Wright's New Contract Frees Up More Cash!!

       Details of David Wright's new contract surfaced today and with it brings the opportunity to make the 2013 team better. Wright was originally scheduled to make $16MM in 2013 however with the new contract he will now make only $11MM of which $3MM of it will be deferred without interest till after 2020. This frees up a total of $8MM for additional acquisitions in 2013 which now makes the rumors of the Mets going after Cody Ross seem like a little more sensible. His salary are as follows for the next 8 years.

2013: $8MM (Plus $3MM deferred)
2014: $17.5MM (Plus 2.5MM deferred)
2015: $17.5MM (Plus 2.5MM deferred)
2016: $17.5MM (Plus 2.5MM deferred)
2017: $17.5MM (Plus 2.5MM deferred)
2018: $17.5MM (Plus 2.5MM deferred)
2019: $15MM
2020: $12MM
Total Salary: $122.5MM
Total Deferred post-2020: $15.5MM


Reese said...

Wouldn't the Mets be better off going after Mr. Anger Management, Delmon Young, given his age and his superior offensive stats over his shorter career? You know what you're going to get with Ross -- last season or less. However, the 27 year old Young would provide last season or more (since it was not his career year as it was for Ross).

Anonymous said...

I agree, good right handed bat.

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