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Stacy and Steve asked:

Hey Mack. Glad you’re doing better, and have your sense of humor back. Question for you. If the Mets can and do get Wil Myers, would you put him back behind the plate? Would you let him start in Vegas catching 6 days a week, and hopefully be ready around the All-star game? Or just put him in Right field for the next 10 years? Always curious how you see things.


Hey guys. Always great to hear from you.

Myers is a natural catcher but those days are gone. He never was known for being great defensively and a past knee injury probably prevents him from squatting that much in the future. Ironically, his worst year offensively was his first as an outfielder (2011 – AA, .254/.353/.393), but he lost a month to the knee injury and just never recovered that season.

All his problems went away last season.

Look, I really don’t think this deal will be done. It would be crazy for him to sit on the bench and let Jeff Francoeur play, but stranger deals have been made. Let’s remember that the Mets are offering the current Cy Young winner. That’s worth at least a player like Myers plus another prospect to boot.

 What he isn’t is a centerfielder He projects out as a right fielder like most ex-catchers. He still has a lot to learn out there, but he’s no Daniel Murphy. And, he can hit the snot out of the ball. I’m sure the Royals are trying to trade Frenchy during the winter meetings, but Francoeur would never produce a quality pitcher like Dickey in exchange.

We’re going to have to wait this one out, but, if it happens, the 2013 Mets could overnight become quite competitive. They would still have around $10mil to spend on another outfielder and could re-sign Mike Pelfrey at a reduced amount to step right back into the rotation. And, let’s not forget Zack Wheeler.

One more thing… the best part of re-signing David Wright is probably a promise to put better players in the lineup both in front of him and up next. The current Mets lineup doesn’t scare anyone, but add Myers and one more quality bat and now you’re starting to look like San Francisco. Dominate pitching plus pop from 3-6. That wins you two World Series in the past three years.


Susana said...

Reports are making it seem like the Mets are upping their offer to Dickey. Seems like the team just isn't getting the kind of offers that they would be willing to accept.

Do you think that these reports are somewhat posturing on the Mets end to scare other teams into thinking he'll soon become unavailable? Or have they really just made up their minds to try and sign him?

Anonymous said...
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Mack Ade said...


we saw how posturing played role in the Wright neogitation... really nothing...

people talk and frankly, they should shut up until the process is over

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