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The Pittsburgh Pirates completed a trade with the Detroit Tigers, acquiring left-hander Andy Oliver in exchange for catcher Ramon Cabrera

The Phillies have acquired outfielder Ben Revere in a trade with the Minnesota Twins.

It seems to me that the baseball world is moving a little away from the New York Yankees. We’ve got age all over the place, the A-Rod surgery, the Russell Martin exodus, and now the Jeff Keppinger signing with the CWS. Also, did you notice the Yankees were talking about moving Curtis Granderosn so they could get some salary “flexibility”… now, I know how bad I spell, but I wasn’t sure they even knew that word existed.  This is a team with a $210mil payroll and people are talking like they aren’t even going to be a playoff contender in 2013. It’s a disaster. Rodriguez ($29mil) may not play the entire season, Mark Teixeira ($23,125mil) has been a bust, and Derek Jeter (17mil) is far past his prime. The system is not producing quality replacement players and it doesn’t seem to be that special to play for this team anymore. Watch for Toronto and Boston to fight it out for the division here, and the loser being the wild card. It sure would be nice to see the demise of the Yankees coincide with a Mets playoff appearance.

Nothing continues to happen when it comes to P RA Dickey, but, that may not be a bad thing. The worst thing that’s going to happen here is, one, no one trades for him and, two the Mets can’t agree with Dickey’s agents on an extension. This means he will still pitch the 2013 season, while the Mets consider two other options:  One, take two draft picks for him when he moves on in 2014 or, pull off another Carlos Beltran trade to a team that will be looking for a quality starter after the all-star break. There will eventually be a decent return for Dickey; we just don’t know what it is yet and how it will affect the team. The talk now is that Sandy Alderson is packing his suitcase and ready to both the meetings a day early. This could be smokescreen, but who cares if it is. All the right teams know what cards need to be played. I’m disappointed that nothing has come out of the meetings, but I’m happy a bad deal wasn’t made either. Word is the Mets are passing on the Rule 5, so they might as well leave. They got their star. David Wright.

JD‏ - @JDSussman -  The Mets are correctly looking to replace Dickey with young major league ready talent. Right idea, but it limits the pool of trade partners.

                I have no problem with this. My target has always been 2014 and anyone that can help me then is fine for my team. Signing Dickey to two more years will help my 2014-2015 team, but trading him for a young talented outfielder or catcher will help more in the long run. I would then have someone under salary control for around five years and I could build a new lineup around.

Sandy Alderson’s parting comments at the Winter Meetings:

“We are happy with the progress we made. It’s always nice to see something tangible at the end of these meetings, but we feel we’ve made solid progress on a number of different fronts. So, we’ll go back to New York and continue pursue certain things and go from there.”

Progress?  Did I miss something at these meetings. Oh yeah, what about all those guys they got today from the Rule… err… no, that didn’t happen either. All of this “nothing” shit just keeps happening and teams like the Phillies secure OF Ben Revere today. The Mets couldn’t have done that with Wilmer Flores or one of their young pitchers? Is there really no one in the Rule 5 worth drafting? The highlight of this off-season is obviously the re-signing of David Wright. Next come the reallocation of Jason Bay and Mike Pelfrey, but after that, only RP Greg Burke seems to offer this team any help in 2013. Sandy, DePo, and JP might as well have rode that train around the lobby all week. Progress, my ass.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mack - one rumor out there is that we could get Arencibia for prospects..... What sort of value does he have, would we be able to get him for say fulmer and tovar? that might be worth looking in to, though i do like both guys. Arencibia would be a nice upgrade but not so much i would part with one of our top guys. Also, on a side note, does Nimmo have any value at this point? Probably not one of those guys that's more valuable to us right now cause we used a first rounder on him and Sandy's needs him to pan out. Thanks for bringing the site back, love it here.

Anonymous said...

Nimmo has value to the mets and that's it until he shows up and produces in AA in two years.

Mack, the Mers were one of like twenty teams to pass in the rule 5, that tells me the draft wasn't as deep as once thought, no biggie.

2014, no matter what is said, seems to be the goal here. Unless of coarse they're able to pull off a blockbuster which won't happen until the top two free agent pitchers find homes and some team thinks Dickey's 5 million price tag seems like a bargain.

Remember, everyone knows Dickey is available for prospects. That means there's teams out there playing hardball with free agents knowing that in the end, Dickey could be had for a few gems and 5 million, which is nothing when 100 million contracts over 6/7 years is the alternative. Sandy knows that and I'm sure has even been told by at least one other GM to hold off on signing him, if a certain pitcher falls through their lap, they'll be reluctantly giving up their prospects for RA. That's why there hasn't been a deal yet I'm sure.

There are at least 4 teams looking for a top starter and there's only one great one(Zack G) and one good one(Annibal S) left. Two teams will be left out of the bidding war and possibly more. They all have Dickey in their back pocket.

Remember, they have money to spend but that doesn't mean they'll make a horrible deal to spend it. Dickey has transformed the knuckleball by adding speed and command to a pitch that historically had neither. He is the Mariano Rivera of starters, dominating hitters with one unhittable pitch. 20 game winner for 5 million? That's one hell of a back up plan if you don't want to spend 75 million on Annibal or 150+ million on Zack.

Suddenly, 5 million plus two great prospects you don't need sounds great; especially when you know RA will sign an extension cheap.

Oh...and trading Fulmer for a catcher with an OBP under 3 is insanely stupid.

Anonymous said...

Good post, thanks. The last part about insanely stupid that hurt though. hahaha. But i get your point.

Mack Ade said...

Anon 1:
The Mets aren't as high on Arencibia however, he does offer youth and contract control... I would definitely trade for him for a secondary prospect or two out of our system... like Jefry Marte or Logan Verrett...

Mack Ade said...

Anon 2:

I wish you wrote here... this kind of content should be on a post. If interested, email me at: macksmets@gmail.com.

Re: Nimmo + all the high school kids in the last draft... we just got to wait this one out for a couple of years... there were so many names the Mets picked that I had no history on... it will take until 2015 to find out if this was a good draft.

Trading Fulmer for anyone is a bad idea. He lies up behind Montero as future starters

Mack Ade said...

Among the 170 players with at least 850 PA in 2011-12, JP Arencibia ranks 170th in on-base percentage.

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