadline.

What do you think about the idea?


Tom Brennan said...

Don't like it, unless we end up with Stroman and a top 10 prospect.

Unrelated question: JD Davis is smoking hot - is he as good a hitter as Jeff McNeil?

Mack Ade said...

I have an OPEN THREAD scheduled on Davis later this month.


McNeil is a great hitter but he gets all the press and hype.

I think we stole him and he is as good a spray hitter as Jeff.

Anonymous said...

I don't think. Trade works out at all for US unless we get a top 10 Prospect and I don't know if the Blue Jays have what we want I like having McNeil and Davis on the same team that Gamers they get there they know what they want to do

Reese Kaplan said...

J.D. Davis has more power than McNeil. The trick is finding him a set position and letting him develop enough there that his bat overtakes his glove.

Regarding the trade, it's hard to say without knowing what the return for Syndergaard would be from San Diego. The assumption is that the Mets would get multiple pieces from S.D. including lower level prospects and it is the lower level prospect(s) that would go to Toronto since they want players that make a nearly immediate impact.

Tony said...

It would be better to trade Thor to the Yankees instead of the Padres, it is frustrating that both NY teams do not do business with each other, It is a known fact that the Mets have been wary of making a trade with the Yanks throughout the years and they should not be, because both teams can help each other, the Mets have the starting pitching the Yanks desire & the Yanks have the position players & prospects the Mets desire, The Mets have said if they trade Thor they would want to be overwhelmed & want a major league player and 2 prospects in return, the Yanks need a top of the rotation starter to get by the Astros so, I say the Yanks should try to trade Andújar, Betances, Florial & Garcia provided the first three pass the physical for Thor & Diaz, in my opinion this would satisfy both the Wilpons & Cashman, this trade would help both teams in the long-term.

Unknown said...

Only in the Bizarro world the Mets live in does it make sense to trade Syndergaard, (a pitcher you know) in order to trade for another you don't know how he will react to NY.

Only a idiotic agent turned GM would want to trade Wheeler and Syndergaard thereby putting the Mets out of contention for years to come in order to stay stuck with the Cano contract. Maybe he can trade Cano for Kelinec? lol.

All the Agent from doom needed to do was extend Wheeler and fix the pen in the off-season. That's too much to do.

So after a year of putting the team together and saying come and get us, he wants to now break it apart and start over? Only in the Mets world does this make sense.

Seattle Steve said...

Diaz is 22 of 26 save attempts...plus he is cheap and there is no one to replace him...We play the WSox and Marlins next...gotta believe...

TexasGusCC said...

The Mets are too fragmented to expect to just add a bullpen piece and all will be well. They don’t have a CF, they need a LF, and yes a RP. The new manager can be signed as a free agent. I would trade Wheeler, Thor, Diaz, and Vargas for a haul. Then, re-sign Wheeler, replace Vargas, and put Gsellman in the rotation. This loads up the team and makes the rotation, JdG, Matz, Wheeler, G-man and another arm. Don’t forget, this team has terrible defense.

TexasGusCC said...

On the Yankees, Cashman is too afraid to pull a trigger. It cost him last year and will cost him again. Thor and Wheeler for Torres and Florial. Want to win Brian?

Rds 900. said...

Out of your f'n mind. Florial is one of those guys who may spend most of his career on IR. Garcia needs to be part of any such trade.

TexasGusCC said...

900, you want Torres AND Garcia? Heck, me too buddy! But, do you see that happening?

Anonymous said...

Reese, the Mets have older downside veterans clogging the works for guys like JD Davis, Jeff McNeil, and Ali Sanchez (perhaps) at catcher. That to me is a reasonable part of the problem here. The Mets cannot play the best player at certain positions because others make more.

If the Mets have to trade a top three starter, what about Cleveland as their trading partner? It's been explored probably already by the Mets brass. But maybe getting back something like:

Zach Plesac (age 24, MiLB stats: 16-10, 3.02 ERA, 247 SO's in 259 innings of work, with a 1.07 WHIP) and MLB stats: 5-3, 3.10 ERA, 44 SO's in 61 innings, and a 1.10 WHIP.)

