Mack Stuff – Cody Ross, Wil Myers, Rule 5, Mike Pelfrey


Last night – Jenrry Mejia in DWL – 0.2-IP, 6-ER, 4-H, 2-BB, 0-K.

The Mets are expected to at least consider free agent OF Cody Ross during the Winter Meetings this week, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post.

                -We’ve talked about Ross before. He’s one of the better one’s out there that is available this off-season. He’s not a potential superstar, like Wil Myers, but he can consistently give you 25-30 home runs while hitting above .250. They don’t have to first target on a trade for Myers because he is salary controllable. You can work both these scenarios at the same time and you just might wind up with two new outfielders for the spring. Wouldn’t that be niece… err… I mean, nice.

In a report for ESPN, Jayson Stark spoke with an MLB executive who predicts the Royals will ultimately move top prospect Wil Myers to dramatically improve their starting pitching.

                -You wouldn’t keep reading about this guy if he wasn’t in play. And, if he is in play, the Mets offer one of the better starters available, be it RA Dickey or Jon Niese. This is a match made in heaven, especially (for the Mets sake) if it’s Dickey. I seem to be writing about this every night, but Sandy Alderson has to get this deal done with Dickey, not Niese. I believe that a Cy Young pitcher who just won 20 games is worth at least two players, but you may have to throw in another Mets prospect (Wilmer Flores comes to mind) if you want this to go your way. Alderson can’t ‘dick’ around here. It has to be Dickey.

Jon Morosi- @jonmorosi - File this away for Thursday: Exec tells me Rule 5 class strong this year, potential impact arms and bats. "One of the best I've seen."

                I just haven’t had the time to research this list what with the new job. Fangraphs put a post up on what they said were some of the best names out there. It included: IF Odubel Herrera, RHP Graham Stoneburner, OF Kenny Wilson, and OF Jeremy Hazelbaker. Bleacher Report had RHP Ryan Chaffee, RHP Josh Fields, 1B Chris McGuiness, OF Marc Krauss, and MIF Rafael Ynoa (went 3-4 plus a grand slam last night in the DWL).

In a post to Twitter, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says “no less than seven teams have interest in Mike Pelfrey.”

                Watch statements like this. This could easily be agent-speak and the seven phone calls were made to teams by the agent. You call 29 teams and ask “is there any interest in my client, Mike Pelfrey”… seven say yes… the next call is to someone like Heyman which generates the kind of publicity the agent needs to make some of those teams step up (thinking they better move faster or lose this guy). I can live with the loss of Pelfrey, but not if both RA Dickey and Jon Niese are traded. There’s a time limit on all this juggling and we’ll just have to wait it out.


Hobie said...

Can’t trade both Dickey & Niese, Mack. Of the two, Neise is more valuable to the Mets—don’t see a LHSP in the pipeline. With the Napoli signing, BOS has to be a target. Would Gee + get Lavarnway? Would A.R. get Lavarnway AND Bentz?

My preference would be to keep A.R. & Neise if others could get Lavarnway, sign C.Ross and maybe even draft Ynoa for the Cedeno spot.

I still have a hard time believing Flores, SS-slow, 2B-slow undoubtedly, is Duda-slow in LF. Only saw him 1G as a 16 yr old in BKLYN though.

Soto said...

Hobie- Your absolutely correct. Niese has tremendous value to the team right now because

A) he is a quality #3 starter on a team friendly deal for the next 4 years who will slot behind Wheeler and Harvey.

B) He is left handed which is critical due to the often overlooked fact that the bulk of our future pitching in the minors are right handed.

As for Flores, I say trade him now. He has wonderful value NOW and could possibly be ready for AAA next year/MLB in 2 years if he is pushed. I say Gee and Flores to Blue Jays for D'Arnaud.

Gee was one of the best #5's last year and could even slot in at the #4 slot for a team. His trade value is high as well since he is still under team control. However McHugh is as well. In fact McHugh is Gee 2.0 with a Intel i5 chip instead of Intel i3 chip. (Slightly Better stuff is the analogy im trying to make.)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What are these wacky ass comments that have been popping up sporadically? This is MacksMets Madness I tell ya!!!

Mack Ade said...

the wacky ass comments are spam, not anything Hobie or Soto wrote...

Re: Flores... he is slow, slow... if I remember correctly he only ran one time from first to third after the next hitter singles...

frankly, both SS and 2B need fast feet... he doesn't have them

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