BA - New York Mets Top 10 Prospect List

1.Zack Wheeler, rhp
2.Gavin Cecchini, ss
3.Brandon Nimmo, of
4.Luis Mateo, rhp
5.Rafael Montero, rhp
6.Wilmer Flores, 3b/2b
7.Michael Fulmer, rhp
8.Jeurys Familia, rhp
9.Domingo Tapia, rhp
10.Cory Mazzoni, rhp
Best Hitter for AverageWilmer Flores
Best Power HitterAderlin Rodriguez
Best Strike Zone DisciplineDanny Muno
Fastest BaserunnerAlonzo Harris
Best AthleteBradley Marquez
Best FastballDomingo Tapia
Best CurveballZack Wheeler
Best SliderLuis Mateo
Best ChangeupDarin Gorski
Best ControlRafael Montero
Best Defensive CatcherAlbert Cordero
Best Defensive InfielderWilfredo Tovar
Best Infield ArmAderlin Rodriguez
Best Defensive OFMatt den Dekker
Best Outfield ArmCesar Puello
CatcherKevin Plawecki
First BaseIke Davis
Second BaseGavin Cecchini
Third BaseDavid Wright
ShortstopRuben Tejeda
Left FieldWilmer Flores
Center FieldBrandon Nimmo
Right FieldCory Vaughn
No. 1 StarterZack Wheeler
No. 2 StarterMatt Harvey
No. 3 StarterR.A. Dickey
No. 4 StarterJon Niese
No. 5 StarterRafael Montero
CloserLuis Mateo


Justin M. said...

Surprised to see Cecchini so high. There are 3-4 guys on that list that should probably be ahead of him.

Mack Ade said...

Yeah, I have my comments on this on my 8am post tommorrow.

I like Cecchini (not as much as Courtney Hawkins of JBJ) but this is the highest I've ever seen him ranked... they also have him as the 2016 second baseman.

Wouldn't it be nice that some every day player that was drafted in the pst two drafts turns out to be real?

riviera said...

Mack i saw alonso Harris at at st.lucie last yr and spoke to one of the coaches he told me because of his age and he finally change his approach to hitting. His using his speed more. The coach said he wouldn't be surprised if he gets called up in 2013. What have u heard about him?

Mack Ade said...

'Zo" has worked very hard to change his approach to the game, both through his ability and his mental approach.

He has totally flown under the radar and should start in AAA this year. Frankly, he would have to really have a super first half of a season to get a call up (or injury).

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