Trevor Bauer (age 28, MLB stats: 9-8, 3.79 ERA, 185 SO's in 156 innings of work, a 1.21 WHIP.) I like baseball players with angst and a heartbeat.

Triston McKenzie (age 21 injured at current but a very promising young right handed starter with a 26-16 MiLB record thus far, 394 SO's in 329 innings, a .997 WHIP over 3.5 seasons of play.)

Anonymous said...

I don't care at all for SD's OF Manual Margot. Who is targeting that guy from the Mets? (My God)

I know it has already been thought of, but why not just go with Rajai Davis in CF for now. Rajai won't kill the team's offense and is batting like .287 BA down in AAA Syracuse with like 19 steals.

Anonymous said...

Back to Tom's question on JD Davis above, JD Davis is his own batter. I don't compare him to anyone. Maybe down the road David Wright because third base is probably going to be JD's position for a longtime.

Here's how I rate the current best seven NY Mets batters:

1. Jeff McNeil. Has the Rod Carew abilities, plus can place the ball anywhere on the field, hit with excellent baseball understanding and sees the whole field and where opposing players are lined up defensively before he even steps into the batter's box. Jeff has a quick bat and very good speed on the basepaths. He also has developing MLB homerun ability not to be overlooked. Wish he had been here two years earlier but he had injuries preventing that.

2. Peter Alonso. Peter is a true homerun hitter even better than David Wright at this stage of their respective careers. When desiring to, Peter can hit a homerun with the greatest of ease. He has no trouble making contact on any type pitch. Can get overly aggressive at times, and it hurts his that at bat, but we have to remember here that Peter is a rookie and his plate discipline will only improve as he ages. Peter is a smart hitter, and he like Jeff will only get better and better with age.

3. JD Davis. Up until recently, I would have said Dominic Smith in this three slot. However, within the past two weeks or so Mets fans are beginning to see just who JD Davis really is. This is JD's starting point as an MLB hitter and sky is truly his limit. I like JD Davis' overall professionalism and the way he handles himself with each at bat. He doesn't try to do too much and go crazy, but rather he stays well within his ability which is at a very high level already. JD appears to be naturally able to hit for both average and power.

4. Michael Conforto. Michael has really good hitting with power abilities and skill set, but still on occasion struggle some with consistency to the point that it can affect his batting average more than it probably should. Michael needs only to tighten up his strikezone and stay ultimately focused on each pitch to reach all his own goals.

5. Amed Rosario. I consider Amed one of the most talented yet unfairly maligned NY players in the current NY press. However and to Amed's credit, he just simply plays his own game at a much higher level than most MLB players possibly can. Amed is still a young shortstop, and like several other really young shortstops (over the years) he easily makes the amazing plays at shortstop while perhaps relaxing a little too much on the more mundane ones. This is so really common a thing with the exceptionally gifted MLB infielders earlier on in their careers, and not to be taken too seriously as this too will change. Amed has an amazingly fast bat, and can generate power with that bat speed to include doubles and homeruns. In short time, Amed will be a perennial .300 BA batter and an All Star shortstop. I have no doubt.

Amed plays his own game at his own level, the game that he apparently had learned in the DR. People forget that this is exceptionally early in a terrific shortstop's long career, and if everyone would just sit back and watch, they will see the Amed Rosario he is meant to be.

6. Brandon Nimmo. Hopefully this very talented outfielder and batter can get back here soon. If anyone can, it is Brandon. He has a very high ceiling of talent and ability and is needed here in CF so much. Get well dude!

7. Dominic Smith. We all began to see the real Dominic Smith earlier on this 2019 season. Dominic has a very quick bat as well, really decent power, and the ability to hit at this MLB level for average. This is really early on in his career. Often I have wished that Dominic could catch, because first base is crowded and the catcher position here does not hit enough. A really good hitter like Dominic would be the cure at Mets catcher.

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