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Pittsburgh traded RHRP Chris Resop to Oakland for RHSP Zach Thorton.
Florida claims 1B/OF Joe Mahoney from Baltimore
Seattle signed P Josh Kinney to a 1-yr. contract
The Cubs signed RP Kyuji Fujikawa from Japan - two-year, $9.5M deal
Brewers announce acquisition of RHP Burke Badenhop from #Rays for outfielder Raul Mondesi Jr
Indians picked up Mike McDade off waivers from Toronto

The Blue Jays currently have three catchers on their 40-man roster: Travis D’Arnoud, John Buck, and J.P. Arencibia. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says the Blue Jays are most likely to trade Arencibia, and the Mets and Jays have discussed a deal for Arencibia around Jon Niese. However, Rosenthal adds, “The Jays might need to offer more than Arencibia to acquire such a pitcher, but aren’t necessarily eager to make that type of move.” Rosenthal says the Jays could alternatively look to sign a lower-end free agent starting pitcher or sign multiple players to Minor League contracts to add the depth they seek. (Matthew Cerrone - MetsBlog.com -  The Mets and Jays talked a lot last season, so much so that people close to the team often mentioned Jon Niese and d’Arnaud. No deal ever materalized, but, with Sherman’s report, plus Ricciardi’s knowledge of their farm system, it stands to reason these teams would again be talking.).

                First of all… see? Niese can demand at least two top prospects. He’s an established major league lefty who is young and cheap.

                Toronto is the team with far too many catchers. I’m sure the Mets want nothing to do with the Buck contract, so it’s just a matter whether they offer up D’Arnoud or Arencibia, Either one project as a long term solution for the Mets catcher position.

                What would be interesting if the Mets could also pull off a Dickey for Wil Myers (+ one more prospect). Overnight you solve your lineup at the expense of the 2013 rotation, but you still have Santana, Harvey, and Gee… you can resign Mike Pelfrey for the SP4… and guys like Jenrry Mejia and Collin McHugh can fill in until Zack Wheeler is ready. Help is on the way in 2014 from Rafael Montero.

Lineup:  SS Tejada, 2B Murphy, 3B Wright, 1B Davis, CF Myers, C Arencibia, RF Duda, LF Baxter/Nieuwenhius

Eno Sarris‏@enosarris -  man I guess people are done w/ Lucas Duda in the OF. might be letting my personal knowledge of how hard he tries at D sway me. (also: team needs)

                IMO, everthing comes down to whether or not Duda is being called upon to carry this team with his bat. You pull off the two deals I mentioned above and Duda falls into a nice 7th hitter who will produce, in a bad year, 25-30-HRs.I wouldn’t give up on him let, and should especially wait until the Winter Meetings are complete

                                (I’m at work again, writing this from Midnight-2am Sunday morning (no Internet access). Because of ‘The War Room, nothing I say here will post up until Monday at 8am. I will make any changes between now and then if something happens.)
I still like Duda as a serviceable right fielder in a great lineup. He’s also much better than anyone out there on the secondary FA market.

ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Mets have increased their offer to R.A. Dickey. The details of the offer are still unclear, but Dickey is reportedly looking for a two-year extension worth more than $20 million. Olney writes that the Mets were "stunned" by Andy Pettitte‘s one-year, $12 million contract with the Yankees and it’s possible that the deal could be used as a reference in extension talks. If the sides can't work out anything before spring training, Dickey will likely be traded. (The Mets have fielded six or seven calls from teams that would like to meet at the Winter Meetings and discuss trading for R.A. Dickey, reports CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman).

                Another conflicting report from two of the better beat reporters out there. Let’s remember their job. It’s to check out what they are told, look for a second source, and print what they are told. Sometimes, the second source step is bypassed, but only if you are talking to someone who has given you good information before.

                My problem is I just don’t know the difference between a phone call that asks: would you trade RA Dickey to me and what for’, and ‘who do you have that’s in play’? Sandy Alderson would definitely answer the last question with a list of players that included Dickey, but is that someone that wants to meet with you and discuss the possibilities of trading for Dickey.
                This initial conversation could easy go like this:

                                Team A: ‘Hey Sandy, I’m looking for a starter. You got one for me?”

Alderson: “I’ve got a list of prospects not 2013 ready and I’m taking inquiries on both Niese and Dickey.”

Team A:  “Okay, my plane lands at 4pm. I’ll text you and we’ll get a beer.”

Absolutely nothing just happened… but… if there are this many teams that are really interesting in Dickey, I’m sure Alderson can get the team a top outfielder for the future.


Justin M. said...

It seems to me that there is a big gap in player quality between D’Arnoud and Arencibia. I'd be happy if they got D'Arnoud or Wil Myers back in a package for Dickey or Neise, but to have a deal centered around Arencibia would leave me disappointed. The 18 jacks are nice, but the obp is horrid. Thoughts?

Justin M. said...

Also, Montero in 2014? I know this guy had some trouble signing with some other teams and might be a bit old for a 2011 signee out of the Caribbean, but he only has half a season at Lucy under his belt. His numbers are very impressive. Will they actually push him along that quickly?

Anonymous said...

Im agree. I think theres a big gap between these toronto guys and i would prefer d'araund too. But im not too confident that the mets will catch meyers or d'arnaund because of the amount of pitchers who avaiable (lester, shields, greinke, hellickson)

Anonymous said...

Duda had a bad year last year and came no where near 25-30 homers so I have no clue where you came up with that one.

Also, trading Niese and Dickey is suicide. They are, right now, the Mets two best pitchers. Harvey remains grossly untested for the amount of trust he's been given. I could see trading Dickey, but not Niese and certainly not both if your banking on future prospects, Pelfrey, and Mejia to fill the giant hole you've created.

Why take a superior rotation and diminish it to the second worst ahead of Florida in your division? Dickey, makes sense. Both? That should get you fired and hopefully won't happen.

Mack Ade said...

okay.. well, I don't want to get fired...

re: the catchers: I'm not sure the Mets would get a choice here and they would have to accept the one offered...

re: Duda... I'm just speculating a good-Duda year

re-Montero... he will probably start this season in St. Lucie and end it in Binghamton. There could be no reason to send him to Vegas in 2014

re-trading both pitcher, I wouldn't do it either but I just threw out the option to show what the team could look like... it will never happen though

Justin M. said...

Re:re: the catchers: if the best offer we get for Dickey/Neise is Arencibia+ then we are better off keeping our guys. It wouldnt be terrible to have these guys in the rotation next year and have a very good pitching, poor hitting team. With our injury risks in the rotation, we can keep our current five and have Wheeler waiting in the wings when someone goes down.

Mack Ade said...

Justin - you may be correct

Anonymous said...

It looks like Dickey won't make it past the winter meetings as a met. Things are hearing up as we speak...

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