Q and A - Catcher... Flores or Soto


Mark Mokris asks:

Hi Mack, assuming that the Mets decide to go the non-tender route to address their catcher situation who is the better fit Jesus Flores who is a former Mets farmhand, or Geovanny Soto, the former Cub and current Ranger?  Neither have been let go yet but they are both more than likely going to be let go.  I think I would lean toward Flores but I wanted to get your take.


Hey Mark. Tough to say. I really don’t like either one. In fact, I would probably try and resign Kelly Shoppach simply because there isn’t much out there available (I can’t believe how much money Russell Martin got from the Pirates).

I would like to think we have seen the worst of Josh Thole. I do expect him to rebound some this upcoming season and return to a BA in the .260-.275 range, which would be good enough during a season where most of the emphasis is needed to start rebuilding the outfield. Thole will be tendered; however, any long term future with the Mets could lie on whether or not RA Dickey remains a Met.

If I had to pick one of the two names you have thrown out, it would be Soto over Flores. For 2013, go with a good defensive catcher and don’t look at the batting average.

Now, since you brought up the position… watch for Juan Centeno. He should play Las Vegas along with Mike Nickeas this spring and he is becoming quite the successful minor league hitter. Cam Maron is another name to key an eye on and the Mets might… I say might… be developing their own future catcher starting in 2014.


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