Q and A - More Myers for Dickey


Jan Groot asked:

Another question about Myers.

When I think about Myers I think Hosmer and Moustakas. Perhaps Myers is a bit better but weren’t Hosmer and Moustakas once this years Myers? Both are not even close at ML level to what was once projected. I know they are still young but after all the hype both are a bit of disappointing.

Perhaps we should all take that into consideration when we talk about Dickey – Myers straight up!! Especialy when Myers is going to NYC with all the hype that he will bring as the next great slugger


Jan, you touch on the one downside about trading for prospects. You just don’t know if they are going to get there and stay there. Myers looks like the real deal and he is obviously the best outfielder possibly available to the Mets, but there is no guarantee that he will be a star. RA Dickey IS a star, so let’s all remember that.

Still, in the long run, I’ll take Myers for Dickey straight up. I think a deal like this deserves another player included to the Mets, but the Mets have an excess in quality pitching and need an outfield to be competitive.


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