Mack Stuff – Wil Meyers, Jason Bay, RA Dickey, Jon Niese


Mack Stuff – Wil Meyers, Jason Bay, RA Dickey, Jon Niese

LF Jordany Valdespin – 0-1, .250

RF Gilbert Gomez – 0-3, .000

Michael Baron‏ @michaelgbaron -  It's worth noting Royals manager Ned Yost told @Jim_Duquette on SiriusXM they are willing to deal Wil Myers for someone who puts them over the top.

                See, this is how spin works… Baron has consistently said that there is no way the Roylas would trade Meyers for Dickey… now, he fairly tweet the other side which is credible chatter from another source. Also, this could be an opportunity for Yost to begin damage control in case any fan revolt about losing their top prospect. Folks, when rumors like this don’t go away, they usually turn into the truth…  then… one minute later, Baron tweets:

@MartinoNYDN just told @JimBowdenESPNxm and @CaseyStern on SiriusXM that the Royals are not giving up Myers for Dickey. Nothing brewing now

What’s wrong with all these statements? Simple? None of them are being made by either the GMs of the Mets or the Royals.

Stay tuned… the games continue…

Jason Bay is signing with Seatlle. This is classic. Watch the guy go 30/100, hitting .290 and winning the CBPOY. Even so, Bay had to go. Sandy Alderson has to get all the old Omar Minaya contacts out of the dugout so the fan base finally will stop throwing these names all over the internet. I talked to someone late last season who told me that Bay is one of the nicest persons you would ever meet and no one tried harder to play well. Imagine what this guy would have produced if he had a bad attitude about all this?

RA Dickey wants to void his 2013 contract and have the Mets replace I with a 3-yr, $45mil one instead. I consider this a fair request from a current Cy Young winner at any age. The good new is it’s high enough for Sandy Alderosn to stall signing him while he looks for the best deal he can get for him. It also tells the teams that Alderson is negotiating with what Dickey will cost them in a future trade vs. any other starter still out there looking for a deal. Question: How many other current 20-game winners are available in this off-season? You can take this information any way you want but I think it’s a win/win for the Mets. They either get a quality outfielder like Wil Myers, or a quality pitcher for three years while kids like Zack Wheeler and Rafael Montero mature. I go back and forth on this but right now my guess is Dickey will remain a Met and Alderson will not dick around with him in 2013. They will sign the three year deal, probably 2013 at the current rate and $15mil per year in 2014/2015. Just a guess.

MetsBlog -Ken Davidoff of the New York Post says the Mets are contemplating signing Mark Reynolds to play the outfield.

              This sounds like a great deal, except for two small things… his contract calls for $7mil in 2013 and he’s played only two games in the outfield in his career. He also led the National League in… wait for it… strikeouts in 2008-2011. What he did do well last year was hit 23-HR, 69-RBI73-K, in 135-G.I can’t imagine having him and Lucas Duda both trying to play defense at the corners. Maybe we could Daniel Murphy in the center and just turn the whole game into a circus. I hope this is just one of those non-stories that float around during the winter meetings. You can resign Scott Hairston for a lot less than this and at least go into the season with what you had last year.

ESPN - Sandy Alderson said Tuesday afternoon that there are no active trade discussions involving Jonathon Niese.

              This is just fine with me. I never wanted this guy traded and he’s the perfect SP3 behind two future SP1 righties, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. Those three guys will guarantee your team future success for 5+ years. Sandy, don’t bring his name up again.

              Let’s end this post with the following… what happens if the Mets do sign RA Dickey for three years is, once Wheeler comes up, you have one of the top rotation in the National League, maybe even the majors.

              The only way you’re going to keep up with the Washington Nationals is through pitching.


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