Mack Stuff – Kelly Shoppach, Shane Victorino, Zach Lee, Jenrry Mejia


It was interesting to hear the best reporters the other night on the Mets Hot Stove program talking about catcher Kelly Shoppach. None o them recommended that the Mets resign him both for his on-field performance but also for his personality. Andy Martino referred to him as a “clubhouse lawyer”.I did some checking and it turns out that this guy pretty much turned off everyone that came within one foot of him. That includes reporters, teammates, and team officials. I know he was once a prospect, but why does a failed prospect approach this game so negatively. Word is he was a complete dickhead in the clubhouse, so good riddance, superstar.

The Shane Victorino signing in Boston may work out for the Mets. This pretty well guarantees that Cory Ross won’t be back as a BoSox and, as we know, the Mets have been talking to Boston about RA Dickey. A Ross + Salty deal seems much closer than it was 24 hours ago. Ross bats right, will play 2013 as a 31-year old, and hit .267/.326/.481/.807, 22-HR, 81-RBI for Boston last season. Sure, he struck out 129-Ks in 476-AB, but what free swinging slugger doesn’t? I would keep an eye on this one.

HBT - John Harper of the New York Daily News reports the Dodgers are willing to send shortstop Dee Gordon and right-hander Zach Lee, their No. 1 pitching prospect, to the Mets for R.A. Dickey.

                Well, if this is true, at least there is an offer from someone on the table. I love both these guys, though neither had a good 2012. Gordon is always an MLB SS but played hurt and hit only .228 (.304 in 2011). Lee is at least a year away and had a so-so season in 2012 splitting time in A+/AA (4.39). You know mw… I love prospects, but the last thing the Mets need is another shortstop. You would have to make a market for Ruben Tejada in the next week and, frankly, he’s done nothing wrong to warrant a trade. It’s a shame Gordon isn’t an outfielder. Now, change Gordon for Joc Pederson and let’s have lunch…

Michael Baron‏ - @michaelgbaron -  .@pdepo feels having Jenrry Mejia start in the minors allow for flexibility in role in MLB. If he's a reliever in minors, no flexibility

                I have no problem with this. I’ve always considered Mejia a starter and wanted him to remain a starter throughout his career. I am also convinced he never would have gotten hurt if Jerry Manuel didn’t turn him into a reliever. He was then stretched back out and you can only f**k with someone’s arm so much. Remember… you can’t have enough great starters. Look at the Nats. They will most probably go to the WS in 2013 because of that staff. The Mets rotation of the future is close, but wouldn’t it be nice if both Zack Wheeler and Mejia went spot on during the first half of 2013? Pitch him SP2 and leave him alone. He has the talent. He just needs to know the team is behind him.


Susana said...

Interesting notes on Shoppach, Mack. I was wondering about that "clubhouse lawyer" comment as well.

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