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R.A. Dickey has been worth 12.1 WAR over the past 3 seasons. Or roughly $60.5M.

Michael Baron‏@michaelgbaron -  No-trade, but possible RT @FarookAhmed04: @michaelgbaron possible to move Johan Santana at the trade deadline (assuming his shoulder is in tact)?

                -boy, an awful lot of good would have to happen here… Santana is scheduled to be paid $25.5mil in 2013 and the club has a $5.5mil buyout on his 2014 year of $25mil. I can’t see any scenario where the Mets would keep him in 2014. Even winning 20 games and the Cy Young wouldn’t create another 25mil in his pocket. That being said, there might be a team fighting it out for the playoffs that would gladly pay the remained of the 2013 contract if Santana was healthy and producing the kind of numbers he was throwing when he had his no-hitter last year. What they do with him at that point is up to them, but I could see the Mets in position for another Wheeler-Beltran situation… well, actually two Wheeler-Beltran situations if Dickey is still around. Interesting.

Chris‏@tpgMets -  Simplified, ordered  - Mets 2012-13 offseason priorities: 1) Improve (or at least do not weaken) the 2014-2015 Mets, 2) Improve the 2013 Mets.

                Chris gets it. And, if you are a regular here, you know I’ve been saying this for two years. 2014 is the Mets coming out party and everything decided today has to adhere to that rule. This is why the Wil Myers deal was so critical. Why couldn’t the Mets have offered RA Dickey and Dillon Gee, two borderline players in the 2014 plan, for the same package Kansas City traded to the Rays. They would have received the two starters they needed for 2013 and the Mets would have their future CFer plus an upgrade to Gee in the 2014 rotation (Odorizzi).  The problem here is someone got carried away and thought this team could be a contender come spring. Sadly, the 2014 rotation now isn’t Harvey, Wheeler, Neise, Odorizzi and Myes isn’t batting 4th between Wright and Davis.

“We’re not going to spend the money in mid-December just because we have it,” Alderson said today, according to the same report. “We may spend it in January. We may spend it at some other time. We may not spend it. But the important thing is we have the flexibility to make a baseball decision about that rather than be constrained by sort of an artificial financial limitation.“

This sounds like words from a man who has a phone in his pocket that isn’t ringing. The simple fact is if someone wanted RA Dickey to be pitching this spring on their team, there would be some kind of offer on the table. The Mets don’t have anyone else in play and they can’t seem to compete in the free agent open market at the going rate. I’ve never seen a team negotiate a contract at the same time you ask him to dress up as an elf at the team Christmas party. I probably would have passed at that one whether I was the person inviting or accepting the invitation.

God, I wish there was more to talk about, but there just isn’t.    


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