Q and A - Nolan Ryan and Knuckleballers


Steve Wilson  asked:

Do you think Nolan Ryan appreciates knuckleballers more than other GM's? In his career he pitched with Joe Niekro and Charlie Hough.


Yes he does, because he has seen firsthand that the aging process just isn’t the same for these kind of pitchers. Niekro won 28 games after the age of 40. Hough won 67.

The only caveat is the speed factor of Dickey’s knuckler. He’s the first to throw in the high eighties, so there just isn’t any history here to rely on.

Ryan will not be hesitant to accept Dickey and, he now realizes that the going rate for a quality starter is two prospects, not one.

Frankly, I’d shit-can the whole Olt approach and do this deal for OF Lewis Brinson (18-yrs old) and C Jorge Alfaro (19-yrs old), but the Mets need to generate someone that is ready in 2013.

A Dickey for Olt and Alfaro deal could be doable. Texas is currently short on catching (minus Mike Napoli), but they will most probably solve that before 2015 which is when Alfaro projects out to. He’s an excellent defensive catcher with a plus-plus arm and is scheduled to play A+ ball come spring.
But, back to your original question.

Would Ryan welcome a knuckler?  In a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Dickey for Olt and Martin. Texas doesn't have to deal their top hitting prospect but moves #2 & 3. The Mets fill in 2 of 3 OF spots and their lineup core becomes Martin, Wright, Davis, Olt, and Tejada. With the salary flexibility we keep hearing about, Sandy should be able to surround these 5 with 3 others over the next years.

1. Martin CF
2. 2B
3. Wright 3B
4. RF
5. Davis 1B
6. Olt LF
7. CA
8. Tejada SS

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