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Arizona signs 1B/OF Eric Hinske (Braves -  .197/.272/.311)

Washington signs one year deal with RHSP Dan Haren.

Adam Rubin – “Bobby Parnell is virtually untouchable this winter.”

                Makes sense, especially since there are so few members of the Mets pen that are safe. Right now, Frank Francisco is the closer, and Josh Edgin is the lefty. Folks, that’s it right now. There isn’t a microphone in Nashville that Terry Collins won’t stop in front of and he commented that he was especially happy with some of the ‘relief prospects’ (sic) signed, could use Darin Gorski as a LOOGY, will pitch Jeurys Familia out of the pen in either Queens or Vegas, and mentioned Jeremy Hefner as the probably long man. This would add Greg Burke, and Hefner to the pen, totaling five, leaving Familia, Robert Carson, Gorski, and Elvin Ramirez to fight for the remaining slots.

Terry Collins – “Jenrry Mejia will start the 2013 season as a starter.”

                This is really interesting. They don’t have to stretch him out because he’s already been starting during the winter ball season (has pitched very well except for the last outing). The interesting part is there is no room for him either in Queens or in Las Vegas (Zack Wheeler, Darin Gorski, Mark Cohoon, Chris Schwinden, Colin McHugh, Gonzalez Germen). What Mejia does offer is an alternative SP5 in if either Jon Niese or RA Dickey is traded. I have downgraded Mejia (with Jeurys Familia) to ‘B’ prospects for different reasons. Familia just hasn’t worked out while Mejia has been dicked around by the Mets for years now. They need to decide if he’s a starter or reliever and leave him alone.

Jordany Valdespin had a two-week absence from playing for his winter-ball club in the Dominican Republic because of a team-imposed suspension for insubordination, two sources told ESPNNewYork.com.

                This doesn’t surprise me. I tagged this dude early on as both being talents and a complete asshole. I was hoping he was growing up and getting past all this suspension and insubordination crap, but I guess not. This should be the last straw for the Mets and the only chance I see of him sticking with the team is as a 5th outfielder. The Mets have already signed players that will change the infield utility situation (Brandon Hicks) and we’ll find out what the new outfield looks like once the Winter Meetings and the Rule 5 Draft is over with. Just dump this thug and send him back home to his hut.

                The Wil Meyers rumors continue to not go away. MLBTR reported that the Mets met again to discuss him, though they weren’t sure if the Mets were offering Jon Niese or RA Dickey. It’s become quite obvious that Sandy Alderson feels he can accomplish his 2013 goals with one less current starter, but he can’t do it without a huge improvement in the outfield. The Mets have the talent in the organization to get this player if they want to. On paper, either Niese or Dickey should be able to bring a prospect like Meyers, plus another player… but the Mets seem to be coming off a little desperate here (possibly due to over press exposure). This can flip-flop a deal in a heartbeat and make a team have to offer two, possibly three players for the one player the whole world thinks you’re drooling over. You want this guy, then go get him. You want it to be Dickey? Than add Wilmer Flores to the deal.

              It must be fun these days rooting for the Washington Nationals.


TP said...

I haven't had a twinkie in 30 years but your memorial was a beaut. That Vegas rotatioin is crowded but I still think that given their ages, Mejia and Familia could be best served starting in AAA to refine control and secondary pitches. Excellent point on the Nats. Yes, they have had two phemons fall into their laps due to dismal play, but every move they make the last couple of years looks shrewd and impressive.

Mack Ade said...

For different reasons, neither Mejia and Familai are ready, but I wish they would both still start in AAA for one more shot

Anonymous said...

No room for mejia in Vegas rotation? Uh, that's completely odd because mejia is about twenty steps higher on the ladder.

There's no way Cohoon or Shwinden are going to take a spot away from Mejia. Mejia is a top 5 talent in this system and has more natural ability in his right arm then 90% of the pitchers in the Mers minors.

Mack Ade said...


You are right... Mejia will be the SP2 behind Wheeler

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