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Colorado acquired RP Wilton Lopez from Houston.
Florida trades SS Yunel Escobar to Tampa Bay for prospect IF Derek Dietrich.
Florida estimated 2013 payroll now $30mil.
OF Ryan Ludwick to Cincy – 2-yrs, $14mil

LF Juan Lagares – 2-4, 1-R, 1-RBI, .269
RF-2B Jordany Valdespin – 1-6, .241
PH-DH Gilbert Gomez – 0-2, .000
3B Justin Turner – 2-5, 1-R, 1-HR, 3-RBI, .192

Matthew Cerrone‏ - @matthewcerrone-=  According to @JonHeymanCBS, nearly half of MLB teams are looking for starting pitchers.
                -Hmm. This has got to be good news for the Mets. In fact, the best thing Sandy Alderson can do is hold out as long as he can before he bites on one of the hooks. I know it’s going to drive the fan base crazy, but the more guys that sign leaves the rest of the teams who are still looking for a decent starter having to turn to the Mets. I mean, they are offering the current Cy Young winner, right.  This is going to work out. The Mets are going to get their future centerfielder.

MetsBlog - Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says that, while the Mets are willing to pay a portion of Johan Santana‘s salary, they have not received any trade inquires on him yet.

                -You’re kidding, right? Is there that little to write about right now in the Winter Meetings? Santana will be paid $25.5mil his year, with a club option of another $25mil in 2014. He is also coming off the DL. No, Santana will pitch for the Mets this season and 2014 will be spent with another club at a greatly reduced rate. I’m not expecting a top year from him in 2013 and would be thrilled with a .500 W-L record and an ERA under 4.50. He really isn’t an SP1 anymore, though the Mets will probably start him off in that position out of respect. Watch for Matt Harvey to take over that slot after the all-star break.

Sandy Alderson - "We don't have enough outfielders to fill out a regulation team."

                I don’t know why he would publically say this during the same time he is trying to trade for one. Doesn’t a statement like this paint you desperate? I would have thrown a press conference and spoke positive volumes on the outfield talent I have emerging from my system over the next two years. Look, there are no secrets in this sport anymore and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Mets currently have only four major league outfielders on their 40-man. Still, take the positive road and let all those other free agent pitchers get signed. You own one of the deepest and most talented SPs in baseball and you’re willing to deal off the current Cy Young winner who is demanding only reasonable money. Time is on your side here. Wait it out and stop talking to people with microphones in their hands.

Jayson Stark- @jaysonst - Jeff Wilpon says firmly: "The payroll is going to go up next year" and talks about "flexibility" after contracts come off books in 2014

                Of course it is, but it’s nice to hear it from the mouth of one of the owners. The same problems are going to be around a year from now, but a new full time catcher and at least one top outfielder will be found either through free agency, a trade for young pitching, or someone going into their last year of their contract. The Mets will be in the financial position to roll the dice on a player like that in hopes of extending them a long term contract once they have a Met uniform on. Players like Logan Verrett, Tyler Pill, and Marcos Camarena will play heavy here in a future trade. These are talented starters that never will find a slot as a Met. 


Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you say here. I disagree about Alderson's comments. If everyone inside and outside of the game know that the Mets are desperate for OFers, especially RH'd ones, then Sandy comes off as a BS artist if he trumpets what he has in the pipeline.
I think it's better if he sounds honest and realistic.

Mack Ade said...

well, they are his comments...

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