Q and A - Jose Tabata, Chris Heisey, Eric Young Jr.


Randy Leslein asked:

Why don't the Mets look into Pittsburgh’s Jose Tabata, Cincy’s Chris Heisey, or Colorado’s Eric Young Jr., CO for their outfield?  They shouldn't cost the farm for these players.  Tabata or Heisey would be a huge upgrade.  What do you think?


Tabata is an interesting choice. The Pirates are flooded with good young outfielders (McCutchen, Jones, Marte) and Tabata could be moved for the right player.

He is signed through 2016… 2013: $1.667, 2014: $3.167, 2015: $4.167, 2016: $4.667…

Regarding Heisey, everything starts in Cincinnati with RF Jay Bruce. You add to this the recent 2-year deal signed by LF Ryan Ludwick, plus the acquisition of CF Shin-Soo Choo, and you have yourself a major league outfield.

2013 is Heisey’s first arbitration year and, frankly, there’s no place for him to go on this team. He’s coming off a bad year (7-HR, 31-RBI) after hitting 18-50 in 2011.

The switch-hitting Young is a converted second baseman with absolutely no power (.339 lifetime MLB slugging percentage). 2014 will be his first arbitration year.

I like your thinking. Tabata is my favorite but I’d be happy with Heisey as well.

The Pirates rotation consists of A.J. Burnett, Wandy Rodriguez,James McDonald, Charlie Morton, and the recently acquired Andrew Oliver. Three of their starters don’t return so this is a basic green rotation that could use another veteran like RA Dickey.

Yeah…  Dickey for Tabata + a throw-in…  I like it.


Justin M. said...

Keep Dickey unless you get a ML ready stud. Or two lower level studs. Tabata doesn't excite me as a centerpiece for a Cy Young winner.

tony said...

I wouldn't trade trade dickey for tabata, i would trade mejia for tabata. And trade dickey for a better prospect or prospects.

Soto said...

I'll hold onto Mejia.....but I'll throw in Familia.

Mack Ade said...

just trade somebody....

Reese said...

I was a little miffed when I read about the Wigginton signing for 2 years at $2.5 million per year. That's the kind of money a reserve power hitting player should be getting, not the $5 million per season being discussed about Hairston.

I'm with Mack -- do SOMETHING, even something stupider than what the front office usually does. As it is right now I think they'll be holding open auditions for the roster from the handful of people coming through the turnstiles.

Mack Ade said...

tryout... Victory Field... Richmond Hill... bring your own bat

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