Q and A - David Wright to RF


Jan Groot asked:

 Mack, What is your thought on moving David Wright to RF if Dickey goes to Texas for Olt?


I don't know, for a number of reasons.

First, the age. I'd much rather attempt to teach a new position to someone who isn't beginning to be past his physical prime.

Secondly, Olt has already played a few games in the outfield so this isn't a new concept for him.

Thirdly, I see no reason to move someone from a position where he plays at a Golden Glove level.

Jan, I played third base. My teammates used to call me 'Clete' (after the Yankees Clete Boyer) because of my defensive skills. I was proud of the fact that nothing got by me.

But, put me in the outfield and I was lost. I had no confidence, my depth of perception on where a fly ball would wind up was questionable and the same arm that was a rocker from third to first, did not translate to anything past hitting a cutoff man.

I don't like the whole concept. I would only do this deal if I could immediately move Olt to another team for either a killer catcher or outfielder. I don't want to trade a 20-game, Cy Young winner for someone that doesn't play the positions needed on my team.

That's just me. 


Reese said...

If we're playing the "let's move David Wright" game, then his gold glove but rag arm might be better served at 2B, opening up 3B for Mike Olt or Wilmer Flores.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Moving to the outfield worked for Chipper Jones - at age 30.

Hobie said...

I'm with you here, Mack, moving DW makes less sense than attempting to have Olt make a Ryan Braun conversion...assuming he could hit like Braun (and not ingest like Braun).

But unless you got Olt + ((jorge Alfaro? Jairo Beras?) I really don't want to trade RA. Only went to 2 games at Citi last year, both times specifically to see Dickey. Want him I my team.

Looking at TOR, I see 25 catchers and a mediocre right side of the IF. Flores for JPA straight up, or Wilmer + a "pick 'em" (2?) from a group of P's not named Dickey, Neise, Harvey or Wheeler for D'Amaud.

Soto said...

Lets just chalk this one up on the terrible ideas board....

Seamus O Riley said...

Gold Glove; Mets' face, long contract = he stays put at third.

It is better to teach someone younger. Chipper was an exception.

I also played infield and thought that OF would be an easy conversion but found depth perception a major issue.

Interesting article.

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